The Demon Hunters Shield Book One

Victoria Hyde unexpectedly had to leave behind her old life when she witnessed something otherworldly and strange, and also horrifying, at her best friends birthday party. She is led to a different world where demons, vampires and magic actually exist.


1. Chapter 1 - The Birthday Bash.


Chapter One: 

The Birthday Bash. 

Part One - 

     As coffee was brewing and breakfast cooked, Victoria Hyde woke up to her Aunt Kathline shouting her name up the stairs. She groaned and climbed lazily out of bed. She checked her cell phone for the time. 

Why on earth am I being woken up at half past eight in the morning, on a Monday?! Victoria thought.

After throwing on a dressing gown, she headed downstairs to her aunt. 'What's wrong?' she asked as she stumbled sleepily into the kitchen.

'I've been called into work. One of the other carers has called in sick so they've asked me to go in. I need you to watch Dylan until my sister arrives to have him for the afternoon.' Victoria's Aunt Kathline said.
Aunt Kathline had taken Victoria in when she was three years old, when her parents died. Kathline's brother Caleb, was Victoria's father. She had been living with her Aunt and uncle, with her cousin Dylan for almost 15 years.

Dylan was Victoria's five year old cousin, who, as much as he was a pain in her ass sometimes, he was also adorable. 'OK.' Victoria agreed to watch Dylan for a few hours. 'What time is Aunt Krissi coming over?' She asked.

'Around Mid-day.' Kathline answered as she finished off buttering four slices of toast and put them on a plate in the middle of the kitchen table for Victoria and Dylan. 'If you want anything else, you'll have to do it yourself, because I'm almost late.' 

'OK, I'll get Dylan up.' Victoria said. 'You get going to work.' She added as her Aunt Kathline picked up her car keys to leave for work.
Victoria helped herself to a slice of toast while she walked back upstairs to wake Dylan. But he was already awake. Sitting upright on the edge of his bed. Still in his pyjamas though.

'You only just woke up?' Victoria asked softly. Dylan nodded. 'Well, your mom had to leave for work urgently, she made toast for you, it's on the table downstairs. Aunt Krissi is coming over later, around twelve to look after you for the day.'
Dylan had started dressing by this point, and after he'd slipped on his Spiderman slippers, he passed Victoria at the doorway, not saying a word. What's wrong with him? Victoria wondered. 

Probably just still tired. 

Victoria went into her room to change out of her dressing gown and pyjamas. She chose to wear a plain black vest top, and a pair of dark coloured baggy denim jeans. She pulled her long - almost waist length, curly - black hair into a pony tail and went back downstairs. 
Dylan had clearly claimed the last three slices of toast, so Victoria made herself more. It's too early to be doing anything else... Apart from coffee. 

So Victoria made herself a coffee and sat at the kitchen table eating her toast. In the background, from the living room where Dylan was, she could hear the morning cartoons he was watching, but he, himself, was absolutely silent. He hadn't even dropped or broken anything yet. Victoria decided to get up, walk to the living room doorway and see if he was all right. He was sat on the edge of the sofa, staring silently at the television. 'Are you all right, Dylan?' She asked. He turned and nodded.

'Yes. I'm fine, why?' He asked.

'Nothing, you just seemed a little quiet, maybe upset. That's all.' Victoria replied.

'No. I'm OK.' He said. He turned back to watching the TV. Now he seems fine... Maybe he was just tired after all. 

Victoria checked her phone. It was 9.20a.m and she'd already had a missed call. It was from her best friend Amber. Today was Amber's eighteenth birthday and Victoria had completely forgotten to call her in the morning like she'd promised.
Never mind, I never specified what time in the morning I'd call. Victoria thought.
She finished her coffee and toast before calling Amber back. As Amber answered the phone, Victoria said, 'Happy Birthday, Freckle-face!' She grinned widely and chuckled.

Amber and Victoria had grown up together, and since they could even remember, Amber had always been covered with freckles. 'They're a sign of beauty.' She always protested. Just as she did on the phone to Victoria this morning. 'But thanks!' She laughed.

'So have you decided exactly what's happening tonight?' Victoria asked.

'I'll come over and explain.' Amber said, quickly. 'Give me forty-five minutes and I'll be there.'

'OK see you soon.' Victoria replied and hung up. At least she wouldn't be stuck on her own with Dylan now.
At quarter past ten on the dot, Amber pulled up outside Victoria's home and slammed the door of her uncle's white Volkswagen. A few seconds later, the doorbell rang. Victoria was already on her way to answer the door to Amber and when she did, she huddled her inside. Victoria was anxious to know where the party would be, Amber had been waiting till today to surprise her.

