The Deadly Seven - Devil Dance


Once upon a time seven warrior entered to the homeland of a god to steal it's power. The god did catch them and punished them according to their sins. They got the power, but as a curse, that power is controlled by the demons of their sins. They have inhuman abilities, stronger body, great life-force, but has a short lifespan in human-form, and all the power and immortality but uncontrollable demon-self in demon-form. If they want the whole thing, they have to collect the other parts from the others.

The story is about - like the title suggests - seven people who fight against every other creature, each other, but mostly themselves. Their adventures are full of humor and irony, but sometimes grief and sadness. It's a fight for their future in both inside and outside. Hardships bring them closer or pull them apart.
The world of the story is a place where the three main religions of our world don't exist but gods do. The huge events of history went another way sometimes.


16. 14. Ira

"Welcome little me!" said a joyful girl around 12 with long brown hair. She was floating in the air like a ghost and tried to balance herself when she swung too much. She had a cheerful smile on her face.

"Who are you?"

"Hmm... Call me... Ira! Yes, Ira will make it!" widened the girl's smile into a grin.

In front of her stood a girl with a similar look, but younger, around 9 and not so cheerful.

"Who are you?" asked she again.

"Eh? I just told you, call me Ira!" said the ghost-like girl with a little surprised.

"I asked who are you!" demanded the younger girl angrily.. The floating one looked at her then measured her from tip to toe. Her grin returned to her face.

"You ask me like I am some criminal when your hands are covered by blood. It's a little ironic!"

The one who stood on the ground growled back to her almost like an animal. The floating girl just continued to smile "You are brave. I like it!" she came near to the other girl and leaned really close then whispered threateningly "but I don't think this is the right time for this..." After this she jumped back to the air and span around herself. When she regained her balance again, she continued "You know, I can help you. I can make your wish come true. Do you want it, right?"

The girl on the ground blinked up to her while she tried to clear her hands from the blood by rubbing it harder and harder.

"You don't have to rub it so much. It will vanish in no time anyway"

The girl ignored the ghost's words and continued.

The creature grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand closer to herself. The blood slowly vanished. While this was happening the ghost raised the hand and pushed it back to the girl "Did you see that? It disappeared"

The girl watched it with disbelief.

"Of course, your sin won't vanish so easily"

"I didn't have a choice!" for the first time the girl answered. The ghost was glad because she made her talk.

"You could run away. You could try to escape. But of course, these ideas not even crossed your mind. You are not that kind of being, right?"

The little girl had a shocked expression. She knew that the ghost was completely right.

"Oh, of course! Of course you are this kind! I can see in your eyes, and I bet you can see that inside you too!" The ghost danced around in the air with amusement "You know, you have the power. The power that you can use to reach anything, obtain anything and surpass everything!" She then stopped and looked straight to the girl on the ground "But what do you want with all this power?" She smiled knowingly "I know, you want reve-"


The ghost had a really surprised expression on her face when she looked to the younger girl. Her eyes met with the light what the little girl's eyes held. It was hope.

"Freedom? Is that all you wish for? I thought you have some bigger dream, but I guess I was wrong" sighed the ghost then continued "But that's fine too. It's an easy task" she extended her hand to the girl "Deal?"

"I don't trust you"

"To be honest, you have no choice..." she emerged to the air and with seriousness - and amusement in the same time - began a chant.

"For your sins now is the time... to pay back for your thoughtless crime... you called for this, you naive girl... the world with you this time will twirl... the weight on your shoulder, you have to bear... until you will devoured by your own fear... you could choose, but you chose wrong... this will bind you a lifetime long!"

The ghost with a huge grin raised her hand and called for the bright orange spark from the pile of ashes. With the other hand she motioned something and the back of the girl started to burn with orange flames. The girl screamed, the ghost continued "I give you now a new name, I will burn it to your mind. It will help, trust me!" Then with the hand what held the spark she pierced the stomach of the girl and placed the bright flaming spark there.

The girl's face showed all the pain what flashed through her mind and body as the spark burned her entire vascular system across her body. She fell to the ground while struggled with all the pain. As the fire increased on her back she rubbed it to the earth, but it didn't lessen the crucial sensation. She collected all her power and crawled to a nearby tree. As she reached it, she managed to sit up and leaned against the trunk. In the next few hours she remained in this position.

