The Deadly Seven - Devil Dance


Once upon a time seven warrior entered to the homeland of a god to steal it's power. The god did catch them and punished them according to their sins. They got the power, but as a curse, that power is controlled by the demons of their sins. They have inhuman abilities, stronger body, great life-force, but has a short lifespan in human-form, and all the power and immortality but uncontrollable demon-self in demon-form. If they want the whole thing, they have to collect the other parts from the others.

The story is about - like the title suggests - seven people who fight against every other creature, each other, but mostly themselves. Their adventures are full of humor and irony, but sometimes grief and sadness. It's a fight for their future in both inside and outside. Hardships bring them closer or pull them apart.
The world of the story is a place where the three main religions of our world don't exist but gods do. The huge events of history went another way sometimes.


3. 2. The unexpected

Emy slowly became exhausted. And Mr. Cheeky-smirk was the reason.

"You damn hotty, what kind of trick do you use?" She said between heavy breaths. Even she managed to cause some bruise but he healed them almost as fast as she did before.

"Trick? It's as much a trick as your healing ability" He shrugged his shoulders with a smile.

"You take away my power and you get stronger and use my abilities against me" She spited some blood on the floor. "It's not merely copying, you take it away and use it"

"Bingo!" He then clapped with his hands. "You can just give up, until you have the chance-"

"However, you couldn't take my full power. You just simply can't. So you have your own limits as well" A smile found its way to her lips.

"Yeah, It's the plain truth, but It will be still enough to beat you"

"We can see that soon"

"Yeah, we definitely can" His face gave a more serious expression.

"But before that I am curious about something!" Her question took him off guard.

"And what is that?"

"Are you demons of the seven too, right?" He was a little surprised, but answered anyway.

"Yeah, we are. Why?"

"And which one are you?" His smirk returned to his face before he pronounced it proudly.

"I am the one who wants everything to himself!" He surely enjoyed this very moment.

"Oh, so you are the greedy one"

"You can call me Greed. I love to be called Greed"

"Your real name must be suck" Emy said on a nonchalant tone. A frown plastered on his face in return. "I thought at first that you are rather Pride"

"No, I am not a heartless asshole like Pride, I am a gentleman. He is right down there" He motioned to the lying body in the familiar hole.

"He?" She turned her head and looked behind her to the man she knocked out a short time ago.


"Yeah, He is a real asshole"

"I know it, but maybe It's because my lacking brotherly guidance" He said it obviously over-dramatized.


"Actually cousins, but he is like my little brother"

"It's funny" Emy started laughing a little.

"What?" He asked with curiosity.

"That I will beat up two other from my kind and they are even brothers!" A grin of true amusement on her face appeared.

"Sorry, but I can't let you daydreaming all day" He gave her a mischievous smirk.

"By the way, I am Wrath. The strongest of all" She said out loud just as proud as her opponent before.

"You really are just a man of words instead of actions" said a voice before Greed could answer to the offense. The two of them turned their heads towards the direction of the voice to found a newly awake Pride who gathered himself from the floor and seemed completely fine.

"I am not stupid like you, not nearly close to your prideful personality" Greed waved to his 'brother' quiet disappointed. "You should know I was just buying time. I didn't want to fight with a fierce Wrath, and get her to go berserk all to myself!"

"Coward!" Pride snapped at him, but he had no impact on his cousin.

"I call it practical" He even put on a bright smile on his face.

"I am glad that you have your little family life, but can you keep it out for now. My claws are aching for a fight"

"You must be hardheaded just like my brother" stated out Greed. Pride yelled he is not his brother, but Greed didn't pay attention "because now that we have the advantage in number you have fairly little chance to even escape" Greed said confidently.

"I said it a couple of times already, but I say it again. I am Wrath, the strongest of all. You could be ten times of your current number, It wouldn't change"

"It seems arrogance runs in our kind. All right, let's start the real game" And once more they serious faces returned.