Turns out, Amber's brother had booked her party at the best nightclub in town. 'Awesome! Sounds fun!' She said after Amber explained about the party. 'What time?'

'I'm thinking be ready for half past eight. Me and Gareth will come pick you up and we'll be there for nine. I think that's what time everyone else is arriving.' Amber explained to Victoria.

'OK, I hope I can still made it.' Victoria said. her friends face faded from a smile to a look that said she was almost about to cry.

'What? Why wouldn't you be able to come still?' Amber asked, worried.

'I'm kidding! I'll be there!' Victoria smiled.

After almost two hours of trying to decide what to wear for the party, drinking coffee, and talking about which boys will be there, mainly Amber, they were interrupted by the doorbell. They had been sat at the top of the living room at the small table, so she could still keep and eye on Dylan as they chatted. The living room and dining room were pretty much the same room. It was just a big room. As Victoria opened the door, her aunt Krissi beamed a flashing white smile at the two girls. 'Hello!' She said, almost sang. 'Amber, I got a card for you.' She smiled.

'Oh... Thanks! You didn't have to.' Amber smiled as she thanked the woman.

'Don't be silly! Why wouldn't I get one?! Anyway, how and where is the little man?' Aunt Krissi asked, turning back to Victoria.

'In the living room watching the Spiderman films... Again.' Victoria told her.

'Oh, dear. Not again. He'll know the script soon enough!' Krissi went into the front room to see her nephew, who hadn't even realized she'd arrived. Amber and Victoria then went up to Victoria's room, while her Aunt made Dylan some dinner and settled down on the sofa with him.

'Max is coming tonight!' Amber said excitedly as soon as the door had closed behind Victoria.

'Really? How did that happen?' Victoria asked. ' thought you were too shy to talk to him.' She teased her best friend about her shyness.

'Gareth mentioned something to him at college.' Amber said. 'Apparently he agreed to come, and he'd bring a few friends.' She smiled. Gareth was Amber's brother.

He was two years older than the girls and Max but they both studied music in college. Amber had a crush on Max since she first saw him at school in her English Literature class. She'd never spoken to him, but tonight she had a chance.

'Maybe I should just get really drunk and talk to him.' Amber suggested after a few minutes of silence.

'If you wanna talk to him, I don't think getting drunk is the best way to go about it.' Victoria advised. 'A drunken slur is not going to sway him if you're gonna try and ask him out.' She laughed. 'Just suck it up and talk to him... Sober.'

'Do you have a date to bring with you?' Amber asked.

'Course not! As if! Since when do I get dates?' Victoria said.

'You're bound to find someone. Hey, maybe Max has some hot friends from college that he'll bring tonight. If not, maybe my brother has...' Amber said, smirking at her friend.

Two p.m came and Amber was leaving to go for a birthday meal with her family, then a shower before getting ready for her party. Victoria stayed at home and got herself ready. She showered, changed and waited for Gareth to pick her up.

Part Two - 


     Gareth drove Amber carefully to Victoria's house, and waited in the car while Amber went to get Victoria. She soon came outside, in her long dress and no coat, even though it was going to be a chilly evening. As they pulled up outside the nightclub, Gareth decided to go park his car outside his friends house, just up the road. He would come back in the morning to get it. Tonight though, they were walking home. No way was he driving drunk!

The bouncers standing outside let the birthday girl and Victoria in with no problem, almost everyone else had to prove their age, luckily a lot of them looked old enough anyway.

As Amber and Victoria entered the room where the dance-floor was, blue, red, green and orange flashing lights blinded them. Bright strobe lights flashed, and the DJ tested out his smoke machine. He was standing in his own little booth at the far end of the dance-floor. Amber chocked and spluttered and they moved away from the smoke for a while.

Gareth came back around the same time as everyone else was let in. Victoria looked around at all the happy, soon to be drunken, faces in the room, and Amber was looking for this Max guy. Max stood silently in the corner near the DJ booth. Victoria was the one to notice him, so she pointed him out to Amber, she then blushed a rich red colour. 'He's over there!' Victoria had had to shout over the deafening club music.

'Shall I go over?' She asked her friend.

'That's your choice.' Victoria said, hoping Amber would just get it over and done with. She'd been banging on about this guy for years! Amber quickly hugged Victoria before darting off to talk to Max.

Victoria was left standing with Gareth, who then offered to go to the bar and get a drink for her. She accepted his offer and waited there for him to return. After he did, they had a drink and a friendly dance, until Gareth saw his friends from college show up. 'Hold on. I'll be back in a bit.' He said to her.

Victoria had once again been left to dance alone. until she spotted Jayanne, a girl from school that Victoria used to be good friends with. They never fell out, they just grew apart after school. Victoria decided to go over and say hello.
'Hey!' Jayanne smiled as she turned to see who had tapped her shoulder. 'Vicky, how are you?' She asked.

