Odd is the New Normal

Hogwarts isn't the only magic school, Harry Potter meets many witches and wizards in the Goblet of Fire. Well it just so happens there's one right here in the US. Things are a bit different especially for the new transfer student, Scarlet.


5. Is It?

A/N: Sorry (whoever is actually taking time to read this) it's starting out a little slow but this chapter or the next things actually start happening. Also I'd really appreciate it if you liked, commented, favorite, and all that junk cuz this is my first movella... ok enjoy the rest of the story! Thanks for reading this far! Also sorry if this is a little bit confusing cuz i just now started the whole, this person's P.O.V.



Scarlet's P.O.V

I walked out of the train car and into the next, I really don't know how he could stand being in that train car all alone! I really hate being alone, I think as I pick up my bags.

"Perfect timing!" I say excitedly as the train slows to a stop. I peak out the window just as James steps through the train car door with his luggage, and by his luggage, I mean a backpack slung over his shoulder. To be fare, though, the only difference between his luggage and mine, is that I have a purse.

I was of course expecting my new school to look somewhat close to my old school(Hogwarts), but it was actually quite the contrary.

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