The Deadly Seven - Devil Dance


Once upon a time seven warrior entered to the homeland of a god to steal it's power. The god did catch them and punished them according to their sins. They got the power, but as a curse, that power is controlled by the demons of their sins. They have inhuman abilities, stronger body, great life-force, but has a short lifespan in human-form, and all the power and immortality but uncontrollable demon-self in demon-form. If they want the whole thing, they have to collect the other parts from the others.

The story is about - like the title suggests - seven people who fight against every other creature, each other, but mostly themselves. Their adventures are full of humor and irony, but sometimes grief and sadness. It's a fight for their future in both inside and outside. Hardships bring them closer or pull them apart.
The world of the story is a place where the three main religions of our world don't exist but gods do. The huge events of history went another way sometimes.


13. 12. Into the dark

This morning was no different than the others in the previous three days. The team other members already were used to it by now, they were just watching the happenings or simply ignored these two and continued what were they doing before they started.

"How can anybody be this stubborn?!" yelled Pride.

"Oh, you finally find a mirror to look at yourself?!" yelled back Emy with annoyance.

"You was almost killed just a few days ago!"

"You are sooo considerate! Wasn't you the one by any chance who wants to send me on life threatening missions?!"

"That's a totally different matter! Those are well secured actions with almost 0% chance to die!"

"Of course! Because you are a fucking prophet who can foresee everything!"

"I am at least careful and not just walk into every trap they made for me!"

"You can't know how many trap I walk into, because we don't notice the ones I avoid! It's not representative!"

"Do you seriously have a death wish?!" Pride seriously couldn't understand her and this made greater his anger.

"If I could escape from this conversation with death I would seriously consider it!" She didn't understand him as well, and wanted to hit him really hard.

And It continued as a never ending story every morning when they just caught a sight of the other. And in the previous three days direct or indirect they came across each other. It was like some sport or hobby of these two. At least in the eyes of the others. In some way Gula and Greed were amazed by not just the fact that it was like they magnetized each other, but by the fact that the initial abuses evolved to more complex and creative phrases. The simple 'drown to death' transformed to 'drown in a pool full of boiling mercury' and the poor sentence of 'just die' became the 'little crabs eat your brain from inside' wish. Yeah, as time went they went further and further with their sick fantasy.

Greed never thought that he will meet a person nearly or even more stubborn and hardheaded than his brother. It was a true amusement for him just to watch his little brother gets so worked up on something.

The argument continued just like this until Gula received a note from a man in black.

"Please, tell me when you decided the date. I will gladly send you off to the other world!" Pride said really pissed.

"Just if I can bring you with me!" she said back with an angry smirk.

"Oh, please spare me from this nonsense!" Snapped back Pride.

"I rather spare myself! I couldn't stand the idea that I need to hear your bullshit even there!"

Pride gave a huge groan "Grrr, I can't believe you! Why can't you just stay here in peace?!"

"You can't just lock up me here! I am not your property! I have a life outside of this too!"

"But not for long if you continue to be this reckless!"

"Like you will be the one who tell me what to do!"

"If you for only once-"

"Could you stop this for a moment? We have more important matter to discuss" glanced up Gula from the note what she held in her right hand. Both of them became silent for the first time in this morning. "I recommend you to take today and tomorrow off from work"

"Why would I?"

"In just two days so many people went missing that even we couldn't keep up with all our men. In all probability it's the doing of one or more demons. The city became unsafe really fast and we can't just sit back and watch what happens. The events could turn against us easily. Of course if they are not against us from the very start. After the news went around that the current Wrath is a much more easier target than the previous ones, other demons started moving. You have no idea what kind of value is your life force. It can be used in many ways from summoning various creatures to save a people from the verge of death. You are probably one of the most hunted demons right now, because you have the power, you are pretty reckless, don't have a berserk mode and have a short lifespan so everybody want to get you before you die and a less deal-able Wrath shows up" Gula explained and it seemed like Emy got it for once.

