Dreaming Fury (Fairy Tail)

I drew that but I did use a base
Iasiya Lyricas is a young women who doesn't remember anything other than the nick name Fay and green hair. Iasiya set out to find who this person is and why people are looking for them.
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6. Chapter 5

A/N: This is the story I'm doing for my goal since @Kitty-Phantomhive was the only person to comment but oh well let's hope I don't fail in the beginning. Each chapter has to be around 400 to 600 word from now on unless it's a flash back chapter.(image is from google

Chapter 5

The battle lasted much longer than I thought it would be as it still went on, 2 on 1 and the only magic I can switch between were Dark Fire magic and Light Fire magic. Neither could be helpful as the fires only got worse. "Why are you looking for her?" I questioned as I dodged the attacks. "You have no reason to know why just tell us what you know." The dark magic user yelled. I growled as the flames hit me harshly. "All I know it that I can't remember one fucking thing other than a girl named Fay and long green hair." I called as my copy of their flames them both. "You know more than that than." The light of user replied landing another hit.

I was loosing the battle as I'm not very skilled with fire magic or Mages. I could try to copy some of the water from the puddles but the last time I tried that I ended up sick and drained of magic after one spell. I... I really don't know what to do. If I do that I'll be hurt and not able to fight then yet if I do that I could put out some of the Firs. Wait smoke I've copied smoke so much I can copy it without having to copy a Smoke wizard. Thank God for Amy's old habit of smoking. I copied the dirty air and pulled the smoke towards me. The screen worked as I slipped behind them and put space between us as I stood on the proof as they to ran threw looking for me, I'll be back to fight them later. 

I jumped from building to building trying to get Amy's scent. The fires on the other side of town was slowly being put out. I headed that way and saw Amy fighting the flames well. "Amy!" I called. She turn fast spraying me with water. "Iasiya? Are you ok?" She asked running over to me. "Yeah other than slight burns and being soaked." I replied with the water actually cooling me off. "Sorry but at least it's nothing serious." She spoke killing some of the small flames. "Hey Amy You need to go to the other side  of town that's were the main fire source is, also be careful." I replied before heading back after scanning her water magic.

Amy's pove

I followed Iasiya a couple of moments after she left, making sure that the area was no longer on fire. I noticed the magic circle in her eyes, she couldn't just admit she need to copy my magic couldn't she. I saw the fires raging crazily and quickly put out the closes flames. It seems most of the town has gone to the lake, for some reason other than its the smartest place, I over heard some of the older people when I buying supplies. Apparently a water goddess lives in the lake. Well if she's suppose to protect them she's not doing a very good job. 

I  found Iasya continuing her fight most likely, while I was doing my job I noticed a small group of people from town. Why haven't they left yet? The fires are most dangerous here. I ran over to them to, they sound like they were speaking an unknown languages. "earDay olyay oddessGay ofyay akelay andyay aterway Onceyay againyay eway allcay uponyay youyay aveSay usyay easeplay Olyay ightymay emonday oWhay otectspray andyay avessay usyay amesFlay avehay iedtray otay evourday usyay,attackyay omfray youryay enemiesyay ownyay existenceyay. owFlay youryay aterway andyay owerpay ewthray ethay owntay onceyay againyay"  The people chanted over over and over. I felt eerie as they did. 


A/N: The language being chanted is pig Latin. Tell me if you want to know what it says in normal English or the to figure it out your selves for fun.

Word count: 702

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