The Demon Hunters Shield Book One

Victoria Hyde unexpectedly had to leave behind her old life when she witnessed something otherworldly and strange, and also horrifying, at her best friends birthday party. She is led to a different world where demons, vampires and magic actually exist.


5. Chapter 5 - The Demon Angel.

Part One -

     A door slammed shut, making Drake jump. A few seconds later an angry looking Jason stormed into the living area where Drake and Lushina were sat going over their training time-tables.

'She's gone.' Jason simply said.

'Who?' Lushina asked.

'Victoria.' He paused while he paced the room for somewhere to sit down. 'Her friends were round her place when i went to go find her. They said something took her... Some-thing!'

'That can only mean one of two things...' Drake started.

'Which are...?' Lushina asked.

'They're either lying...' Drake was interrupted.

'Which is unlikely.' Jason said.

'-Or,' Drake continued. 'They saw a demon. Or some kind of demon, that is.' He stood from the creaky leather sofa. ' Did they say what it looked like? Did it say anything?'

'I don't know. I didn't ask, I just wanted to get back here as soon as possible to let you guys and Hagan know what's happened and that we may have a fight on our hands.'

'Not everything has to end with a battle Jay.' Drake sighed. 'We could just find out where it took her, and go get her back, if a fight is involved then fair enough, but don't go in there all guns blazing before you know the enemy.'

'I don't have guns...' Jason said.

'You know what I mean! Besides, she's just a girl, what could they possibly want from her?' Drake said.

'She knows the truth. About us and them, the demons... The shield. She holds the answer to finding it.' Jason said, 'She's seen them, there's no getting out of this now. They know she knows, we know she knows, and so does she. We need to get her back before something happens to her.'

'That doesn't mean that whatever took her is going to kill her, might just want information.' Lushina suggested.

'Centuries have passed in our world and not once has the enemy done that! They come straight to us, always have done. They have no need for Victoria, which makes this even more worrying. They would contact Hagan'

Jason had started to calm down a bit, but he still sounded hysterical, pacing back and forth, hands clasped to his head. He stopped suddenly, 'Where is Hagan?'

A booming voice from the doorway said, 'I'm right here. And you have a visitor.'

     'What do we do?' Amber asked as they sped through the streets in the battered white Volkswagen that belonged to her uncle, back to Gareth's place to figure out a plan to save Victoria.

'How the hell should I know?!' Gareth thought for a moment, 'Call Eli and Ella, they seemed to know a thing or two about those strange people. They might know, or have an idea where that thing might have taken Victoria.

Amber fumbled for a moment with her phone then help it to her ear. After a minute she hung up. 'Eli isn't answering.' Then she tried Ella. 'Ella's phone is off.'

'Keep trying Eli. At least her phone is on.'

Amber tried three more times until finally Eli answered. 'Sorry, I was - '

'No time for explanations... I'm on my way to your place now.'

'Now? Why something wrong?'

'I'll explain when I get there.' Amber hung up.

Ten minutes later, Gareth pulled up outside the block of apartments where Eli had moved to. Amber ran inside and up the stairs to Eli's room and banged on the door. Eli appeared, now dressed from the shower she had tried to explain to Amber she was having on the phone. Her hair, still wet, hung loosely just below her shoulders, her pale face, natural and un-make-up-ed looked to almost be glowing through the gap in her long fringe, showing her rounded face. She let Amber and Gareth in and said, 'OK, so what's up?'

'You know about those people Victoria saw the other night.' Amber wasted no time. 'Well, one of them took her earlier and I thought you might be able to help. Maybe you'd know where.'

'What do you mean, "took her"?' Eli asked.

'Well one of those weird, pale things just grabbed her and disappeared. It was way too quick for us to do anything about it. It ran into the bathroom but seconds later when I opened the door, it, and Victoria, was gone.' Gareth explained.

'Oh.' Eli said.

Part Two -

     Her eyes finally flickered open and she tried to rub them, but her hands wouldn't move. She couldn't move. She looked down at her wrists that seemed glued to the ground by her hips, were not tied, or glued. Nothing was holding her down, but still, she was unable to move. She wriggled, 'Give up.' A voice startled her and she gasped but no sound came out. She tried to turn to see who spoke, but couldn't. 'I said give up trying to move. You'll just make the spell stronger.'

Victoria tried to speak, to ask who he was, where she was, what was going to happen, but no matter how she tried, she couldn't even manage a whisper. 'It should wear off soon. If you stop moving and listen to me.' 