"Do you not trust in my abilities?" asked Emy.

"I believe that you can protect yourself from normal threats and that you have the potential to take the other dangers as well in some way or other - at this part Gula stared into her eyes with curious gaze - but I don't think you should now give it a try. We don't need that you show yourself to everyone. And we will need your beast nose to find the culprit as fast as we can" She was right. The incident in the shopping center back then was nothing compared to a real fight with demons. It wasn't something she should risk in front of people. The Eisenbergs' men were pretty busy with collecting everything from the Hargrin sect, cover up for the dock incident and now this event with rapidly lots of people went missing. They had full of their hands and if it was really a demon's doing and they took action then they will be just even more busy without she causes more problem. And the fact that people went missing like this gave her goosebumps.

"I have to do it, right?" she made a last weak try to escape but a slight glance from Gula convinced her easily.

"Why is it that you never ever listen to me, but from her is just a glare is enough?" asked Pride while sulking.

"She is scary!" she looked at him with a serious look on her face. He just glared back to her in annoyance.

"Then I think I call Jane. At least I will get over with my working hours for this week" Then she picked out her phone and left the hall to give a call.

"I shall give her more working hours to keep her busy" Pride said angrily.

"You are really a slave keeper..." sighed Envy.

"Dany is just a worrywart" Greed said with a smile then his smile became a grin "And he starts to like our little Wrath"

Pride's eyes widen "From where the fuck did you get that idea?"

"You have no eyes, Greed? They are born nemesis!" said Envy with disbelief.

"Indeed he has good eyes..." whispered Gula and looked up to the standing Pride. Her voice was a mere whisper but Pride caught it and gave a threatening glare to her.

"You should know the best that it's impossible" He said to her with a serious tone.

"There is no such a thing like impossible. After all you are young and you can reconsider it if you want-"

"Don't be ridiculous, I never will do that!" He sent her a glare again before sat back to his usually seat at the head of the table.

This conversation gave Greed and Envy suspicion.

"Just don't cause me any more trouble" he addressed his message to Greed and Envy especially "I had a lot of work with clearing up after you two already"

"If you already brought it up... Isn't it strange that the Hargrin sect could open a gate to another world with just Wrath's triggering?" Gula said with serious voice.

"What do you mean?" asked Greed.

"Gods came from other worlds. Not from one but from many various worlds. Each world has its own type of power and energy and powerhouses as well. This world poorer in energy and in many other ways so most of the gods still lives in their own worlds. There are exceptions as well of course. There are gods who get their required power and energy from their believers and they live here. They have less energy but more opportunity to make difference in this world. Gods who lives in their own world have the better energy supply but they are sealed away in their world practically. They can't just go back and forth now. Opening a gate to our world or back is not an easy task. So if they really were about to manage it, then it has terrifying consequences"  Gula explained thoughtfully.

"Then how came they here?" asked Envy now.

"About 5000 years ago the gates were all open. They did what they wanted and go where they wanted. They didn't need believers that much like now. It helped energetic incompatibility though"

"And what happened?" asked Greed with true curiosity.

"According to the legends the nameless god started to close the gates and with that he separated our world from the other worlds. Who stayed here found themselves in a situation where they needed the inhabitants of this world for power, so a new type of symbiosis formed. Today's sects and religions with every known civilization took shape in that era"

"What was before?"

"It's hard to tell... The funny thing is in this whole mess that every god fought to increase the number of their believers desperately when the nameless god has believers and followers up to now, and he wasn't even seen for once!" Gula smiled in amusement. He was her absolute favorite god since her master told about him to her when she was only a child. "The important thing is..." She turned back serious again "that if somebody success and manages to open a gate the other gates will open easier. The more gate is open the easier it gets to open the others..."

"Do you think that somebody already succeeded with making a portal?" raised an issue Pride.

"We would know that" answered Gula.

