Wings of Freedom (Eren x Levi)

He feel in love with his solider....but was it all worth it in the end? Or just another heart brake?


4. Silent Dinner?

Eren's pov:

I went to the mess hall and took my seat not feeling hungry any more. Mikasa looked at me as if to say something but I stopped her. "I'm fine." I said to her and she nodded and then suddenly I heard foot steps down the hall and I looked at the door expecting to see Levi but instead I only saw Hanji. "Levi will be down in a bit he just has to take care of something real fast." She said with a giggle as she took her seat.

Levi's pov:

I told Hanji to head down with out me and that I would be down soon and then waited for her to go down stairs. My pants felt so tight now and I knew what I had to do now. I unzipped my pants and pulled them down after locking my door so no one would walk in on my pleasuring my self. Then next I took boxers off and laid down as my erection stock up pointing the ceiling. I started jack off moaning softly at first as I savored the pleasuring feeling. I hadn't felt this in so long and it felt amazing. Suddenly I started to moan louder and louder as I covered my face with a pillow to muffle the noise the others wouldn't hear. I moaned Eren's name out over and over again until finally I cumed and the wet sticky white stuff that had come out of my body stained my cloths.

I got cleaned up and put clean cloths on before finally heading down stairs to join the others for dinner. "Did you finish your work sir?" Eren asked me and for second I was afraid he heard me. "Um..yes I did just some paper work I had to finish up." I said even though it was a lie and I knew it. Eren nodded and went back to eating his dinner. The table was silent for awhile as we ate when Hanji realized that the boy across from her was the titan shiftier. "It's you!!!" She screamed pointing at Eren who seemed to be scared but the sudden scream. I glared at her and she went silent. "Jaeger come to my room after dinner I need to talk to you." Eren looked at me blushing again and nodded and then went back to eating ounce more.

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