When the pain slowly died out, she let the grip on her jaw lessen and took deep breaths. Her body became numb. Her limbs felt like they were torn out.

"You know, you are lucky" said the ghost who watched as the girl struggled in pain in the whole time. The girl raised her head the face with her. The ghost's words seemed nonsense to her.

"You are lucky, because I will help you. Even if you get angry, until there is resistance in your heart, you will be able to come back. I don't let you become a demon. At least not fully" she smiled kindly to the girl as she did a great favor to her "The previous Wraths didn't have this luxury. You can do whatever you want until you have other things inside you not just rage" She came closer the the girl and leaned near to her "Of course, the power will burn you out too, no matter what. Your life will be shortened if you go beyond a point without a singe doubt, so just carefully"

The girl stood up. Her clothes were burnt and fell into pieces as the wind blew. The huge seal on her back became visible.

"So young and mighty Wrath, what do you want next?"


"Calm down , Wrath! You can't go back!" yelled Envy while tried to pull back the desperate Wrath.

"That's Jane! She is my friend!" Wrath never admitted it, but she was the closest thing to a friend she had, and she didn't have the intention to lose her.

"We will come back for her with backup, and save her then!" Envy got even more frustrated.

"It will be too late, and you know it too! Don't lie to me!" she pulled away her arm "They meant to be food! Everyone of them! Everyone! They will be eaten by the alpha!"

"And I don't want to be one of them!"

"How can you be so ignorant? You just want to let them die? They are innocent people!"

"We know nothing about them!"

Envy was right. They knew nothing from most of them. But Wrath knew a single one out of the dozen, and this was enough for her.

"I don't leave Jane!"

They lost their opportunity to escape without being disposed when a huge hell-demon noticed the arguing duo. Envy barely dodged the attack what came from above. The venomous claws missed her but the demon was ready for the next attack in an instant.

"Care for this instead!" yelled Envy while jumping out from the way of the attack. She brought out a shining elaborate axe. When the demon's attention focused on Wrath, she delivered a blow right to the neck. The demon stopped the weapon before it got too deep and it was ready to strike back. Wrath hit the demon's head from the other side what made its effect. The axe got deep enough to cut the neck almost fully through. The huge mass of meat what towered over their heads collapsed to the ground.

"Remain... how much again? 10?!" as Envy yelled this to Wrath two more hell-demons showed up and they were not too happy when they saw their fellow dead. They immediately charged against them.

"It doesn't matter anymore!" turned Wrath to Envy before she turned back to the upcoming danger. Envy pulled out her battle axe from the dead demon's neck and threw it to her partner.

"Is there more?" asked Wrath. Envy summoned one more and threw it to her too. Then she pulled out one for herself, a golden spear with sickle-shape head and many symbols on it.

The hell-demons were not so dumb to attack just by themselves, they called for their company as well. From various floors human-demons flowed out like an endless mass of aimless meat. They were very distracted from the gas and heat of the floors near to the core, but they still tried with everything they had to kill them. They were on the walls and the ceiling as well. They were confused but their agility were the same and they could jump really high.

"If we will go to hell Wrath, I will beat the shit out of you until you reincarnate!"

"Here it comes!" After a great inhale Wrath's firestorm erupted from her mouth and hit the mass of the upcoming human-demons, then she threw both of the axes to the fire. One of the weapons hit the head of a hell-demon, but its shield-scales fended it and it barely injured a little one of its eyes. The other more vigilant hell-demon tossed the other axe to the wall.

Envy used this opportunity to attack, and she sent her spear through the chest of the hell-demon. The demon moved in the last moment enough to the spear miss its heart. In the next second it raised its arm and with full strength it delivered an ominous punch what sent Envy to the air. She screamed as she hit the ground. The attack caused some serious damage and the claws of the demon injured her hand as well so venom got into her body. After this the meat tower pulled out the spear and started to heal, then it began to walk in the direction of Envy who was still on the floor.

Wrath was fighting with the human-demons, and she couldn't see the end of them. One after another. Fire, claws, fang... no use, they kept coming. She killed one, two took its place. She finally reached the axe, but she had to throw it again because she needed all of her claws. She became angrier and angrier and tore apart every demon what reached her.