'I'm fine, how are you?' Victoria replied politely.

'I'm great!' Jayanne turned around to pay the barman, and picked up her drink. 'Wanna come dance?' She asked Victoria, gesturing towards the dance-floor.

Victoria nodded and followed Jayanne through the crowd of dancing people. Jayanne turned to her. 'How's the birthday girl?'

'Nervous.' Victoria said. Seeing Jayanne's confusion, she decided to explain. 'Well there's this guy she liked for years and she's gone to talk to him.' She looked around to find them. 'Over there.' She pointed.

Jayanne followed Victoria's finger till she spotted Amber and Max.

'Other than that, she's fine.' Victoria said.

Victoria glanced back to the dance-floor, wondering why they'd stopped. 'Come on, we're meant to be dancing.' She said happily.

As they stumbled further across the dance-floor, a boy with spiky black hair, accidentally, elbowed Jayanne, right in the ribs.

He quickly turned to see who he'd hit and said, 'I'm so sorry. I didn't hurt you did I?' He asked, putting a hand on Jayanne's shoulder.

'No, it's OK.' Jayanne smiled. 'I'm fine.' Victoria and Jayanne continued on their way to a space in the dance-floor, just a gap large enough for them to dance in. They put their drinks down on a nearby table. Amber joined them a few minutes later, seeming pleased with herself.

'I got his number! I got Max's freaking number!' Amber squealed.

'That's awesome!' Victoria said. 'You dancing with us?' She asked amber.

'Of course.' Amber joined their little group and danced her eighteenth birthday away with her friends. Victoria looked around the room again, there were a lot of people here she didn't recognize. 

Must be people Amber's family knows... Or Gareth's friends of friends from college. She spotted Amber's two cousins, Ella and Eli, who were twins.

Dancing with the spiky haired boy who had accidentally elbowed Jayanne was two girls, one blonde and one with dark purple hair.
With them was another boy with dirty blond hair, which he wore in a windswept, surfer-guy kind of style. 

The blonde girl, Victoria recognized as Jaymee Swift, a girl who had been in her Science classes at school. The others, though, she did not recognize. They must be her friends. 

'Nope. Not a clue.' Said Amber after Victoria had asked if she knew any of them. 'But never mind, they're not causing any harm to anyone.' 

Victoria kept her eyes on this crowd all night, something about them gripped her attention. It could have been the outstanding beauty of the blonde haired girl, or the gorgeousness of the blond haired boy. Jaymee had fair skin, a pale complexion but dark eyes. They were a murky green colour. The blond surfer-looking guy was also fair skinned, with barely any blemishes whatsoever. According to Jayanne, she looked like the son of the Gods.
Both girls stared intently at him, but both for different reasons.

Jayanne was quickly distracted when Amber waved her hands in front of the other girls' faces. Victoria, however, didn't even blink. When Jayanne and Amber finally got her attention she said, 'Sorry. I was in my own little world.' She laughed.

'We noticed.' Said Jayanne. 'Want a drink?' She asked Victoria and Amber, who nodded.

Jayanne went to buy the round of drinks, and as she was doing so, Amber went to speak with one of her friends from her childhood, and Victoria decided she'd go over to the group of angel faced teenagers.
All four of them had brilliantly fair skin, eyes that sparkled like diamonds and the guys were exceptionally toned.

The two girls were beautiful, in their long flowing dresses. The blonde girl was wearing a white dress decorated with black butterflies.
The other girl was wearing a black dress, the top in the style of a corset. Laced up and tight. The guy with black hair had piercing green eyes and was wearing a black leather jacket and black denim jeans. 

As she looked at them, Victoria found herself moving closer towards them. Until she found herself standing nearby them.
She danced alone, but pretended to be with another group of drunken dancers, while she listened to their conversation.

...'But Hagan can't help us with this one. I already asked him, he's still in Vortrux still. We have to do this one alone.' The black haired guy said. 'Besides, they don't know we're here... We can easily ambush them...'

'Ambush?' Laughed the blonde girl, Jaymee.

'You know what I mean.' The boy replied. 'Either way, we can take them. There's four of us and only two of them.'

'And I was clever enough to disguise our Weapons as we came in.' The purple haired girl said, gesturing towards her handbag. Victoria had heard enough.

Clearly these people were up to something, so Victoria went to find Jayanne and Amber. 

Jayanne was still at the bar, waiting to be served, but Amber was nowhere to be seen. She couldn't still be in the toilet, could she? It's been easily 10 minutes since she left.
Appearing out of nowhere, Gareth tapped her shoulder, and as she spun around, Victoria dropped her phone. As she bent down to pick it up, she saw the boots of the blonde girl in between all the other dancing feet on the dance-floor.

