The Deadly Seven - Devil Dance


Once upon a time seven warrior entered to the homeland of a god to steal it's power. The god did catch them and punished them according to their sins. They got the power, but as a curse, that power is controlled by the demons of their sins. They have inhuman abilities, stronger body, great life-force, but has a short lifespan in human-form, and all the power and immortality but uncontrollable demon-self in demon-form. If they want the whole thing, they have to collect the other parts from the others.

The story is about - like the title suggests - seven people who fight against every other creature, each other, but mostly themselves. Their adventures are full of humor and irony, but sometimes grief and sadness. It's a fight for their future in both inside and outside. Hardships bring them closer or pull them apart.
The world of the story is a place where the three main religions of our world don't exist but gods do. The huge events of history went another way sometimes.


10. 9. Attack

"Where is Wrath?" asked Pride from Greed.

"Back to work. She said, she have to go back or she will be fired. I don't think this was the real reason though." He said with a head shake. Pride looked at him confused, he didn't understand what he meant.


Emy walked in the shopping center peacefully. Some people were repairing the things what broke or got damaged during the attack. Berthold and his men took care most of the things though. The terrorists were handed down to the police in secret. It seemed like the hands of the Eisenbergs' reached pretty far. There were some candles for the victims with a few flowers. She took action quickly, but when the attackers came in, they shot two people. They couldn't be saved. This made Emy sad. Maybe if she had some way to use her instincts without the rest of the power. Bur she lacked experience the most. She couldn't control how many power she use and couldn't separate them. Some believers of the nameless god performed prayers for them. She regretted she couldn't do anything better. If her instincts just kicked in a little earlier. But now she couldn't do anything, just be faster next time. And she hoped that wouldn't be a next time. Those fanatics and extremist seemed to be increase in number nowadays. Something was in the air.

As she walked through, her working place appeared to her eyes. It's the Cute Bunny Coffee. What a lame name. Though she liked bunnies. She loved every animal, but bunnies and dragons were her favorites. What a shame dragon didn't exist. Jane noticed her, and greeted her with a warm smile.

"I am so happy you are here, Emy!" She gave her a hug, then let go of her and brought up her hands "Here! You said, your clothes got ruined. Adam sent you some new right away! He likes you!" She gave her a teasing smirk.

"Yeah, as some slave of him! And he is gay! I know I am not the manifestation of the perfect women, but I don't look like a guy. And I saw him on the other week with his new boyfriend!" She said annoyed. She didn't like Adam. He was mean, and never let her take home the cabala bunny from the shop. She wanted that little bunny so bad. Just for one day only for herself.

The shop was unharmed ready to serve, but the number of the customers decreased. As they entered to the shop Jane asked where she was yesterday. She was the curious type.

"Oh, that... It seems like I got a new part-time job at the Eisenberg estate" She would be happy If Jane didn't ask any further, but she has not the slightest chance.

"What?! You at the Eisenberg estate?! That place is like a smaller country! How do you even got a job there?!" she yelled at her with excitement.

"I was... lucky?" She gave a forced smile. She didnn't feel herself lucky at all.

"You! Oh, get me a job there, please! Be a good friend of me!"

"I... can try?"

"I love you!" and she hugged her again. "But what kind of job do you have there?" she asked curious.

"Nothing special. I just do some stuff..."

"Like?" she didn't let her be.

"Like... cleaning?" Emy was not quiet creative when she needed to lie. It was not her greatest asset.

"So it's some maid stuff?"


"Oh, It's not that interesting, but it doesn't matter. What is matter that you need to find a rich husband there!"

"Wait, what?!" Her jaw dropped.

"You know Emy, you don't get any younger. You must catch a husband when you can. And now you have a huge opportunity for it! You can't just waste it like the other times!" she said with concern in her voice.

"Just to be clear, I am only 19. I not even have a boyfriend let alone a husband candidate and I am pretty fine as it is now!" She said seriously, but what she got back was only a look of disbelief. Jane couldn't understand, how Emy was able to live without a mate. She always thought she was just to stubborn to get one, and she needed to open her eyes and force her into a relationship to find her happiness. However Emy thought otherwise, and wanted to stop her coworker's rising concern. "You would send me blind date with anyone who has a penis"

"Don't be old-fashioned, that person don't even have to have a penis! I don't judge you! If you want to live with a girl I fully support you!"