"Then what is in your mind?" He asked again.

Gula wasn't answer to him just continued to think with his usual serious face.

"I have enough from this seriousness here that never goes anywhere" Stood up Envy as she was about to leave "If my guess is correct I will be the one who is put into this mission with Wrath, right?"

Gula gave her a smile. She smirked back and left the hall. "Then bye! I need to get change"

Greed curiosity wasn't decrease at all "So in this moment there isn't any opened gate right now out there?"

"It's not completely true. There are slightly opened gates and small portals, but they are barely enough to transport some energy or minor gods, demons and other creatures. It's just enough for to communicate with their believers and followers"

"Why they are keeping believers when they don't see any benefit from it? I mean it's cool to have some people do what you want but in this case I think it's more trouble than profit" said his thoughts Greed.

"All of them want to open the door to come back here and rise for once again. And they need believers to open it from this side"

"I hope that day will never come"

"Me too" answered Gula.


This was the first time Emy was on a real mission. Until now beside Gula's lectures about the demons, sects , etc... Pride was constantly blabbering about how she should act in a real dangerous situation and never let her make a single move. His lectures weren't make them any closer to each other just made them want to kill the other even more.

And this was the first time that she was all alone with Envy. Just the two of them.

She still didn't have a bike so Envy gave her a ride with her own. Envy was a pretty cool girl in Emy's eyes. She was somehow wild, looked cool, a few years older than her and even had a bike. And beside this she had an evil aura around her but she was really straightforward unlike Pride or Gula. Emy was pretty sure that those two were up to something.

As they had to slow down because the red light Envy said "We are like Batman and Robin... except Robin became shorter and caught fire"

She obviously teased her.

"Then where is my sidecar?" Emy glared at her.

"You burned it down! Bad Robin!" Envy smirked.

They reached the scene where the last people went missing. Wrath jumped down and started to work right away. She used her very sensible nose to detect every scent what were there. Senses of a beast, it was a pretty useful ability.

"This is really strange. I don't smell fresh blood but there is remain of some gore" She continued to sniff "And there are two totally different smell. It comes a normal human's scent..." she motioned in the right and moved her arm to left "and here comes the scent of some strange creature..." she now motioned with her other hand from left to right "and here they meet each other and the human's scent completely vanish!" She then gave Envy a confused look.

"Hmmm, it's really strange..." said Envy deep inh er thoughts "You are like a hound... a hell hound!" Envy smirked, Wrath gave her back an annoyed glare but then started to smile "I thought I am Robin"

"You can be anything and everything you want to be" smiled back Envy.

Then a call came from Gula to Wrath and she picked it up.

"Did you find something yet?" asked Gula from the other side.

"Two scent came in, one got out. Nothing else. How can someone completely vanish without any remain?"

"I will think about it" and she hung up the phone.

"Something new?" asked Envy.

"Gula asked exactly the same..."

"So nothing new" then Envy thought about something and asked "Hey Wrath, you honestly never was in berserk mode?"

The question took Wrath off guard and she turned to the other direction in that very moment and looked to the other way. Then she sighed and said "I won't say that exactly...."

Before Envy could ask again Wrath's phone started to buzz and she needed to pick up.

"What's that?"

"There is a new case"

"Another citizen went missing?"

"Not exactly..."


"Just go to the east side of the city. I give you the location. Pride goes there with his men too"


Gula hung up again.

Wrath was about to get on the motor, but Envy suddenly summoned a gun and threw it to her. She barely caught it and looked at it with widen eyes, then she looked up to Envy.

"Just in case something happens and you can't use your flames" Envy smiled at her "just shoot to the opposite direction, not where I am please!"

"Where is it from?" Wrath asked with suspicion.

"Somewhere someone somehow gave it to me?" She asked not being serious at all.

Wrath shook her head but didn't say a thing. Envy was a cool girl. But putting gun in her hands wasn't the best idea.


