The Demon Hunters Shield Book One

Victoria Hyde unexpectedly had to leave behind her old life when she witnessed something otherworldly and strange, and also horrifying, at her best friends birthday party. She is led to a different world where demons, vampires and magic actually exist.


6. 6- Surprise Visit


Chapter Six

Surprise Visit
Part One -


      Amber clearly wasn't in, Victoria concluded after banging on Amber's door for almost five minutes, maybe ten. She felt like her next choice was impossible to do, but walking to Gareth's place was the only option. Hopefully they, or he, were there.

Her phone battery was now dead, meaning she couldn't even call to find them. It wouldn't turn on not even long enough to send a text. She was stuck walking to Gareth's, wondering if any more of those things were lurking about tonight.

It took longer than she expected and when she finally arrived, to add to her misery, Gareth wasn't in either.

'Where could they be?' She said out loud, realizing soon after that no one was around to answer her. She sat on the doorstep and decided to just wait for him to get back.

But Gareth was at Eli's apartment at this point and had learned all about what may have taken her, and why...

Amber felt sick with worry and had turned very pale. 'What if that thing hurts her? Or worse?!' She sobbed a little, but suddenly straightened up. 'Maybe we should go. I'll go home and wait for her at my place, you go to yours.' She said turning to Gareth. 'She might turn up.'

Gareth nodded and drove Amber home. As she was about to get out of the truck, Gareth said, 'I'm sure she's all right. Call me if she shows up, and I'll call you if I find her.'

'OK.' She sighed. ' I'm really worried, Gareth.' She admitted. 'I'm so confused by all of this and it all started at my party.'

'It's not your fault, so don't start blaming yourself.' Gareth comforted her.

'I can't help but think it is my fault.' She looked down at her hands in her lap, her freckled cheeks damp with tears.

'It is not your fault. Call me if you need anything... Or to talk.' He smiled at her and she nodded. Finally she was in her own place, and felt much safer.

Now, she'd make a coffee and wait for Victoria to show up. 

She will show up, Amber thought to herself, she just has to...

Part Two -

     Gareth was startled when he drove up to his house and his headlights showed up someone sat hunched over on the doorstep. He soon realized it was Victoria. He jumped out of his truck and ran over to her. 'Are you all right?' He asked.

'I'm all right... I'm fine. Where were you?' Victoria asked.

'At Eli's with Amber. We thought that she might be able to tell us what that thing was, and where it took you.' Gareth explained.

'Come in, I'll make you a drink and then I'll call Amber. I promised her I would let her know if I found you.'

Amber was quietly sipping a mug of coffee when her phone started buzzing and made her jump, causing her to spill hot coffee on the thigh of her dark skinny jeans.
'You found her?' She asked, impatiently. Soon, she was getting on her jacket and heading out the door to Gareth's place.

Once there, she didn't knock, or even announce her presence until she burst into the living room, making Victoria jump, and Gareth shriek.

'Big girl.' Amber spat at him, then turned to Victoria. 'What the hell was that thing?!' She almost shouted as she walked into the room towards the sofa, to sit down next to Victoria, who shrugged and sighed.

'I don't even know. But I woke up, unable to move and it said it was a spell to stop me moving, running away. It told me to stay out of all this stuff with Jason, or it'll kill me; and it knows exactly what Jason told me... It knows Jason. I need to speak to him.' A sudden urgency taking over in her voice.

'Don't you listen?! It said to stay out of it. And I think you should listen to it.' Amber said, finally sitting down.

'But what if Jason is in some kind of danger?' Victoria sounded worried.

'Look, I know he's "hot", but there's no need to go looking for him. You know damn well he can look after himself, just like he did in that alleyway.' Amber pointed out more calmly now.

     'She's just going to get in the way, Jase.' Drake said. 'She doesn't have a clue what is going on. Our world is much more different than the world she lives in, been brought up in.'

'But its in her blood, dude. It's running through her veins right now as we speak. But she doesn't know it. She doesn't even know the truth about her own life.' Jason argued. 'She saw those demons when no one else could... What does that tell you?' Drake stayed silent. 'Exactly. She might be in danger, no one knows where that thing took her.'

'I'm telling you Jason, she's going to be fine.' Drake said bluntly, almost annoyed.

'How can you be so sure, Drake?' Jason asked, raising an eyebrow.

