Odd is the New Normal

Hogwarts isn't the only magic school, Harry Potter meets many witches and wizards in the Goblet of Fire. Well it just so happens there's one right here in the US. Things are a bit different especially for the new transfer student, Scarlet.


6. Is this it?

"Um, is this Redsmere university?" I question skeptically. It, no joke, looked like a muggle highschool!

"It sher' is!" A gruff looking man replied scratching his beard. His accent sounded sort of western. So basically a western Hagrid... Great.

"I'm guessen' yer tha' young lady from Hogwarts! Some o' the best witches n' wizards came from there! Bu' there ain't no school like this here Redsmere!"

"Mr. Wood?" There's that Australian accent. 

"Oh! Heller' there James! Last time I was seein' you, you were bout, 9? Was it? Now look a' yu now! Yer practically a man, ye' are! You and yer father sher do look a lot alike!" Mr. Wood grins.

"Well it sure was nice meeting you Mr. Wood, but we best be on our way or we'll be late our first day!" I say walking away and pulling James with me. I honestly had no idea where to go but I just followed the crowd. We entered what looked like a giant cafeteria, I guess Redsmeere didn't feel like adding the magical flare to the 'great hall'. But Redsmeere, like Hogwarts, had four houses, with a separate table for each house. I do wonder how they will sort us into our houses though, because it doesn't look like they have a magical, talking, singing hat. As I think this, a older lady who kind of reminded me of a raisin, stood up in front of the four tables and raised her hands to silence us. Me and James glance around awkwardly, noticing how out of place we must look, we are te only ones standing in the back of the room that aren't 11.

"Welcome to another year at Redsmeere! I'm glad to announce that from this year and for all the years to come, Redsmeere is now accepting transfer students!" she announces sweeping her hand across the crowd to stop on me and James. I feel my face turn bright red as everyone looks at us.

"They will enter into the year they are in but they will be sorted with the first years"

"But how are we sorted?" I whisper to James.

"I think I have a pretty good guess..."

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