The choice

Ruby likes calum alot.what will happen when calum asked her out and she finds out that her friend emily also likes him.



Calum P.O.V

I am getting ready to go to Rubys big soccer game when emily calls me saying how she wants me back and she was so selfish and she will be a better girlfriend. After she saw the pics i have of ruby and me she got jelly and selfish with me and i could not take it no more because i hate people when they do that. I arrived at school and i see luke and then their is ruby:). I cant stop thinking of her she is the beautiful.

During the game**

Ruby made 7 goal and our school might win the game i couldn't believe it me and her used to play every single day after school and i will always beat her and she will be sad. One day she said "their will be a day when i will beat you and be better than you" well now i believe it she is getting better than me. I miss when ruby used to come and watch me play but than she got like so i stop telling her about my games.

After the game*****

I went to the exit where she gets out i checked before i went luke waiting for her by the main entrance so i wanted to make my move.

Cal: ruby that was a good game you are finally getting better then me.

Ruby: i am getting their but i really need to go like is waiting for me.

Cal: this will only take one moment( he leans in and kiss her and she kiss back)

Luke P.O.V

Ruby was not hurrying up do i went to go check up on her and i found Calum and her kissing. A tear drop from my cheek i knew this will happen she is better off with him.( ruby saw me and she came toward me and all i did was walk away)

Ruby: it is not what you think

Luke: oh really it looks like you and Calum were kissing and you liked it.

Calum: no it's not like that i kissed her out of nowhere she said she need to in hurry to meet up with you and i took advantage of that moment.

Luke: i dont care anymore because ruby i am braking up with you. You are better off with calum and not me

(I left crying i couldn't take it anymore i love so much)

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