For one moment no one moved an inch, dead silent, but then Wrath took a deep inhale. Pride jumped behind, he had no other coat to shield himself from any further fire attack. Greed was the opposite. He walked straight to Wrath waiting for her attack. Fire filled the room between them and he - confident in his abilities - walked through the wall of flames. He didn't expect Wrath to be in the fire. She brought a high kick to his head. He dodged, but she grabbed his arm with a bright grin. "You like my power? You can take all of it!"

Then she set both of them in fire and intentionally sent her burning flames through his arms. He cried out in pain, and managed to get away thanks to Pride's fast attack against Wrath from behind. But she had been waiting for that and sent fire to his face with her deadly useful tail. She liked her tail, it was so useful. The fire in the face was followed by a swinging double kick with her armored legs what sent flying the two males. She received a fast attack from Pride's blade, but she jumped up and breaths fire under, then a huge strike with her arm and everything went into the air including the guys.

"How the fuck did she become so strong? Didn't you steal at least a part of her power?" Pride asked as he collected himself from the ground looking at his cousin who was fighting with the pain.

"I thought it as well..." He stood up with a huge groan.

"Than what?"

"She is Wrath. She is the best fighter out of us, and has enormous power. It's too much to take"

"Bingo!" She said sarcastically copying Greed from before "I may don't have any amazing ability like power draining or perfect sword technique, even If I still waiting for that to see - Pride's face frowns, but Wrath continues - or invulnerable body, my simple fighting power is still something. But this is not the reason why you are about to be beaten up..."

A questioning look appeared on the guys' faces.

"It's because you can't fight really without your little trick hotty, and because Mr. Who-If-isn't-me can't use his real abilities" Greed wasn't surprised. He knew very well his weak point. According to the power circle of the seven demon he was the weakest against Wrath. But for Pride it was new. Even If she felt sorry about his poor ability now, she thought he had some ace to hide. It was new, but not the good kind of new to him. Nah, he got quiet pissed.

"Your abilities not fit perfectly to fight against me. What a shame.."

"Oh, I wouldn't waste tears for it darling. You can have your fairly good and suitable opponent within seconds!" Greed brought up his hands and gestured happily. Wrath was a bit confused. But after a few moments there were little earthquakes getting closer one by one.

"And here he comes..." Greed said with a smile. In the next moment the wall broke and a huge block flew across the place straight to Wrath. It was like a train ran over a little smart. They smashed to the wall, and huge drift of dust got into the air. Pride was still too angry yet to say anything, but Greed was enjoying himself with the scene.

When the dust cleared up a little, they measured the damage. Another, much greater hole on the wall. Somehow Wrath managed to escape from the probably deadly impact, but she got quiet dizzy and barely stood on her feet.

"What the fuck was that?" She looked behind her to catch the bright blue eyes appears in the dust dusk. And they were like nearly 8ft from the ground.

"Huge" Wrath looked up with awe in her eyes. "So do you want to kill me?" Snapped the question to the guys.

"No?" Greed asked confused.

"But you surely want!"

"No, we came here to have a little chat" Pride turned to her too.

"For a little chat you attacked me and then brought a tank?"

"He is not a tank!" Pride looked up to the huge tower of meat, and corrected himself "Well, he is, but he has at least feelings, not like someone..." He pointed to her his comment.

"I have feelings! Feelings like pain for example right now!"

"Yeah, like we don't feel any-"

"He is Ivan by the way" Greed said as motioned to introduce him "He is Ivan Kolosov. The demon of Sloth!"

"Ivan? This name hits the bulls-eye. I would definitely name Ivan my kid If he were this huge!" She stared at him as he took a few steps closer. He looked down to her and a little smile appeared on his face. Even If he was a tank, she had this feeling that he was a nice guy inside.


"So what?" asked back the prideful One.

"What so what? What was the thing you wanted to chit-chat with me what couldn't be solved otherwise just by an attack?" she asked grumpily.

"We wanted you to join us. We are collecting all the seven of us in one group." Greed answered a little hesitantly.

"And why needed you all this show for it?"

"Because Wrath never will accept our proposal. Never. Because-" Started Pride just to be cut off.

"I accept"

Dead silent.



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