The Deadly Seven - Devil Dance


Once upon a time seven warrior entered to the homeland of a god to steal it's power. The god did catch them and punished them according to their sins. They got the power, but as a curse, that power is controlled by the demons of their sins. They have inhuman abilities, stronger body, great life-force, but has a short lifespan in human-form, and all the power and immortality but uncontrollable demon-self in demon-form. If they want the whole thing, they have to collect the other parts from the others.

The story is about - like the title suggests - seven people who fight against every other creature, each other, but mostly themselves. Their adventures are full of humor and irony, but sometimes grief and sadness. It's a fight for their future in both inside and outside. Hardships bring them closer or pull them apart.
The world of the story is a place where the three main religions of our world don't exist but gods do. The huge events of history went another way sometimes.


1. Prologue

Thousands of years ago once was a man. He hated the entire world, because he lost his family. He hated everyone, but he hated most tho gods. "Why the gods were not around, when my town was attacked and everyone was massacred? We worshiped them, presented offerings. Then why they didn't stop this? It's their doing! They need to pay for it!"

He loved his family very much, but after he lost them, the only thing he could felt was the great emptiness inside. And this emptiness slowly began to fill up with hatred and agony. So he decided he will take revenge upon the gods. But he needed power. A lot of power. For his luck or bad luck, he found his company fast and set up a plan.

But his company was not out of the best people. Not, they were the worst kind of people. Humans with filthy reasons to help.

One was there just to eat all day, what the others can pay. She was clever and cunning, she easily trick them to have her around and pay for everything just for the promise of her help.

One wanted eternal life just he could sleep and be lazy all day without moving a finger. His family left him in a forest when they got tired of his laziness and told him to never come back. And he stayed there until the cunning one got him to join their group.

One was always too envy to others, and wanted everything from them. He felt everyone was his enemy and they came just to take everything from him. So he want to have the power to stop them and the power to take everything from them.

And then there was that beauty, who was saved on their way and got everyone to help her. She was nearly as cunning as the gluttonous one, but she won others' hearts with her irresistible beauty and charm instead of her brain.

The previous ones were bad enough, but the greedy one was far more dangerous. He wanted everything, not just the power of this god, but the power and might of every god. All the women, all the wealth and all the power. And he was not disturbed by the fact that he needs to sacrifice his comrades or other people. Even his family was not exception.

But he was not the man who was most hated in the entire group. There was that one man. He was like he just despised every other creature, human, the poor and the rich, the weak and the strong, even the gods. No one was worthy enough in his eyes to at least think about help. The power was just a tool for him to prove the world that he stand above everyone and everything.

The man of wrath hated him the most. Almost as bad as he hated gods. He detested somebody who couldn't feel any love in his whole life. The greedy one was more dangerous, but his pride was far more hateful for everyone.

So the group of seven got to the homeland of the god. It was a huge abnormal mountain with a nail like shape. It reached up to the skies and was full of rooms and hallways, and on the top, there was the so wished power.

When they reached nearly the top and the god was nowhere to be seen they separated themselves into two groups. One to look for the god and one to look for the host of the power. But when they got on their own way those whom had to look for the god ( the lazy, the gluttonous, the envious and the beauty) wasn't searched for the god instead they found rooms full of food, gold, jewels and anything they wanted. They didn't know eyes were gaze upon them the whole time.

Meanwhile the prideful, the greedy and the one with full of wrath found the host of the power. It was in the middle of the huge hall on the top. Only one way lead to it, and bottomless dark under it. They carefully reached the middle and were about to get the power from the host, when the greedy man took out his sword and attacked the man full of wrath from behind. The greedy one wanted all of the power for himself, and he knew the prideful one will not stop him. And he was right. He was just standing there, do nothing, except only one thing. When the seriously injured man who was betrayed was about to fall he gave him a little push and a look full of despise. After all he was just another lowly being to be sacrificed, he done his job by make the greedy one exhausted enough to deal with him.

But his luck was running out, when the man - now the hatred itself - climbed back and stabbed him. He gone berserk and wanted to kill everyone since they betrayed him, but he didn't get his chance, because the god appeared.

"Lowly humans who came for my treasures, It's time for your punishment." Then the other members of the group appeared and fall to the ground. "You are lower than any other human being in this world. Not just for willing my power but for what you want to use it. You are the filthiest ones I ever seen, you have greed, wrath, pride and every sin in this world in yourselves. I could kill you. But I will not. I will give you the power what you wish for so bad. You can have a part of it, all of you. It will be your curse for eternity. The power will grow inside you as a demon and eat up your soul and willpower. The more you use your power the more It gets out of control. If you let it completely out of control you will have immortality but become a true demon, not just in heart but in shape and nature. If you not, then your life will be shorten and with every new generation the previous will die. However, If one of you collect all of the parts from the others, he or she will become a true god and not suffer anymore. Enjoy your life, you filthy humans out of the worst!" And then the god cursed them just as he said.

And they began their cursed life like a fight between each other and themselves.


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