The choice

Ruby likes calum alot.what will happen when calum asked her out and she finds out that her friend emily also likes him.


23. let's make a band

Cal P.O.V

3 months later**

So we having been doing lots of covers on youtube and i though that we can become a band someday and play for millions of people but that would mean that i willl be away from ruby and luke would be really sad. Then Michael said those words he read my mind.

Michael: so do i want to start a band guys??

Calum and luke: yea!!

Calum: but we will need a name though.

Luke: true what will it be??

Michael: uhhhhhh

Calum: will think of it later then all that matters is that we will be in a band together yay!!!!

Luke P.O.V

Great we are a band now i cant wait to tell ruby she will be so happy. I don't know what to get her for our 4 month an anniversary. I heard that Calum still like ruby and he wants to get over her by dating emily. I wonder how that going?? I got a message from my love of my life.

Ruby: I feel bad for Calum my "friend" kelly was cheating on him and emily was their for him, but i also wanted to be their for him. He is my best friend forever.

Luke: Really but he probley didn't tell you for a reason but he knows that you are their for him babe;)

Ruby: ok Luke thanks i love you babe

Luke: ur welcome and i love you more babe

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