"No, It's not the case" Emy shook her head and wanted to end this conversation.

"Then go and find love! Catch some fine male at that estate!"

"Yeah, Instantly three! Why I would stop with only one?" She said sarcastic. She thought that the only thing what she could obtain there was a slave keeper.

"That's what I want to hear!" She smiled back avoiding her coworker's sarcasm."But Emy, you hate this kind of job. Why would you get one more job like this, when you already hate your current job at the coffee shop?"

"First, I don't hate this job, I just don't like it that much. Second, I need money. Like always" Then she thought about that she not even knew what they wanted from her. But whatever was that she could get money for it. She needed money.

Jane didn't say anything. She knew that her coworker is stubborn. Instead of accepting money from her parents or find a rich husband when she can, she rather overworked herself for a small amount of money. She found it ridiculous.


Later at work everything went peaceful until a certain 'stranger' enters to the shop. The girls got all excited and started whispering amongst each other.

"Hey, that's not Bastien Lacoy?"

"What the hell is he doing here? I never thought he would come to a place like this"

"I heard he is on good terms with the young Eisenberg family head and spends a lot of time at his house!"

"No way! I want to live in that house!"

'No, you wouldn't!' Thought Emy in her mind as she watched her clueless coworkers. And then her mind caught on... 'Bastien Lacoy. This was that gay name what Greed said at the introduction! And that means...!'


"Oh no..." She looked there to see a greedy One in suit. It was good on him, but this is not the thing what was in Emy's mind right now.

"What a coincidence!"

"No, It's not. What the hell are you doing here?!"

"I just came to see my new nice flatmate!" he gave her a genuine smile.

"I am not your flatmate, you damn stalker!" she got annoyed quickly.

"Emy, do you know him?!" Jane stepped closer.

"Do you rather want to be my roommate?" His smile became a grin.

"Not a chance! And not come here if you don't have a purpose!"

"Oi Emy, I said it's just a mere coincidence!"

"You just said you wanted to see me!"

"Oh, are you disappointed?" he had now a cheeky smile.

"Not a bit! Just go home!"

"If I am already here I drink a Suppy Hoppy Coffee!" His smile seemed like it never will leave his face. Emy sighed in defeat, but then he added "And I will come here everyday to see you. Her eyes widened.



On the next week Greed came everyday and wanted to talk to Emy every time he saw her. She got really annoyed because of it, but her coworkers reaction made it even worse. They couldn't stop asking questions. Like how she knew him, why were they so friendly with each other - hell not according to Emy - and they got carried away even to that point that they assumed that they are secret lovers. Emy wanted to kill Greed so badly, she almost couldn't resist the temptation. And the fact that she was Wrath didn't make it easier.

He asked a Happy Hoppy Latte at the moment and she was about to punch him with it. He even asked her to smile. She wanted to beat up him. Oh, she wanted that so badly. She hated when people invaded her personal space or forced themselves on her.

Emy liked Greed in some way. He was always friendly with her, and teasing Pride with him was really funny. But she didn't want any part of this demons of the seven deadly sins in her usually normal life.


Emy like everyday arrived to the Eisenberg estate pretty late. She had to work late, and the estate were far away from downtown out of the city with its own forest. Far away. Really far away. Even if Berthold drove her back and forth, it still required a lot of time.

When she went to the hall to eat a late dinner, she didn't find anyone there, like usual.

She didn't get any more information out of the others either.

Envy was probably on her motorcycle. It went so well with her bad girl image that Emy was not even surprised. She was barely at home, she was always on the roads.

Gula was totally immersed in her researches and was stuck in her laboratory. When she was around then she just ate - a lot by the way - and read her old books, barely spoke.

Pride was at training since they tied. He had to work on days so he had time for training just at night. Emy couldn't imagine when he slept. Maybe he didn't even need sleep. He was like a robot or vampire or something in Emy's mind. Expect when she was present. Then he was an asshole. Every morning they met, they sent daggers to each other. That talk at dawn didn't make them friends... or friendlier...

