The choice

Ruby likes calum alot.what will happen when calum asked her out and she finds out that her friend emily also likes him.


30. luke

Luke's  P.O.V

After Ashton talked to me about what happened I still cant believe it. maybe I really do miss ruby a lot and it will take me a long time to get over her. Ashton told me that ruby has been In her room and hasn't came out since that day I feel bad but I dnt know if I could forgive her. I finally arrived at her house and her mom opened the door and we talked about ruby. Ms. Martinez: you don't have to give ruby if you don't want to but she hasn't been this sad since her dad left on her birthday she went to her room to cry for days and didn't want to come out till her dad came back. Me: Oh I didn't know that her dad left  I feel bad that I caused her so much pain for braking up with her I got mad because I saw her kissing Calum back but Ashton explained everything to me. Ms. Martinez: oh yea Ashton is a very good friend of ruby's he has helped her through a lot.

Me: can I please go talk to ruby???

Ms. Martinez: yes please can you also give this chicken soup because she hasn't eaten anything these past days.

Me: yes of course.

I went up to ruby room it was so dark I turned on the lights but I didn't see ruby so I went in to the bathroom to see ruby crying with a blade cutting her skin. It was sad seeing her like this so I went up to her and grabbed the blade from her and hugged her with all the love I have for her.

Ruby: why did you come you should have left me to continue cutting my self and why do you care didn't you brake up with me and you took me out of your life just like my dad did?

Me: no I still love you and I want to  talk to you now come here and hug me come lets go to your bed you need to eat something Ruby.

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