The Warrior

read it and find out m8 ^-^


3. Chapter 2



"Hello Angel," the voice seemed to belong the person that was now right in front of me.

"How do you know who I am?" I asked trying to shrink away from whatever this thing is, I just knew he wasn't human.

There was no answer. Only the deafening silence of this prison thing.

"I said, how do you know who I am?" my voice rose an octave, but it shook in fear.

"I know who everyone is! I am all knowing. I know who you are, I know who your mother is and I know who your father is. So I guess it would only be fair for you to know who I am. My name is Romeo and that is all you need to know," he spoke in that kind of voice that makes you have to listen.

"You knew my father?" I asked in a voice of astonishment.

 It made me curious when people make me aware of the fact that they knew my father, because I myself did not get to meet my father. Not very many people knew of him either.

"Yes I did know your father. He was a good man, but death still sought him out. I know he always wished for you to be a girl when your mother was pregnant with you," he said it so casually as if it wasn't killing me to hear more about my father.

"How did you know my father? How do you know me?" curiosity was tearing through me.

Millions of questions were running through my mind. Yet somehow I knew I was only supposed to ask those two questions.

"Tell me does the name Hunter sound familiar? If so that's how I know," I cringed  hearing that name.

Hunter was the snobbiest, most demanding boy I ever met. So it made little to no sense to me as to how it was that Hunter was the reason Romeo knew my family.

"Is he like your son or something?"

"Or something," he replied vaguely with a hint of a grin.

I was lost in my thoughts. An image of a father and I having a wonderful life. That I'm afraid is a dream I am sad to admit, will never come true.

"Wait, why exactly is it that you are here?" I finally decided to ask.

"I am here to help. I am a friend not a foe. I promise all I'm doing is helping," his eyes told me he was speaking truth.

I pondered it for a moment longer, " how do I trust you?" there was a loud noise somewhere outside these bars.

"You just I guess," and with that he was gone, and so were the chains that used to be around my ankles.

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