About Lust, Emy didn't even see her since she first met with her. She was a mystery. Ivan only said when she asked from him, that she was on a date. It seemed like she was always on a date.

Ivan was the most apparent member of their little group. She loved to talk to Ivan. He was kind and answered normally. And this couldn't be said for the others. But even Ivan didn't say anything about what they wanted from her. So after all, she didn't know anything. At least Ivan's kindness gave a little relief to her.

And Greed... Greed was usually at some party at night. He worked in fact, at least he said that. Emy couldn't imagine what kind of work was that, or maybe she just didn't want to imagine it.

They barely met at night, but this was that rare time when they ran into each other.

"Oh Greed! I wanted to speak with you about something so badly!" She said threatening as she stepped closer.

"What do you mean Emy..." She couldn't stand anymore. She grabbed her mug from the table and threw it to the wall next to him with full force. After all she was Wrath.

"Don't dare play dumb! You know exactly what I mean! Don't come to my working place as you wish! You give me trouble!" she yelled at him, then stormed out from the hall. She ran against Pride, who was just about to enter.

"What was-"

"I will pay out, don't worry! I don't waste your precious money!" She didn't give him a chance to answer and disappeared to her room.

Pride stepped into the hall, and saw Greed there picking up the shattered mug.

"What was this all about?" He asked with suspicion.

"I think a went a little to far, and made her angry..." He said as he rubbed a hand through his hair.

"I can see that, I asked you what you did to make her this angry"

"I just wanted to keep an eye on her. She is totally clueless about everything"

"You are so stupid Bastien. If you want to keep an eye on somebody you should do it in secret" He said with a wicked smile. Then he walked out of the hall.

Greed had a bad feeling about this.


The next morning Emy packed her things into a bag. She brought just a few things when Ivan dragged her here, so it wasn't too difficult to not catch anyone's suspicion with it. At least she thought so, but Berthold gave her a glance, however didn't say anything. The others were nowhere to be seen.

At work she was happy and carefree. Jane asked her about her good mood, but she said just that "This is a good day!"

When she finished, she avoided the waiting Berthold, and sneaked out. She felt herself free now. At least for today. She had to deal with them tomorrow.

At home she just dropped her bag, went to her bed and jumped on it. It wasn't so comfy as the one at the Eisenberg estate, but it was her own. Here she felt herself free from all the trouble what that house continued to give her. Just being this far from that place brought a smile to her face.


At the Eisenberg estate about the same time...

"Dany, do you know where Emy can be? I wanted to talk to her!" Greed asked Pride who was on the phone. He brought up a hand, and waved him to wait for a moment. Then he hung up and said "She escaped!"


"Berthold just called me, that she didn't come to their usual meeting place. The radar shows that she is at her apartment, and the spies confirmed it"

"What the fuck?! You put on her a signal device or what?"

"Something like that"

"You are not sane! If she finds out she will kill you! And I can't blame her for it!"

"Did you think that I will just let her be outside without anyone looking after her. She can go crazy!"

"I don't think she is the crazy one here... I know you are not half as big asshole as you show it to her. I know you don't want her to be in danger in spite of the fact that you don't like her" Greed gives a smile to him.

"You know exactly why I need her"

"Oh come on, admit it that you are worried a little"

"Say what you want later. Now we need to go and get her!" Pride had a serious face.


Emy lied on her bed peacefully, not thinking on anything. Something wasn't right. She stood up and walked slowly to the window. It was already dark. But this wasn't the only dark thing outside. She didn't live on the safest part of the city, so a black car couldn't possibly freak her out. It was just that there was a little to many of them on the street currently.

She smelt something what she couldn't describe but found it irritating. She increased the sensitivity of her senses, and heard that dozen of people were coming on the hallway what led to her apartment. It couldn't be mere coincidence.

She decided to escape. She grabbed a french bread - she needed the energy - and opened her window. She jumped down easily from the third floor. As she munched her food she started running. She couldn't possibly fight there, she would set the entire area on fire. She needed a combustion the least. She had to find a better place where she can beat up whoever chased her.

