The Deadly Seven - Devil Dance


Once upon a time seven warrior entered to the homeland of a god to steal it's power. The god did catch them and punished them according to their sins. They got the power, but as a curse, that power is controlled by the demons of their sins. They have inhuman abilities, stronger body, great life-force, but has a short lifespan in human-form, and all the power and immortality but uncontrollable demon-self in demon-form. If they want the whole thing, they have to collect the other parts from the others.

The story is about - like the title suggests - seven people who fight against every other creature, each other, but mostly themselves. Their adventures are full of humor and irony, but sometimes grief and sadness. It's a fight for their future in both inside and outside. Hardships bring them closer or pull them apart.
The world of the story is a place where the three main religions of our world don't exist but gods do. The huge events of history went another way sometimes.


8. 7. Pride vs Wrath

It was already dark outside. Berthold just dropped her new fireproof battle clothes at her room and she was about to change into them.

"They are really comfy and practical!" said Emy, and it was true, her new outfit perfectly fitted to her body. Before Pride even told to the old man, Berthold already ordered the outfit yesterday because he knew it will be needed. The most frightening in the whole thing that the old man knew her measures and needs just by look. He did his job on a professional level.

The clothes were all deep red. They left open her arms, belly and the middle of her back. She loved its color. It had a long red coat to it as an extra. It even had the symbol of Wrath on it.

Then she walked out of her room, and met up with Berthold who bowed and escorted her to an underground training hall. The others were already there. Some of them actually with drinks and popcorn. They came for a great show, and Emy was not about to cause them disappointment.

On the other side of the hall stood Pride in black from top to toe again, two blade each side of him and with his usual cold deep blue gaze.

"Are you ready to lose?" He asked confidently.

"Not that much as you should be!" she answered with a grin. He just shook his head."By the way..." She started to speak again. Pride looked questioning "Thanks for the clothes! They are perfect" She was a bit embarrassed by the fact that she thanked something to him.

"Your welcome" He just waved with one of his hand.

"We want to see something good!" Envy shouted to them.

"Emy, I root for you! Beat some commonsense to him!" Greed cheered for her.

"Use your abilities wise! I need some data!" said Gula with a laptop on her lap.

"It will be quiet interesting. I can't wait to see Wrath's power!" Said Lust a little excited. Next to him Ivan just gave a "Hmmm" He was a little worried.

"So can we start now? I want to have a fine dinner after this!" Emy said with a grin. She was hungry. She was always hungry though.

"Go home, and find some food there, you damn freeloader!"

"Eat dust, Envy No. 2!"

"Don't involve me, I am not as envious as he!" shouted Envy from the side.

"Bring it on bastard!"

"As you wish!" with this Wrath jumped into action. She started to run and in a second she was front of Pride and sent a double kick to his head. Unfortunately Pride fended it with his blade. He drew it out in no time and he was about to attack back, when Wrath jumped over and breathed fire to him.

"Wow, it's really flashy!" shouted Envy with cheers.

"Are you thought that will work in the second time?" Pride said as he twisted his coat and shake off the flames from it "Not just you have fireproof clothes now" he smiled.

"Interesting!" Emy showed a huge grin.

"Don't give up Emy, you are the better!" cheered Greed.

"I know it" she said then she sent her whole body on fire. She always wanted to do it so bad. 'Fireproof clothes, I love you'

"Wooow" Greed and Envy cheered together and ate their popcorn.

She switched her legs then started to attack again.

"She got faster" said Ivan.

One attack after another but Pride blocked or dodged every one of them. He kept up with her and attacked back with his blade. She raised the temperature and blocked his view with fire. She hided behind the flames and tried to attack from the back.

"As If I would let you!" shouted Pride, and drew out his other blade. She shielded herself with her claws but he sent her flying. Then with an incredible power he swung his swords. The double blow gave an enormous blast what pushed the others on the side in the air and broke the huge wall behind Wrath. The entire hall became cold and chilly.

