Dreaming Fury (Fairy Tail)

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Iasiya Lyricas is a young women who doesn't remember anything other than the nick name Fay and green hair. Iasiya set out to find who this person is and why people are looking for them.
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7. Chapter 6

Edited: 10-9-16

Chapter 6

Amy's pov

As I got closer I manage to get most of the surrounding The people chanted more as I got closer, my head became dizzy as words started to fill my head. "Water...Goddess...protector....flames" Echoed loudly. The world spun fast and everything went blurry. The control I had left of myself vanished, the world went blurry and once everything came back to focus I was somewhere completely different.

Hans's pov

The fire stay down after Miss Amy left the area, but sadly not everyone came to the lake. The crazy old folk who believed that the water demon who uses to terrorize the town hundreds of years ago, were trying to summon it again. Truly no really knows if it's a demon or not but if they manage to summon its not good for both sides. I finished the platform of water plants and allowed the town's people on. "If the fire comes this way and gets closer, push off the land." I stated before going to help. "Hana." I heard my mama's voice. I turned to my mama as she walked to me. "Be careful." She spoke taking my hand. "This may be the last time I see you." She spoke lightly. 

"I'm not going to die Mama." I looked up into her eyes as I said those words. "No of course your not, not that but.." She stop speaking. "Is it from your visions? If so they've never been wrong, but I promise even if you don't see me in the next week you'll see me again." I spoke pulling her into a hug. "Yes the visions weren't clear and you know not to break promises."She said letting go of me. I smiled before heading of into town.  

The outer edges were not on fire but trails of smoke were still leading off buildings, food stands and other objects that were on fire at one point. I could see were fire still roared, Miss Iasiya must be there fighting and I believe Miss Amy went towards the center of town. Miss Iasiya will be fine but Miss Amy may be in danger of the summoning of the water demon if she gets too close, some thing could happen, It's best if I go there. As I did the chanting of the people slowed down, a blue light shined harshly around the area. 

Amy's pov

The are was all quarter with land in the distance no matter how long I walked to it. The fog was waists high and no matter how hard I tried the water held me up, for one who moves faster in water, it annoyed me. I took a second to take in my surroundings, strangely it was beautiful. The plants and flowers were colors couldn't describe. Pastels to light, normal to dark. Ghostly, I liked them. The seeds far under the water which was crystal clear. I truly stand out in my dark clothing. Black pants and black shoes with a slight splat of a dark red shirt, you could see me miles away.

"This ways." A soft voice spoke gently. "Who are you! I shouted in reflex. "I will not harm you, child of darkness." It called back. Child of darkness? How do they know of that nickname  I so heartily despise. "Turn around, darling." It spoke. I turned fast and only a few yards away stood a figure seemingly blending into the water. I took slow steps to the figure, as I got closer the figure had female characteristics, including the voice. 

"Child of darkness, it has been long since we last meet." She spoke as if we meet before. "When have we met before?" I questioned as the slight waves were brushing against my ankles. "Different times, different ages, different existence." She spoke sliding gently over the water only a mere foot away. "So little changes thought." She staring at me like I was a painting in an art show. "Were are we?" I asked looking into her unfamiliar face. She looked around. "Where are we? She repeated. "Where in the realm were all healing began." She as she smiled knowingly. "Huh we're in a different realm., Why am I here?" I asked, still highly confused. 

"Your here because you were called upon." She said reaching to my shoulder. I stared as her hand mixed with my skin, their was no pain so I only watched.


Story word count: 739

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