Her suspicion about they came after her proved to be true. As they noticed her and started to chase her. She got faster. She stepped into some shattered glass, but she couldn't possibly heal that now. She needed a proper battle field to fight very quickly.

The time went, her hunters got closer and closer and she didn't find a place to fight yet. The intensity of the irritating smell rose and the french bread gone too. Then she noticed the far away lights of the dock. She jumped in the air and started to jump from house to house. She was almost there when something caught her ankle and pulled her to the ground. A little object landed next to her on the ground and explodes. It filled the area with smoke. It had that irritating smell. Emy got dizzy from it, and coughed a few times. She remembered that the Eisenbergs used gas in the shopping center before, so maybe they were the culprits in this time too. The smell was different, but she sneaked out, so they had a reason to do so. She collected herself and stood up. She was about to bring out her flames, when a voice warned her.

"I wouldn't do that young lady. This entire place is filled with explosive gas. If you use just one tiny flame this whole area will go to the air" an old man said that as he stepped forward. He wore some reminiscent old clothes, a huge white robe with a golden cross on it. He had short white hair and a few wrinkles.

She didn't care, she won't die from fire. So she was about to blow up the whole place when she looked down on her outfit. She had just a tiny nightie on herself. She felt herself embarrassed from standing front of dozen of men just in this tiny piece of cloth. If she uses to much flame -like send this whole place into the air - she will become completely nude.

"As I can see, you chose the right decision. I greet you demon of wrath, Ira! I am Ranagar Yeunfer, commissioner of Hanufer, the 13th paladin and cardinal of the nameless god. I suggest to you to follow us. We will take you to a safer place!"

"I refuse! I don't need anyone to put me in a safe place! I have enough of the 'join us' groups!"

The man shoke his head "I feel sorry for say it, but this isn't a request, it's an order" he said with calm voice.

"And who's order is that?" she snapped back.

"As I said I am here as a commissioner-"

"Not a chance I go with you!"

"I have no other choice..." He brought up his hand and signaled to his men.

A bunch of white-caped men came out and drew out their golden weapons. Emy didn't like this shit. The leader who just has spoken to her was ready to give the attack signal with his hand in the air, but Emy didn't hesitate either. She prepared herself for jump. Her feet were in pain, but she had no time to care about it. The man gave the signal, the men moved, she jumped. She jumped right to the man, and gave him a foot to the head. The man couldn't even react.

Emy laughed and jumped again, but chains got her ankles and wrists. She slammed to a container with her face and fell to the ground . She didn't look where she jump so even without the chains it would gave the same result.

The white-caped minions just stood there with pokerface until one of them said "How lame..."

Emy snapped out at his offense "Hey, this is all your fault!"

"No! It weren't us who did it! You did it to yourself!"

"What? Why would I even do that?!" she yelled back.

"Because you are a filthy demon!" he yelled back at her too.

"It's not even a valid argument!" she got really pissed.

Meanwhile they were arguing the leader collected himself and was about to get up. He was really angry and shouted to his men. "Catch her right now! I don't care if she gets hurt anymore!"

"Oh, what a gentlemen!" She furrowed her eyebrows. She got ready to fight back. In that moment Pride fell from the sky and cut all the chains. Emy jumped up to the top of some container before they could catch her. Pride jumped next to her and turned to her to talk when he noticed the incomplete clothes she was in.

"Why are you in just a tiny nightie?!" He averted his eyes, and got embarrassed. He didn't want to see Wrath as a girl.

"I had no time to change my clothes!" She got almost as embarrassed as Pride at the moment. The men from before were embarrassing enough too, but be this vulnerable front of this asshole was the worst. They didn't look at each other, more than this they looked in the complete opposite directions.

"Wait! Did you run all the way here from your apartment in this tiny piece of cloth?!" he asked with shock in his eyes.

"I had not too many option!" she shouted at him and turned to face with him but quickly turned away again when she got a glance to his embarrassed face. It reminded her that she was the one who should be embarrassed. "And If it just came up, how do you knew were I am?" She asked with suspicion.