She looked like she was running.
Victoria quickly stood up, a little disorientated, and found the group again.

They were running. Well, the two guys were walking quickly behind the two girls who had broken into a run. 'Sorry I gotta go.' Victoria said to Gareth as she set off to follow them.

Gareth saw Victoria follow the group out of the side fire exit of the club. He also wanted to know what was going on, so he followed too, after the door had slammed shut. He said goodbye to his friend and set off after Victoria.

She might end up in trouble... After all, no one here really knows those guys...
Gareth dodged hands and arms flying out in every direction as people danced. He tripped on bottles, beakers and glasses that people had just thrown on the floor, slipped on spilled drinks and, after he'd regained his balance and thought he was free, Amber and Jayanne ran over to him.

'Where's Vicky gone?' Jayanne asked, possibly the only person to call Victoria "Vicky".

Gareth replied with, 'She followed those weird guys outside. You two stay here, I'll go check it out.' He told them, concerned for his sisters' and her friends' safety. He quickly made his way over to the side door, and pushed down on the metal bar to open it.

But it wouldn't budge. It's locked? I don't understand... They just went through this door. Gareth thought, confused. He turned around and started making his way to the main exit.

Part Three - 


    Victoria sat crouched behind a dumpster in a dimly lit alleyway about 5 minutes away from the club. She watched silently as the four teenagers shouted over two other guys who they must ave followed down here from the party.

They must be the "only two of them" she heard the black haired boy talking about on the dance-floor. As the two guys turned around, Victoria thought she was seeing things at first but...

Did one of them have a sword?

She blinked, but the image remained. The sword was still there, glowing and shimmering slightly, but Victoria put that down to the reflection of the streetlights and the moon on the cold metal blade, and also the fact she was a little drunk.

But she knew what she saw. And she also knew what she heard:

'Is that it?' Jaymee extended out her arm, pointing a slim finger at the boys' sword.

'No. This one is my own.' The boy with the sword said blankly, showing no expression in his face or voice.

'So where is it then. And where's the shield?' She asked. But the two boys stayed silent.

'OK.' The blond "son of god" stepped forward. 'Let's try again. Does that arrogant bastard master of yours, have the Hunters Relics?' He asked.

One of the boys stepped forward to this guy and said, 'Whether he has or not, isn't the problem though,' He said coolly, 'Is it, Jason?'

The blond guy, Jason, stepped forward too. 'No. It's where you lot are hiding them that is the problem. But it's OK, because either you two are gonna tell me, or I drive this straight through your black shallow hearts.'

Jason pulled out a jagged blade. So jagged the blade almost resembled a lightening bolt.

Jason looked from the blade, back to his two opponents, who were smirking, 'So what's it gonna be, boys?'

Part Four -


     'What do you mean it's locked?' Amber was freaking out. 'They just went through it!'

'I know they did.' Gareth said rather sarcastically, 'But someone locked it behind them, either Victoria or one of those guys.'

Gareth was, at this point, charging through the quieter corridor of the club, where staff passed through from the bar, and where loved up couples came for a 'smooch' as Amber would often say.

Amber and Jayanne were racing to keep up with him. 'I told you two. Stay here, I'll come back.' He told them as he turned around to find them catching up with him.

Gareth opened the red-framed door and stepped outside. Once the fresh air had hit him and he'd stumbled slightly, he straightened himself up and set off to find Victoria.

He had no idea which way they might have gone, but anywhere was a start seeing as they'd all completely vanished.

He dreaded to think about what might have happened if they found Victoria following them.

Amber's cousin Eli came bounding over to Amber and Jayanne in the corridor. 'Have you seen Lucia and Jaymee?' She asked.

'Lu-shia?' Amber repeated, copying how Eli pronounced the name.

She wasn't sure if she'd ever heard or met either of the girls she'd just been asked about, but she thought she might be able to get a description, she might be able to help.

'Purple hair, black dress... Unbelievably pretty...' Eli waited for an answer.

Amber shook her head. 'No sorry... But if I see anyone matching that description I'll tell her you're looking for her.' She smiled. Eli sighed but thanked her cousin anyway.

'Everything OK?' Amber asked Eli before she went running off back to the dance-floor where her sister Ella was waiting with their friend.

'Yeah... No... It's just...' Eli stuttered and paused, 'A long story.' She quickly turned on her heel and left. Amber and Jayanne were left, once again, standing alone in the corridor. 

'Wonder what's going on?' Jayanne said, thoughtfully.

'Yeah...' Amber said, 'Me too.'

Next: Chapter 2- If You Seek Truth...



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