The Warrior

read it and find out m8 ^-^


4. Chapter 3



My eyes shone with the scenes of Romeo and Angel communicating. Soon their conversation was over, sooner than intended. Before I knew it the visions ended and Romeo was now in front of me.

"Are you sure she is The One?" I asked as he gave me a look of disbelief.

"Yes! I am one hundred percent positive! Did you not just see what she did without even realizing it?" his tone was eager.

"That's the point, she didn't realize it was her that did it. How is she supposed to discover her elemental abilities if she doesn't even know she is doing it?"

His cocky smirk quickly vanished. It was soon replaced with a look of disappointment. I groaned and paced the pathetic excuse of a living room. Pearl entered the room a bright smile on her face.

"How's my baby girl doing out there? Is she okay? Has she started to realize her extraordinary elements?" her eyes narrowed when none of us answered, "well? Spit it out!"

"Thanks to Romeo she thinks he got the chains off of her. She has her elements, but is unaware of hem and has no training as of how to control them once she discovers she has them," I grumbled throwing my watch on the floor.

"She is the one! She will discover them at the right time!" Pear shook her fist, and her face reddened in anger.

"Her time is up! She has no time left Pearl! They are there right now! If she does not realize it right now, we may not have The One for much longer! This will be nothing compared to the battle the script describes," they looked at me, reassurance in their eyes.

"She is ready," Romeo said and I nodded.

Let us all hope she is truly The One. For she is the Elements last hope.

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