The hell-demon what got injured on the eye before, and disappeared for a few minutes now was back and it had the company of even more human-demons. This was the moment when Wrath noticed that her partner didn't move the way she should, and barely could dodge or fend the attacks of the hell-demon what attacked her. The enemy raised its arm to kill the defenseless Envy with its next attack.

Wrath grabbed the battle axe and jumped above the demon then landed her weapon between its cervical vertebra. Envy brought out a grenade, ripped out the pull ring and threw it right to Wrath's head. Her eyes went wide, but the grenade missed her and hit the coming other hell-demon. Before the detonation Wrath realized what was happening, grabbed Envy and with huge force got through the mass of the distracted human-demons. She kept running until they found a collateral tunnel without a single demon in it.

"You are fast..." said Envy, but her voice was barely a whisper now. The signs of paralysis were getting worse. Her breathing weakened and drops of sweat ran down on her face.

Wrath pulled Envy's injured hand up and put it to her mouth. Her saliva found its way into the wound and the healing was instant. When Envy pulled out her hand in shock and looked carefully to the wound she couldn't even find its place.

"What the heck?!" she looked up to Wrath with widen eyes.

"Gula read somewhere that this may works. I never needed it for myself"

"You have miracle saliva or what?!"

"Not exactly. Not just my saliva, according to Gula, every part of me is like a miracle medicine"

"For cancer and everything?"

"No, it can't heal cancer, and can't be used against parasites or diseases either"


"It's not a medicine, rather pure life force. If I try to use this in those cases, it's like I feed the enemy as well. No, it's worse, because I can make more powerful and resistant viruses, bacteria and parasites. But in cases of injuries, venenation and poisoning it's really useful"

"It's disgusting... but cool at the same time" looked up Envy to Wrath with acknowledgement then looked down to her hand again "Anyway... thanks. But if I think about it again, this whole mess is YOUR fault. You want to know, you want to find out, you want to save...!" She sent an angry glare to the guilty one, but their starting argument died an early death when some human-demons caught up to them.

"We won't die here" and with a huge swing without hesitation she tore apart all of the demons. Envy was surprised to see, her partner didn't get exhausted but she seemed to be more powerful now. "Can you deal with these human-shaped nasty creatures?" asked after some silent moment from Envy.

"Sure, but are you sure, you didn't mean it reversed? You have no weapons against hell-demons. And you certainly don't have the power to crash them either"

Wrath sighed because Envy was right. She had nothing against them.

"Do you have anything claw-like weapon in your arsenal by any chance?"

A hell-demon was slamming into the narrow tunnel with full force using its wings. The sudden blast of air hit their faces, but they had good reaction-time enough to not be distracted. Wrath flexed the muscles in her legs and jumped right to the enemy with huge dash and crashed into it with great force. The bump sent the demon aback, but the girl's weight was not nearly enough to cause it to fall. The creature at least 330-350lb and the female with her 5.2ft was only around 116lb.

It was not the time for her to feel sorry about her measures, so she grabbed the demon with all her might and screamed out her throat "Now!"

Envy without a moment to waste pierced her spear through Wrath's body right into the demon's heart. Blood appeared both in the demon's and Wrath's mouth. Envy pulled out the weapon. Wrath after a little lurch regained her balance and stood firm. In the contrary the demon's chest became grey and stone-like. Envy pulled away Wrath before the demon collapsed to her.

"You alright?" asked Envy. After the venom had gone she felt herself energetic and strong again.

"You didn't hesitate"

"Should I?"

"..." sighed Wrath "No... not at all"

"To answer your question, I have some blades what would fit to your claws. It will be better if your claws were bigger a little, but it will still fit enough"

"That's good"

"I don't think we will be closer to survival with this. They are sacred weapons and everything, but without the required force you just cause some superficial injuries. If the blades don't get through it's all for nothing" as she spoke Envy summoned the weapons in question and handed them to Wrath. She put them up quickly. They were too big for her, but it won't be a problem.

"I have a plan"

"I hope it's a plan full of miracles, because without them we have no hope to kill 8 remaining hell-demon, and there can be even more of them. Oh yeah, and we have dozen of human-demons as well"

"Can I trust you?"

"You shouldn't"

"Then can I hope that Pride won't hear about this?"

