The choice

Ruby likes calum alot.what will happen when calum asked her out and she finds out that her friend emily also likes him.


31. New being

sorry guys I haven't been updating I didn't have any inspiration and because of soccer practice and homework I haven't been active but anyways I am here now too give you guys an update hope you guys like it.

  Ruby's P.O.V  It has been a month now that Luke fond out about my father I replayed the moment every time I wish I could have done something to stop him from leaving me and my mother. people say things happen for a reason but what was my fathers reason was it me?. I want to have a normal life like others they have a father and a mother just me and ash don't have a father but that's okay a least he had a step father when he was little he taught him how to play drums and played on stage with him. Mother: hey ruby I have to tell you something its important for you to know. Me: mom you could tell me anything I promise I will support you Mother: okay nice to hear that Me: just tell me. Mother: okay I meet someone and I really like him plus he a daughter his wife left him and is daughter because she couldn't handle the pressure of having a baby girl. Me: umm that's harsh but if you really love him then tell him that he should come to dinner I really want to meet him and his daughter. Mother: really I thought you would have reacted differently and yes I will tell him to come tomorrow Me: no you have the right to remake your life again and maybe I don't know maybe he could be my new father. Mother: I guess your right now go to sleep you have school tomorrow. Me: okay goodnight mom I love you. Mother: goodnight I love you too.   



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