They reached the scene where Pride already arrived with his men and were investigating the entire place. The scenery was horrible. Everything was covered by blood and viscus like the victim just blew up. Wrath felt disgusted from the various scents here. Every kind of scents filled the area.

"What can you smell?" asked Pride. Before she could answer her instinct turned on and she felt the danger close enough to send her goosebumps.

"Whatever is that, it's still very close..." then she located the source of the scent and pointed to the manhole cover.

"Of course, always the sewers!" said Envy annoyed "Like every evil creature should live in some dark nasty and dirty place!"

"Stop it, and go down already. We need to find it as fast as we can. We have 36 disappearance in total now in the city. And these are just the cases we know"

"Yes, Mr. Slave Keeper!" waved Envy as they turned to the other direction before go down.


They were following the disgusting scent of the unknown creature. It was not too hard, because it was pretty strong and stank so much that even Envy could follow it by herself. She had a flashlight with her, but the sewer was not completely dark. Some light leaked into the place from the streets above them.

"So when did you go berserk?" asked Envy curiously.

"Why are you so curious about it?" answered Wrath with a question.

"Who would be NOT curious about it when you use your power without being angry and be angry without using your power!"

Wrath sighed "If you are so interested in me then can I ask from you too?"

"Hm, maybe?"

"Why did you join this team?"

"This is a better place than I lived before, this is all"

"Who roped you in?"

"Hey, isn't it my turn now?"

"Because you lied to me on the previous question I didn't count it"

Envy stopped walking and looked a little shocked for a moment.

"How did you know?"

Wrath stopped walking too.

"Since I first met with you, nobody ever told me the truth so it was not a surprise for me"

"So you knew, yet you still joined the group. Why?"

"You can expect real answers from me when your reply is something usable. But if you want we can keep lying to each other all day"

Envy stayed silent then spoke "Demons hunted for me, Gula saved my life and brought me here"


"I think it's your turn to give me an answer!" Envy crossed her arms over her chest while she was waiting for a proper answer.

Wrath sighed again "It was because a nightmare..."

"You went berserk because of a simply nightmare but not went because a life or death fight? Now this is what I can't believe!" Envy stared at Wrath with disbelief.

"I wasn't a simply nightmare! Those things... they crawled into my mind..." Wrath said with fear in her eyes. This surprised Envy.


"I am the next" Wrath looked back to her "What are you planing to do with me? Why you need me?"

"Sorry, but I have no idea. Gula and Pride are the minds of the team and they make the decisions. Maybe Greed knows something, but I am nowhere from know any of their plans"

"How can you trust in them then?"

"What kind of things crawl into your mind?"

Wrath waited for a few moments, but she knew it was her turn to answer "The memories of the previous Wraths or shadows... I don't know, but they keep bugging me. They snake into my mind like and make me crazy..."

"Alright" Envy smiled, she was satisfied with Wrath's answer "You are the next!"

"They sent you here with me to test me, and if things go wrong you could kill me?"

Envy's smile grew to a grin "Obviously!"

"Do you think that you can defeat me?" Wrath smirked back.

Envy's grin grew even bigger "I would hunt you down like a dog!"

"Just be careful! Maybe you find a wolf where you are looking for a sheep"

"It's great! There is no wolf fur yet in my room!"

Before they could continue they heard a sound from a few steps ahead so they turned immediately to the source of the noise.

Then nothing.

They heard as water drops fell down one after another.

Something glided behind them. They turned to its direction right away.

"That way!" shouted Envy and both of them ran after the noise "Is it the one?"

"More than likely based on the smell"

"What kind of scent it has?"


"Even I could tell that!"

"Like gall, blood and intestines..." Wrath stopped a bit "and sulfur"

"Sulfur? It isn't good!" Envy got annoyed.

"According to what Gula said, it's the certain sign of a hell-demon"

"Gula taught you well!"