Drake stuttered a little, and then said, 'I just know it, OK, Jason?' Jason just looked at Drake, who then sighed and carried on, 'Fine, if you want to go look for her, then go for it if you must... Just be careful, Jase.'

'What made you think I was going alone?' 

Drake stared and made a strange sound, almost a whimper which he then disguised as a 'Huh?'

'You guys are coming with me. Lets started getting ready, we'll need to leave as soon as possible.' Jason planned.

Jason waited, somewhat impatiently, for the others getting ready and having a snack before leaving. Jaymica and Lushina seemed more happy and willing to help than Drake certainly did, but no one questioned why.

After two hours, finally, they were ready. This whole place had been eerily quiet all afternoon and they were just about to head for the main doors. 

'Let's go.' Jason said.

'I don't think you need to go anywhere.' Hagan's deep, husky voice startled them all from behind. The four stopped in their tracks and spun around, in Hagan's shadow, was Victoria...

Bloodied and bruised.

Part Three -

The last bloodied tissue was thrown away into the grey steel bin. Jaymica looked pleased with how well she'd cleaned Victoria up. Even though Victoria was still to explain what had happened, and how were Amber and Gareth?

'How's your head?' Jaymica asked.

'It's all right now.' Victoria answered politely, with a painful smile.

'So... You gonna explain?' Lushina asked, appearing in the doorway.

'I think I need to speak to Hagan... And Jason.' Victoria said.

Lushina and Jaymica paused and looked at each other until Lushina decided, 'I'll go look for them.' And she left the kitchen just as soundlessly as she came in.

'It was a demon wasn't it?' Jaymica asked, she'd had that "feeling."

Victoria nodded slowly. 'Why do they want me? What the hell have I done?' She asked, worried, scared and angry, all at the same time. Angry that she'd never known the truth about this world, her life... And other worlds.

Victoria was thinking about all the possible things her family could be hiding from her. Worried about what little Dylan might really be. Slowly she shook her head and lowered it, as if to look at the floor.

Jaymica was unsure of what to tell Victoria. 'She didn't want to worry her more. 'All I think I can tell you is that your Aunt Krissi is bad news for our people... Well not her personally but, you know... her kind...' Jaymica knew well that Victoria knew what she was talking about, and that she meant "demons"... Victoria nodded.

A small, thin, brown haired lady stormed angrily through the cobblestone streets in the small town in the city where she lived. The Damned City.

She lived here with her Nephew, who was nearing the age of six, and her brother who had lived with them, was now no where to be seen. He'd been gone for weeks.

She was angry with herself. How could she have let her last victim get away so easily? Why didn't she just attack?!

For a Demon Vampire it was unusual not to strike when the urge is that great.

She sighed and shook her head. Turning into a small alleyway she was happy to realize she was almost home.

Only a few more minutes. Up the foggy, surprisingly empty street from the end of the alleyway was the end of her journey.

She turned the cold brass doorknob on the dark wooden door of her cottage-like house on the end of the dimly lit street. 

This estate was located just outside the city center and it wasn't a long way to walk at all. She always came back here after seeing to a victim. Here, she wouldn't be found, or suspected.

She walked quietly inside, her nephew's babysitter turned and smiled to greet her. It was almost seven p.m and her nephew was about to be bathed before getting ready for bed.

'Nice day, Krissintha?' The pretty blonde babysitter asked.

'Yes, thank you Samia. Wasn't a bad day at all. Did he behave?' The woman, who's name was Krissintha, asked about her nephew.

'Drynlak had been fine.' Samia smiled. 'I'll make you a drink while you get yourself settled in.' 

Krissintha and Drynlak had lived here, The Damned City, for several years, after moving from their old town Forest-Gate.

After Krissintha was settled with a drink and her nephew was playing on the living area floor with his toys, she started to mutter. 

'That Victoria will get what's coming to her... She should have stayed out of it, She's just gone and made it worse...' She realized Drynlak was listening.

She leaned forward to him. 'It's because of her that we've had to come back here so suddenly. We needed to hide out, she made me turn. I couldn't risk being seen like that... Soon, people... Humans... will learn about our world...'

Drynlak just nodded. Krissintha was unsure as to whether he even understood what she was talking about but she decided to leave it at that.

'We'll get her... Don't worry.' She told him, and grinned.

Next: Chapter 7- Wars And Weapons.


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