The voice got closer and closer until Victoria saw a pale face appear above her. It was an old-looking face, even though it had no eyes but wrinkles a-plenty! What on earth was this?!
Her breathing became a little erratic as she panicked, then he told her. 'You can only answer yes or no... Do you have any idea what you've ended up getting yourself involved in?'

Victoria shook her head, she knew something of course, but only what her Aunt Krissi and Jason had told her. And she still needed to see him again to know more. 

'Well I advise you to stay out of it! Jason was wrong to tell you, and you were wrong to follow him that night. If you'd have kept your interfering nose out you wouldn't be here right now, fearing for your life. Look, your family caused enough chaos for us, our world and our kind, that's why you were being kept out of it. That's why you were never told... But of course, Victoria has to investigate it and get all wrapped up in a mess and in the way.'

Victoria could feel herself starting to be able to move again, breathing was becoming easier and the sense of claustrophobia began to ease. But this demon-looking thing carried on talking. 'You'll either get yourself killed, get more nephilim killed, more demons killed... Or I kill you.' Suddenly everything for Victoria went black, and that was it.

Or so it seemed. She opened her eyes again, this time to a view of a beautiful green forest. The air around her felt misty and damp and the ground where she lay felt soggy. It was a moment or two before she realized she was lying behind the hut near the Swan Pond. She began to get up.

Everything ached. Her head was pounding, and her left arm throbbing from how she'd fallen behind the hut.

Where would Amber be? There's no way I'm going home, Victoria thought to herself as she staggered to her feet and started walking in the direction of Amber's place.

Part Three -


     A tall man in thick, black clothing, which seemed to be clinging to his body it was so tight, strode in through the door. He had jet black hair and blue, piercing eyes. Muscly and athletic looking, it wasn't surprising that this man turned out to be Jason's old trainer.

'Skullen? What are you doing here?' Jason asked, surprised to see him. The last time Jason saw Skullen was back home in the Sacred City where Jason was born. He began his training there at five years old, and Skullen had been his first trainer.

Jason started spending less and less time there in Sacred City as he grew older. Exploring other places, other worlds, other nephilim and demon hunters.

His new home is back with Hagan and everyone here, but if he was to visit family, or they needed to escape for a while for any reason, the place they'd all go is Emerald City.

There, there was the Gathering Hall where the Council would have meetings. Plans for battle and defense were made there, and all the different headquarters around the world, were all connected and ran through the Council and Hagan's father, founder of this particular group of Demon Hunters.

There were others, without a ruler, who would gather there too, to help in battles, live in the towns and villages surrounding, and in the city.

The place Jason liked best there was Iron Skull River. Whenever he was there, and needed space, he would go and sit by the river in peace, away from all the talk of battle, demons and sometimes death.

'I have news from Sacred City, may I talk to you alone?' Skullen asked Jason, his voice deep but somehow soothing. Jason had always felt safe and comfortable around this man.

Jason led Skullen through to the kitchen, where he got them both a drink and sat at the table to talk. The others had been warned to not enter the kitchen while Jason and Skullen were talking. 'So... Go on, what's happened?' Jason asked, impatiently.

Jason felt in his gut that something was wrong. And when Skullen sighed, his stomach flipped even more. 'Zeke is dead.' He said bluntly in the end.

Jason, of course, was stunned. Zeke had been Jason's best friend while growing up in Sacred City. He'd always watched his back, pranked people with him, and trained together in Skullen's class.

'How?' He managed to stutter finally.

'In battle. A group of Raven Demons got him and a group of others when the City was attacked. Somehow our defenses were down, or broken, and didn't sense that the demons were around.' He paused. 'We have now put up a new Defense Charm around the City Hall and the towns surrounding. No one else should be hurt, hopefully, as long as our defense stays up.'

'What made them stop working?' Jason asked, confused as to how the charm could just stop working.

'We don't know. It either just grew weak over time, or somehow an unlocking spell could have been used to gain access to the city. We don't know who could have done that, but we will find out, and why.'

'So everyone else is OK? Marko? Aria? Grace?' These were Zeke's brother and his girlfriend, and Aria was Grace's best friend. 

'Yes, they're all fine. They'd decided not to battle.' Skullen said.

After they'd finished talking, Jason went straight to his room. He felt tired, but that must just be the stress of the day. Victoria's gone, been taken somewhere, and he had no idea how to find her and bring her back.

Skullen had then showed up to tell him his best friend is dead and to top it off, he'd barely eaten today. He relaxed on his bed and only closed his eyes for what felt like five seconds, but he fell asleep.

Next: Chapter 6- Surprise Visit.


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