"Oh, now this is something you can be proud of!" she gave a huge grin to her opponent. She felt the thrill in her whole body.

Pride didn't say anything, his speed increased and he became fierce. He sent blows one after another and he kept getting faster and faster.

"Wow, He goes for it!" Greed's amusement couldn't grow any further.

"He is hasty..." Gula said with a serious face.


"He goes against Wrath. We finally have a Wrath who deal-able, we don't want to bring out her berserk" she said.

"Nah, she wouldn't go berserk" Greed said confidently.

"And why are you so sure about it?" Gula asked with suspicion. Just for a moment a little shock flashed through his face but in the next moment he regained his coolness and spoke.

"You was the one who said she is a cunning one too. She don't gonna berserk so easily"

"If you say that" She turned back to her laptop and started to type something. She knew that she found something interesting.

In that time Wrath received a lot of cuts, but she healed fast as always. Then she got a huge kick to the stomach what sent her flying. She landed on her feet and brought a hand over her stomach. Some blood found its way to her mouth and she spited it out. Pride had a suspicion and attacks.

Wrath didn't wait for his attack and drew out her beloved tail. She came up with an idea during their previous fight and wanted to test it now. She started to rotate with huge force while she raised her temperature even more. A fire spiral formed then when it was on the maximum she blew it up from the inside what gave a huge blast and covered the entire area in flames.

Pride didn't hesitate and cut though the fire. He didn't catch Wrath however broke another wall. Most of the fire had gone, but now they had two crumbling walls.

"Young Master, Be more careful or the ceiling will collapse for us!" said the old man with a concerning tone.

"Where did you hide this power earlier?" Wrath asked with so much excitement. She truly enjoyed it.

"Yeah, you are doing better now than before too!" and for once he had genuine smile.

"Then we should continue"

"Yeah" he said as he raised his blades.

Then she attacked. She got behind Pride's back but he blocked her claws. She pushed more force into it and made him back up. Pride struck back in that moment. Wrath got under his blade and blew him up with a huge fire-blast. Then again another fire-blast and the entire area caught fire.

Pride couldn't dodge or shield it completely, however he stood up and ready to attack.

"So you are the hard-to-get type!" She smirked. He didn't say anything just stared to attack again.

He again got faster and sent blows to her. But now he sometimes let go of his swords and mix in some punches to his attacks. It worked well, Wrath backed up in pain.

"So you can't heal yourself so easy on the inside" He smirked.

"Yeah, my healing ability works the best when it has direct contact with the outside. It must transmit some heat to the outside otherwise I burn to death" she said with a painful grin, but the healing slowly worked and she got better. "But you need far more than this to defeat me!" Her grin widened.

Pride attacked again. Wrath didn't move a muscle, she waited. 'Here it comes!' She saw the whole moment slowed down. He attacked with one blade from above and with one from middle. She turned, caught one across with her left hand, and she caught the upper one with her fangs, then with her free right hand she gave a punch to the stomach with all her power. She sent him through one of the crumbling walls.

He stood up again and had a little shake in his legs, but then the trembling disappeared and he stood firmly again. Wrath knew it won't be easy. He was about to attack back, when Berthold stopped him.

"Young Master, this place can't endure any more attack. Stop this match for today."

He had a point, and Pride knew it. The hall was in a horrible state. "Let's call it a draw for now, please Young Master!"

Pride was the logical type who could be convinced with reasoning. He sighed but eventually put back his blades into their scabbards.


In the next dawn Emy couldn't sleep and went for a walk. As she stepped out to the balcony for fresh air she found Pride there. He sat there, stared the sunrise.

He noticed her. He turned towards her and said sarcastic "What's that? Your new room not comfortable enough?"

"I just couldn't sleep Mr. Sunshine" She said as she walked there and sat down next to him. "Why are you up?" She asked then.

"I couldn't sleep either" He said calmly as he leaned forward.

They sat there for a few minute in silence, then Emy asked again.

"What Gula said yesterday..." She began, he turned to look at her "That you... and Greed and Ivan... lost your family because the curse-" He cut off her.