The men under shouted to them, but they were too busy with their argument and just ignored them. They got tired of shouting and prepared themselves to attack again when with enormous destructive power arrived Ivan and sent flying everybody on his way. Emy wanted to get out from this awkward situation with Pride, so she jumped down and Ivan caught her. When he noticed her clothes he got embarrassed too and looked away. She sighed. How can be these adult men so embarrassed from a girl in nightie. It was not the 19th century.

Then Greed turned up and knocked out some people, then he noticed Emy and said "Wow Emy, you look sexy!" and gave her a huge smile. Emy strangely felt herself a little happy about it. At least there was one people who didn't freak out from her exposed body parts. Then she remembered...

"Greed, did you keep track of me again, you damn stalker?!" She yelled at him.

"No, it wasn't me! Pride was the one who sent spies on you and even put a signal device on you!"

"What?!" she gasped in shock. "WHAT did YOU do Pride?!""

"It was pretty hard to follow you. The signal device is in your bag, and you even left your phone at home what would be easy to locate. It's a huge relief I had spies on you" He sighed and felt eventually satisfied with himself as she was the one who should be grateful for him.

"In this shitty group of demons everyone is a damn stalker?!" First Ivan appeared out of nowhere and knew where she lives, then Greed came to her working place relentlessly and now it turned out that she was followed by spies all this time.

Then new gas grenades landed next to them. Pride warned Wrath.

"Don't inhale the gas! They are weapons specialized to demons like us!"

"And who are they? Why they want to catch me so badly?"

"What? They are the inquisition. That man there is probably the inquisitor and the others are his minions!" He kept to look at her in disbelief, then just shook his head and said "You really don't know anything. You never ever met with this guys?"

"No, not really" she said nonchalantly.

"Then what kind of enemy did you fight before?" he asked curios.

"Shadows of course. They kept coming at me since the beginning. But no one else, just those ugly shadows"

"So shadows... These guys may were afraid of you before, so they didn't attack"

"Then what changed?"

"You were proved to be harmless in their eyes probably..."

"Oh... They couldn't be wrong more!" she said angrily. "So what kind of people they are?"

"Hm... " He thought to a few seconds then said "How should I say... Troublesome maybe the suitable word"



"You said I am troublesome too"

"I didn't say a word about you are being troublesome. But yes, you are. But in a different way" They kept avoiding the grenades and beat up a few opponent.

"In which way is different?" she didn't let it go so easy.

"They are troublesome, but I can just avoid them, but you are different. We need you, so I can't avoid you all the time. You are a trouble I have to deal with"

"Oh, I understand now" She sighed and glanced to him. He didn't say a word. Then she asked again.

"So what kind of people they are again?"

"They simply hate us demons. They serve or worship some god. Gods are our enemies, so they are indifferent towards us or they want to eliminate us from the earth"

"Not too kind. I didn't do anything to them, and I think we are not even a threat to them!"

"It can be right, but they are the almighty Ones, and we are filthy demons in their eyes, so they want to destroy us"

"So these guys come because some god said to them?"

"No, sects does that, they usually can communicate with their god, and do crazy things, like the ones who attacked the shopping center. But the inquisition is not like that. They can't certainly communicate with their god. Others not even certain they even have a living god or ever had one. But they serve according its timeless commandments"


"Like 'Clear our land from filthy creatures to make this place on earth paradise like the heavens themselves' or something like that..."

"Filthy creatures..." She thought in herself for a few seconds, then asked "So the inquisition want to hunt down us?"

"It's not that simple"

"You make me confused! I don't understand anything now!" Emy yelled at him.

"I will explain later, now can we just finish this?" he got annoyed quickly.

"You filthy demons! Fight you cowards or give up!" shouted the leader to them.

Emy knocked out some men with a double kick, but they never seemed to grow less. She felt the pain in her feet.

Pride asked her "Why don't you fight proper? You are not yourself today. Usually you are much more fierce!"

"I can't. This gas is explosive and my nightie is not a fireproof piece!" then she looked at Pride and had an idea.

"Pride, you have your fireproof coat with you?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Give me that right now!" She smirked.

"What? Why?" He didn't understand why she needed it.

