Odd is the New Normal

Hogwarts isn't the only magic school, Harry Potter meets many witches and wizards in the Goblet of Fire. Well it just so happens there's one right here in the US. Things are a bit different especially for the new transfer student, Scarlet.


3. Knock knock

Knock knock knock. The door creaks as I pull it open.

"OAGH this is a heavy door," I grunt as I use both hands to hold open the door.

I hear a laugh from behind one of the benches. I walk over and peek around the bench. He looks at me laughter in his eyes. I think my heart skipped a beat the moment I saw those deep dark blue eyes, and his sandy blond hair swept across his forehead, not to mention his golden tan.

I smile, lean against the bench, and fold my arms.

"Are you making fun of my strength?"

"I didn't say anything," oh... That accent is enough to take any girl's breath away.

"but you did laugh," I reply with a smirk.

 He smiles looking down at his wand which he had been rolling back from hand to hand.

"Is that an oak or spruce?" I already knew it was a spruce but I wanted to keep talking to him. I take the seat next to him on the bench.

"Spruce, it's g

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