"She didn't say that exactly..." She looked away in embarrassment, but he continued "But It's true"


"You don't know, because you are Wrath. Wraths never know anything" She frowned, but it's true. "Normally your predecessor educates you. He/She teaches you how to use your power, what is awaiting you, the legend and its consequences... everything. But in Wrath's case..."

"The only thing what you can receive from it is hatred" She finished his sentence.

"It?" He asked back.

"I only met once with my predecessor, when he tried to kill me. That creature was not human anymore..."

"Yeah, normally that is Wrath in whole. This is one of the reasons why are you a true weirdo!"

She waited him to continue, but when he didn't, she asked again.


"So what?"

"What happened to your family?"

"Oh..." He collected his thoughts, then started "I don't know how to start that you understand it" For once he didn't want to be offensive, he was just honest.

"You are very kind" She said sarcastic.

"Alright, so in the seven demons' case we have shortened life because of the curse. Except the cunning One of course, because they are alchemist and even extended their lives!"


"When your power's heir born your death is on the horizon. If you have a child or even blood relatives, then it's almost certain that the successor will born to the lineage. The curse has preferences. The curse of Gluttony leaves to the host to find a suitable successor, in the others' case is different. The curse chooses you according to your nature and abilities"

"Yeah, I know that" She was impatient not just because her curiosity but because she knew that she deserved her curse. This was the ugly truth.

"So Wrath and Lust almost never have children, Envy rarely because its envious nature, Sloth mostly have, and..." he stopped here.


"We kept the curse of Pride within our lineage just as Greed's clan did since the first generation intentionally"


"Yeah, my family gone crazy about the power. In Greed's case his clan done it for the benefits like wealth, power, connections... But in the case of Pride... my family done it for the so called legendary power of the god what nobody can obtain in the end. And even after all this time they didn't give up on it"

"It doesn't worth it!" She said indignantly.

"Neither in my opinion"

He sat in silence for a few second, then continued "My father was the 147th Pride. He was a magnificent warrior, a loving father and not prideful at all" He said with softness in his voice "Greed is similar to me, his father was the 135th Greed and they became best friends. Our families was true enemies for so long, the whole golden-born and silver-born thing but they were friends and comrades. They fought together back to back"

"Against the previous Wrath?"


"It seems like everyone fought to him!" She frowned.

"Yeah, against him too" He nodded, then continued again "The previous Greed had a little sister. She fell in love with my father"

"And that is how you are related, right?"

"Right. The main family was not quiet happy with that, but as every Pride he was the head of the family"

"Your father was a cool guy"

"Yeah... But he killed my mother" Her eyes got wide.


"She gave birth to me, the next Pride" They sat there in silence for a while again. She couldn't say anything to this, but the feeling was well known for her too. "If she didn't give birth she could-"

"No, she couldn't!" She said. He turned to her, she continued "Look, I don't know anything about romantically love to say, your mother wouldn't want to live without your father. But I know something about parental love..." She became silent for a few moment before began to speak again. "When my mom was dying, do you know what did she say to me?"


"Jól vagy kicsim? Nyugodj meg, minden rendben lesz!"

He gave a pokerface to this, then said "Maybe it will surprise you, but I don't understand Slavic, you know?"

"It means: Are you alright my dear? Calm down, everything will be alright!" she said and added "It's Hungarian by the way"

"But nothing went all right..."

"Yeah, but this isn't what is important now!"

"Then?" he asked curios.

"The fact that she was on the verge of her death, and even then the only thing she cared about was me and my brother on the back seat"

He didn't say anything.

"Your mother would give up her life thousand times to save her child. She chose to give birth even when she knew it will shorten her life, but she loved you so much, that she didn't care"

She then stood up, and walked to the door "If you want to thank to your mom for giving birth to you, then live a happy life. This is the only thing that I can do too..." She disappeared to the house.

Pride stayed there and continued to sit in silence. Heavy thoughts went on his mind.




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