"Give me that damn coat already!" She ordered to him. He gave her what she wanted. She covered herself with the coat as much as she could, than shouted to the others "Guys! Hide or jump now!" Pride and Greed jumped to the air, Ivan covered himself.

She took a huge inhale and with an incredible blast she blew up the entire area.


They sat in the car on their way back to the Eisenberg estate. Berthold was waiting for them at the entrance of the dock with the car. This situation was very familiar to Emy. They sat in the car, Ivan next to her, Pride across and Greed next to him. And they were even after a battle. Oh, and she had not presentable clothes again. It felt like some kind of curse now. Although she had a curse that was more than enough for her already.

Pride didn't ask his coat back yet. He didn't even look to her. Ivan checked her conditions after that he went to sleep. Greed on the contrary didn't stop the look at her with a bright grin. He enjoyed his cousin and Emy's embarrassment.

Then Pride looked down to her feet and noticed they were still bleeding. "Why didn't your feet heal yet?"

"I can't heal them until they are full of shattered glass pieces. Do you know what happens when you heat up some particles with high flash-point in your body?"

"Can't your body extrude them?" Greed asked curios.

"Nah, I can just endure them. If I must heal to be able to continue fight, I need to leave them in my body, and cut myself up later to gouge them out of me. Then I can heal and be completely fine again!" she said annoyed. Some bad memories should came back to her.

"But If you heat them up with healing you can't heal them at all. They must burn in your body!" Greed said with worry.

"Yeah, It's quiet bothersome, but nothing unbearable" she waved with her hand like it doesn't matter. The guys didn't say anything.

The car stopped, and Emy was about to step out and start to walk to the house, when Pride grabbed her and lifted her up in his arms.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Emy was shocked from his action.

"I can't let you walk on your injured feet" He said coldly.

"What?! Why?" she yelled at him.

"You are a girl after all!" He glanced down to her, then corrected himself "Or something like that..." Her eyes burned holes into his. He added "At least a female..." Then he began to walk with her in his arms. Emy found it unnecessary but didn't say anything further, because Greed looked at her with hopeful eyes. She got the message, he was happy that his 'little brother' did some gentleman-like thing for once. She let out a sigh and went with the flow.

As they were in the house they went in the hall and sat Emy down to treat her wounded feet. Berthold soon appeared with a first-aid kit. Ivan looked with slight worry while Pride tried to pick out the glass pieces from her. With his precise hands he was the perfect chose to do it. He couldn't help but grab Emy's ankle tightly because she didn't stop to move.

"It hurts!" she yelled at him

"Behave please! What's with the fierce and brave Wrath?!" he yelled back at her.

"She has wounded feet and can take care of it by herself!" she tried to pull away one of her foot but Pride's grip was just to strong.

"As If I would believe it!" he pulled closer her foot and grabbed it even tighter.

"I was just fine without you until now!"

"Let me guess, you would let the dirt and shattered glass pieces root in your feet until your body slowly extrude them, and until that time you would rather endure the pain of hell, than simply ask for help and end it with a little trouble!" He glanced straight into her eyes and she couldn't say anything in her defense because it was totally what would happen. She just continued sulking but didn't say anything anymore.

Greed felt himself uncomfortable, he struggled with himself "Emy, look... I am sorry! I didn't want to get you hurt, I just wanted to keep an eye on you to be safe! I am sorry, this all my fault..."

"Yeah, this is your fault. You chased me into this mess with your annoying behavior. You really got on my nerves!" she told him, but added in the and "But If you want to come to the coffee shop sometimes I wouldn't mind it" She smiled at him. She believed that he was leaded by good will. She wouldn't believe that if it was Pride.

Greed smiled back at her.

"What are you doing here at this late?" said Gula while leaned to the door frame. Lust was next to her but unlike Gula she didn't say anything. But she had a certain look on her face. Emy found this look quiet interesting and she smiles to herself.

"What's this gathering? We have some meeting or what?" said Envy as she came into the room. She was in her motorcyclist clothes, was probably on the roads and just came back.

"It will be pretty awesome if somebody finally tell me what the hell is going on!" said Emy with a load angry voice. The others stared to each other. Emy thought 'It will now or never!'




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