"I won't say a thing, and I guess neither will Lust. Everything depends on Gula"

Wrath sighed again. It became a habit of her for now. She knew she had no choice. She dragged Envy into this and they had no chance to get out of here now without a bloody fight. Not to say, she didn't give up on saving Jane either.

"I can't hope for more anyway"

Human-demons dashed into the tunnel and two more hell-demon showed up with them.

"You just have to deal with the human-demons and save Jane when you have the chance. Make sure you will have the chance!" she turned to Envy for a moment to make sure she took her serious, then turned back to the enemy "Leave the hell-demons to me"

The demons were just a few feet away.

"You can start right away!" yelled Envy as she lifted up her spear.

Wrath flexed her muscles and sparks appeared around her body. One of the demons jumped to her. She brought up her legs and with a kangaroo-style double-feet-kick she sent it back where it came from.

Then the world stopped for her, every movement, every breath, every little thing in her surrounding stopped. The world became dead silent, just one phrase echoed in the tunnel's dark empty world "Ira, I am here to take your word: give me the power you have promised!"

Her body started to burn from the very inside, flames surrounded her body. Fire covered her entirely as a protecting coat. The flames stormed around her and a spiral of fire formed. Her claws grew twice as big as their original size. They slowly fitted into the blades what she wore with creaking sounds. All of her teeth became fangs, especially her canine teeth. A wolf or a mountain lion would be jealous for them. Steam erupted from her mouth as she growled. Spikes broke through her skin on her back and grew to her vertebra. Her former little horns became worthy for a demon to wear them. Her ears got pointy and beast-like. Her original armor and tail went wild. Her entire feature changed to a fierce, scary and wild fire-beast.

When her eyes became a sea of orange light, the world returned to its original timeline.

A howl broke forth from her throat as she broke the wall with the head of the hell-demon what attacked Envy. Then with the next move she pierced her claws through its heart. It killed it immediately. Her speed was unbelievable.

"Berserker..." whispered Envy, but she had not much time, she had to deal with the countless human-demons.

In the next second the other hell-demon hit Wrath into the wall. Without time for the demon to react Wrath broke out from the dust and sent the entire place into fire. Some human-demons are caught in the flames as well. They burn to death instantly, the heat was too great. The hell-demon was not this careless. It dodged the attack and now it delivered its next punch.

This time Wrath bent down to dodge the attack. Then she twisted her body around, and with a vertical kick she ripped open her opponents face. The blades on the feet claws worked as well.

The demon growled to her as an answer, but it had not much time left. Wrath pierced two of her claws through its eyes. It wailed in pain. Wrath pulled out her claws then with both of her hand attacked. She sent through them its chest and lifted the demon up.

With its last power the demon swung its claws and injured Wrath's left eye. She growled in pain and jumped aback. The demon took a few more steps then collapsed to the ground and died.

Envy just watched with widen eyes until she had too many human-demon in her hands again. Wrath saw what was happening and with an enormous arm swing she sent an air blast to them. Envy was fast enough to pierce her spear into the ground and grab it, so the blast just took the demons with it. Next Wrath aimed behind her and covered the demons in fire. The survival-rate was very low, but there were still many of them. Wrath roared and with heavy steps she marched to the remaining opponents. With one attack she ripped apart more than one. If Envy could see their eyes, she would saw the light of fear in them, but she had no time for such a thing. One punch crashed the head of a demon what jumped above Wrath. She had no mercy for them.

Envy brought out a gun and started to shoot them one after another. She aimed to their huge eyeballs. The loss of the eye made them vulnerable and they couldn't attack anymore. When the gun ran out of bullets, she just summoned another one. She was not a marksman, but she was good at shooting moving targets from close. When she found a way out of the mass, she jumped out, brought out a grenade and tossed it between the injured and uninjured demons. One dragon-skin coat for herself, and she avoided to cause damage herself.

The human-demons went crazy and threw themselves to Wrath. They were ignoring all the flames and raging fire what she used to chase them, and continue to bite and rip her with their mouth and nails. If one died another took its place. It was as if they gone berserk too. Because of the injure on her left eye what she got from the hell-demon, her left side was much more vulnerable than the other, and it was visible for Envy too. More and more blood showed on her weak side, and the incredible healing couldn't keep up with it. It was pretty obvious to Envy, that they were trying to rip apart her limb to limb. Then she remembered what Wrath said to her just a few minutes ago, and now she understood why she wanted so badly her partner to take care of the human-demons.The berserk mode must be connected with this.