"Envy, have you ever seen a hell-demon?"

"Of course! They are rare but not enough rare to not cross my way! I hate them from the bottom of my heat! My best weapons been wasted on them! Their blood melt everything except noble metals and enchanted items. If you want to take down one you must have noble weapons at least from certain type of materials!"

"But I have nothing like that!"

"Then start to pray!"

They stopped front of a narrower and darker sewer. No light was in there. It was really creepy.

"This is the way, right?" asked Envy uneasy.

"Yeah... I think so..." answered Wrath with equal uneasiness, but they eventually entered to the narrow path. Wrath summoned flame to bring some light into the deep darkness. She learned this from one of the lectures what Gula gave her. It was a pretty useful trick.

There was no sounds other than the water drops, but the smell covered everything inside. It was so strong that Wrath could no longer tell where it came from.

"Can you make a bigger flame?" asked Envy. Wrath increased the energy flow in her left hand and the flame grew.

"Can you see anything?" asked Envy as she looked around.

"No... you?"

"The same here..." Envy then narrowed her eyes "But it's still here"

"Yeah... I can feel it too"

They continued to look around and searched for the creature with that single flame and the flashlight. Nothing happened. No sound was there expect the water drops' rhythmical falling. It was as the darkness itself hid the demon to allure and devour them.

"Come on..." Whispered Wrath as she turned around again and again. Her instinct was aching nonstop, the feel of danger made it go crazy.

Something fell to her shoulder and melts it. She felt the crucial pain in her mind what said 'look up!'. She looked up immediately with the flame and her eyes went wide.

"Envy, above!" she shouted before the creature jumped for her and pressed her into the cold and dirty water of the sewer. It sank its nails into Wrath's arms, but she couldn't get a grip on it because its skin was covered by blood and dirt what made its body slippery so Wrath's hands slipped down from it.

While Wrath wrestled with the thing pathetically, Envy didn't hesitate. She summoned a noble knife and stabbed it through its head right away. When the creature's movements stopped she just pulled out her weapon.The demon turned off from Wrath and fell for the stinky water with face down. Wrath helped herself up from the liquid.

"What the fuck was this?! It's nothing like a demon! It's like-"

"A human. Yeah, I can see it too. I just can't understand it. Humans can't wait on the ceiling to attack and don't have acid saliva. It doesn't make any sense. It's covered by blood and intestinal remains but it still looks like some nuked dude, even if he behaves like a demon!"

"Then what the hell is it?" Wrath turned to Envy.

Envy turned to her too "I don't know. But Gula will. We just need to bring it to her"

When they both averted their eyes from the creature it started to move again. The man-like being's skin began to throb and got tattered. Then his whole body started to twitch.

"What the-" started Envy but the scenery shocked her. The skin on its back cracked and like a sneak from its old skin, it sloughed and a new creature came out.

"It's a woman now?!"

"You don't say!"

The creature twisted its body and turned towards them. A disgusting being. Covered by acid, blood and the dirty water of the sewer, without eyeballs, just the hollow red holes instead of the optical organs. From its mouth some disgusting liquid leaked out as it groaned.

The flashlight went out.

"Light! Now!" shouted Envy to Wrath. She immediately summoned one. The creature had gone. There was no trace of 'her'. Just the darkness and the dripping of the water.

Wrath stepped back "Bleee, it's disgusting!" She said as she stepped into the bloody slough of the being what was left behind.

From somewhere came a groan. The shadows harbored their own creature and fended it until it was ready to attack.

Envy raised her weapons front of her chest. They were now golden sabres with curved blades.

"Not lower your guard. 'She' is about to attack"

Wrath answered with a nod but not averted her gaze from the deep darkness what was the source of the former groan.

Then noise came from behind them and they turned right away. Then nothing.

No more sound. No more noise. No more groan.

Just the dripping of water and the darkness.

Not even the walls were visible now. As the darkness devoured them to its core.

