Have you ever wondered what is outside our planet?


1. The Poem

Never-ending black, stretching out

Further than the eye can see,

A blanket covering

The enormous bed that is the universe.


Shining, silvered stars - like glitter-

Litter the huge expanse,

Spilled six billion years ago

By a clumsy giant.


A diamond sits in the middle,

winking like an eye,

Each night it takes a different shape

For us to behold.


No man has, or ever will

Know everything that it holds

Like a kangaroo holds its baby,

Space holds its secrets.


Rated among the most

Expensive trips, it is

Off the scale of the

Top ten most desirable.


To reach places

That look close,

It takes aeons

Of traveling, expectation and hope.


Hoping for the return

Of the ships sent out is

like hoping that time

will start to speed up.


At first, it seemed


That anyone who went out there

Could ever return.


Now they are ready

To bring back those who go

To explore

Where many men have never explored before.


One day, in the future,

It would be nice to go and see,

What we are missing

that is right outside our back door.

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