She summoned two more guns and shot right to the meat mass what covered Wrath entirely for now. Even if she hit Wrath unless she hit her head it shouldn't be a problem. And according to Gula, it's not a coincidence that they never used guns against Wrath. 

After some time they ran out from demons. Every demon what showed up went right to Wrath to attack her and ignored Envy. She just needed to stand there and shoot every one of them. The injured demons were crawling on the floor before Wrath regained her strength and balance, and burned them to death. She was really angry. Really, really angry. Her wounds and injured left eye were in fire, the healing didn't take too long. Some bullets hit her and the injuries couldn't heal properly until bullets remained in them.

A few other series of shoots and no moving demons remained.

Wrath's flames lighted up the narrow tunnel. Most of her injuries already healed, including her left eye, but some of them couldn't. Her breathing was heavy, Envy assumed that she accidentally hit her on her lungs. It was bad.

"Wrath, this won't work. You can't beat all those-" Envy had not the opportunity to finish her sentence, because Wrath stormed out from the tunnel with a bestial roar and she was directed right to the main hall.

"You gone insane! Stop! They are waiting for you! They will kill you!" Envy shouted after her pointlessly. She guessed that Wrath either out of her mind or she lost every sense of danger. She had no choice. She ran after Wrath, but she couldn't keep up with her speed. For her luck, her partner's flaming body was not near to invisible. She didn't even have a problem with human-demons because they went right after Wrath in the moment they showed up.

Envy was right. It wasn't a coincidence that no more hell-demon came after them. The remaining hell-demons - and there were plenty of them - were forming a line around the stone box to defend it. They knew that their enemy will show up after some time. A berserker was not a creature what avoided fight.

When Wrath arrived two huge demon from the ceiling jumped down what caused her a big surprise and they crashed her shoulders with great impulse. Both of her scapula and collarbone broke and she was forced to the ground. The two demon what attacked her now parted and let a third between them. The new one sent her through the wall with a huge kick. All of this happened within a few seconds, and now Wrath - despite the fact of the damage she took - was all fired up and became even wilder than before. The demons were surprised to see the girl who just stood up like nothing happened and with one move she pulled back her bones to their original place and healed almost in an instant. Her back what got injured from the impact was also back to its old form. Just her clothes had still some damage on them. Clothes won't heal.

She was back to the fight, and attacked immediately. She jumped back to front of the demons, what was unexpected for them. It was illogical to attack from the front even when there was only one hell-demon and now there were three of them. Not ignored the fact, that she got faster again. She blasted fire into the demons' faces then she pierced the middle one with her claws and accelerated herself. She then stopped suddenly what caused the demon to come off from her claws. She lowered her right arm, then with huge dash sent it up, ripped open the demon from the belly to the neck.

One hell-demon caught up to her and attacked from behind. She twisted her body and with a kick she hit the head. Even the strong and shield-like frontal scales couldn't fend it perfectly and they broke. But the demon was still alive. Envy used her chance and finished what Wrath began. She sent a golden arrow through the broken scales and killed the demon.

She looked around the huge hall and surveyed the situation. There were still four hell-demon and countless human-demons. One of the bigger type started to walk in her direction. The two girls were the opposite sides of the hall and between them were the demons. It was not distance for Wrath at all. She jumped through the entire hall, above the demons and landed on the one what aimed for Envy. The venomous spikes thorned her as she arrived on them, so she growled a little. Then she connected her hands, linked her fingers and formed a hammer from her arm. With all her might she hit the head of the demon. It lurched as it tried to regain its balance but Envy pierced through its head through its right eye with her spear before it could happen.

The remaining three hell-demon gave the signal to the human-demons to attack, and they started to flow from every entrance.

"Wrath!" shouted Envy as she pulled out her spear and got ready for the attack.

Wrath fought with one of the hell-demons so she couldn't help her with the minions. The real problem was that from the summoning seal new demons started to emerge. If the seal remained, they had no chance and Envy knew it. As she dodged the upcoming attack and avoided the claws of another demon, she got herself to the seal and with great impulse she pierced one of the stabilizing symbols she knew. It did it, and the seal broke apart. The dimensional gate closed.