Water dripping.


The sound of the tiny flame in Wrath's left hand.

Something moved.

Tiny fingers found their way out of the darkness. Imperceptibly for the two girl they sneaked out without a sound. They moved. Moved around the throat of Wrath. They were trembling with blood lust.

As Envy turned to look around she finally noticed the hands and shouted with utmost shock "Wrath!!!"

The hands grabbed the throat of Wrath but she covered herself in fire.

The creature pulled away its hands with a groan, but after that immediately charged at Wrath. It gave a huge groan and jumped straight to her. Wrath didn't hesitate, grabbed it and threw it with such a dash that it flied right to the wall.

But the creature didn't fall instead it clinged on the wall with all of its four limbs. Then 'she' raised 'her' head and twisted it with 180° and more dark liquid left 'her' mouth.

"How the fuck can it see anything without eyes?!" snapped out Envy.

The creature groaned again, but now it did something else too... it formed a word ""

Envy and Wrath were taken aback.

"It just spoke?" asked Wrath with shock.

The creature groaned again ""

This freaked them out, especially Envy. She had the utmost shock on her face.

The being reached to their direction with its arms "...where..are"

Envy said on a low voice "Stop..."

The woman's head twisted again "!"

"I said stop!!" shouted Envy and her grip tightened on her weapon.

Then a sound not from this world came out "..MOM.."

More liquid left the mouth of the creature and with a cracking sound it became wide open and one huge eyeball poped out.

"HUMANDEMON!!!" shouted Wrath with all of her might before the demon jumped to them.

She teared out the sabre from the frozen Envy's hand and cut across the being with a huge swing. She got the head of it, but it flipped over her and clinged into the ceiling, then after a groan it crawled away into the darkness.

The flame went out because she let it go to protect Envy. After the momentary dark she summoned a flame again. It was dark. It was so dark as the darkness grew even more in the last few minutes. The little flame in Wrath's hand barely lighten up the area around them. They couldn't even see their own feet now.

"Hey Envy! Wake up! I need you now!" Wrath elbowed Envy and she came out of her wobbly state. She left her sabre in Wrath's hand and summoned another in no time. She was collected and ready to fight again.

It was so silent. They not even heared the dripping of water anymore. The silent darkness enclosed them.

"How can we kill this damn think?!" asked Wrath. Envy didn't answer, she just started thinking really hard.

After Wrath's question the place covered itself into silent dark again.

They were waiting for something to happen. But nothing happened. They not even made a sound with their breathing to hear if something comes.

But nothing came. Nothing came for minutes. This situation made them crazy.

They were waiting.


They felt its closeness.

Bubbles came from beneath.

The thing jumped right to Envy from the water. She waited for it with a huge mace and smashed its head. The dash sent it flying but the mace was stuck in its head.

"It seems like it's not enough..." said while she pulled out some new weapon from her endless arsenal.

The creature stood up - with the mace stuck in its head - like nothing happened, expect the weight of the mace slightly pulled down it.

"Then how should we kill it?" asked Wrath.

"We send through 'her' enough weapon, and we will see what happens!" She pulled out even more weapons and handed some of them to Wrath. They were mostly daggers, spears and lances.

Wrath pierced it with one of the spears right away. It started to move to their direction again.

"One is ineffective" said Envy.

"Then what should we do?"

"Make it into a hedgehog!" and with this Envy began her execution round. She sent one after another daggers into the creature. Wrath jumped above it while it was stunned and pierced two spears through its shoulders. Envy cut the back of its legs then shattered them with a mace from behind, while Wrath ran a lance through its stomach. Envy summoned chains and threw them around and bound it, then Wrath sent two spears through the chains to secure it.

The creature tried to break free. Envy summoned another fine dagger and sent it to its only eye. It pierces it and the demon stopped its movements. It dropped its arms, went to its knees and became silent forever.

The former silence returned.

"It's dead?" asked Wrath.

"It seems so... at least it doesn't moving anymore"

"We bought it for once already, don't let your guard down!"

"You are right, it's better to keep our eyes open"

They stood in the middle of deep darkness with a single light of a tiny flame. With a dead demon.

"Things got too quiet..." said Envy as she noticed she didn't hear the water drops anymore.

Before Wrath could answer her sense of danger turned on "Envy..." It gave her a very nasty feeling all down her spine.

"Light it up with your fire..."

Wrath didn't say anything just collected more energy to her hand. After she concentrated it into one point she sent it all over the place and lighted up the entire area.

They were everywhere.

In the water, on the ground, on the walls and even on the ceiling. Everywhere.

Single eyeballs gazed to them.

They barely managed to kill this single one without serious injuries, and now there were at least thirty of them. They sneaked into this place and enclosed them while they were fighting with that one.

They started to groan and dark acid dripped down from their mouth to the girls from the ones who clung on the ceiling.

More eyeballs popped out. They were about to attack.

"Envy!!!" shouted Wrath and Envy understood it right away. She pulled out a fireproof robe from her arsenal and covered her entire body. Wrath condensed the fire in a tiny point then let it out and blew up the whole area.

The explosion was just enough to push back the demons and light up the area. Envy luckily found an exit on the ceiling not too far from them. It was a narrow tunnel what was just enough for them because they were pretty skinny.

Envy pulled out a bow straight away and an arrow with a hook on its head and chain on its tail. She shot it through the narrow tunnel and wreathed the chain round the dead demon's body. They grabbed the chain and started to climb up, but the demons didn't hesitate either and attacked fast. When both of them were in the tunnel Envy secured herself with her legs and pulled up the chain with a huge and fast pull. The demon's body closed the inlet and prevented the other demons to come in. Skinny hands tried to reach them, for the present vainly. But they will break out after some time for sure.

"Be alert! We can't know this is a safe tunnel or the path to our death!" said Envy as they start to climb up.

"I couldn't agree more!"

They climbed up fast and found themselves in a horizontal crossing. They sat on the two side of the path.

"Which way?" asked Wrath.

"Do you smell the scent of them from some of the tunnels?

"From here comes their disgusting scent" she pointed behind her "and from this way doesn't" pointed behind Envy "Do you want to go after them?"

"If I want I would just go back down!" said Envy a little exhausted.

"But we are here the find out something" said Wrath seriously.

"We found them, I am already satisfied, go home!" Envy said angrily. The only answer she received was the gaze of Wrath. It was serious and determined.

Envy sighed "Alright... We go after them" She was annoyed and averted her eyes from Wrath's gaze, then she looked back at her "You know, your eyes reminds me of Gula's sometimes. They are pretty scary"

"I thought you are in good terms with Gula after she saved your life"

"Yeah, I am only loyal to her. But I never want to be her enemy. Nobody should ever want..."

"I don't want to be her enemy either..." said Wrath in a low voice too.

After a little pause Envy asked "What do you think, we could mislead them?"

"How can they orientate?"

"It seems like to me, they found us without their eyes pretty good, and I can't think of hearing, so probably some kind of smell detection."

"It would make sense" answered Wrath then added "If we just have that dead demon with us now, or at least its skin..."

"Did you think about this?" Envy raised the slough of the demon.

"When did you-"

"A master thief never spills her methods!" Envy gave a smirk to Wrath.

Wrath returned her smile "Do you have another chain?"

"Of course, but we really need it? I lost so many of my weapons and items until now in this mission. And they were all rare and unique items!"

"Do you want to get out from here or not?" Wrath gave her a piercing glare.

Envy reluctantly pulled out a chain.

They pulled a few of their belongings into the tunnel where Wrath didn't feel the scent of the demons. Then they covered their feet and hands with the skin and rubbed the walls of the narrow tunnel as they crawled with it.

They kept crawling until they reached the end.

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