Envy left herself defenseless during the process so one of the demons came up to her from behind and ripped open her entire back with its claws. Envy screamed in pain and fell to the ground. Wrath turned to their direction and saw her partner on the ground. She jumped to the chest of her opponent, and from there she gained impulse and jumped across the hall right to where Envy was. She used the dash of her and kicked back the demon. She landed on the spear what stood firm in the seal, then she kicked it out, grabbed it and sent it through the demon's neck.

Then she knelt down to Envy who suddenly brought up her arm. She summoned a machine-gun what erupted from her hand and made a lots of holes into the attacking human-demons.
Wrath was about to help her, when she looked up to her and pointed behind her with the gun.

"Look... the people..." her voice was weak as she spoke.

Wrath looked where she pointed and saw that the humans who were intend to be sacrificed now emerged from the floor and started to crawl in their direction.

"If you act too late you won't be able to save them" The sudden considerate surprised Wrath. She wanted to save as many people as she could, but she wanted to save Jane and Envy more than anybody. Her decisions led to this situation. If she chose now the wrong answer everything will be over. But she couldn't find the answer. She had no choice, she had to grab Envy to avoid the attacking human-demons. As they raised into the air, she turned back and sent them a storm level fire breath. The energy of the blast helped them to reach one of the corner of the hall. More human-shaped enemy ran towards them. She collected the fire into a spiral, condensed it as much as she could, then accelerated it and blew up the mass of meat what was about to reach them. The blast was bigger than any of Wrath used earlier. She didn't see such a destructive power before. The two hell-demons became wary of her. She could destroy even the hard stone box what they needed to protect with their lives.

"I have a plan" whispered Envy to Wrath. As she turned to the girl who lied in her arms, she noticed the tiredness in her eyes. The paralyze was dangerous, but blood loss could be fatal. She needed to treat her before it was too late, but she started to run out of energy and the berserk mode faded too. She had to listen to Envy, she had the only possibly correct answer.

"You have to lure out the human-demons and heal your friend and me when the right time comes. Will you able to do it?"

Wrath nodded. She put down Envy and just as she asked, started to lure the minions. The hell-demons weren't attacking. One of them tried to fix the seal, they needed backup. The other guarded the top priority stone box what contained the alpha.

After ripping apart some demons what couldn't be saved Wrath successfully drew their attention. The newly parasited bodies started to follow her too. The body who Wrath knew until now as Jane stood up and when Wrath got closer, it attacked her. Envy aimed for her belly and with one shoot she killed the human-demon larva inside her stomach. Then Wrath grabbed and lifted up her and literally spited into her wound. It was disgusting, but worked well. The wound healed almost immediately. It was better than die from blood-loss.

While Wrath played this hare and hounds game with the human-demons the hell-demon repaired the seal and more hell-demons were on their way here.

Here came the second part of Envy's plan. She threw a pack to the precious stone box what glued to it. When the hell-demon turned there it saw that the remarkable sized pack was in fact a bomb. It ran to it immediately and tied to get it off desperately. The other helped as well.

When they didn't look at the dangerous duo, Wrath ran to Envy who handed her an even bigger ball. She threw it up with full force, than grabbed Envy too, and with the two girl on her shoulders followed by the countless human-demons she ran out from the hall. She ran as fast as she could.

The hell-demons what were distracted by the bomb until now successfully got it off and crashed it. But it was time to notice the other bigger bomb what hit the ceiling right above them in this second.

And came the detonation.

The explosion destroyed the entire hall in one. The neighboring floors blew up as well, the debris reached far. Many human-demons caught up in it. Wrath and the two on her shoulders was forced to the ground by the huge blast and now they were lying on the floor. The tunnels were filled with dust. the range of vision decreased to a couple of feet, and the only light was Wrath's flames, and they started to die out as well. The accelerated state was leaving her body, she had not much time left and she didn't finished yet.

She crawled closer to Envy who was barely conscious for now. If she got fully paralyzed then nobody will call for help and Envy would die from blood-loss for sure. Of course they could die as well. Every one of them could die, so she had to do it.

Wrath reached out for Envy and pulled her closer. Then she... kissed her.

Energy blasted from Wrath into Envy's body and her back healed within one second. As she finished she collapsed to her and got unconscious. Her flames died out as well. Darkness filled the place. Only one thing kept to beep with a little red light in Envy's hand.

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