Wings of Freedom (Eren x Levi)

He feel in love with his solider....but was it all worth it in the end? Or just another heart brake?


6. Reomo and Juliet

Eren's pov:

The next day when I was getting dressed Armin screamed making me jump and then wince in pain from the sudden movement."Why did you scream???" I asked looking at him with a worried face. The way he screamed it sounded like he was being stabbed to death or worse. Armin looked at me with a pale face and my heart was in my throat now. He picked up his shaky hand and pointed at my chest. I looked at where he was pointing and saw the "I giant bruise on my chest. "We need to get you to the nurse's tent now Eren!" Armin wrapped his arm around my waist and through my arm over his shoulder as he tired to help me stand. I shook my head no and pulled away. "I'll be fine Armin really..." I coughed up some blood and Armin shook his head no taking me to the tent with out another word.

I was sent to bed rest for a couple of days and to no surprise Mikasa found out and rushed to my side. "EREN!!!" She screamed as she rushed to my side and took in my condition. She was on the verge of tears as I took her hand in mine. "I'm fine....Mikasa I just need to rest for a bit." She nodded and didn't leave my side after that.

Levi's pov:

I got word that was Eren was in the nurses tent and I freaked out. I wanted to rush over and his help him so much but I knew I couldn't do that. If I came rushing to his side worried people would start to talk about it and catch on to how I was acting. They would know something is going on with me and this solider. I sighed and hung my head as I sat at my desk not sure what to do. Some one knocked on the door frame and I looked up expecting to see Hanji but instead I saw Erwin. "Hello Levi." he said as he stepped inside closing the door behind him. I knew what he was planing and I really wasn't in the mood for more of his lies. "Erwin..." I said with a low growl and he laughed at me like I was a silly little child. "What do you want from me?" I demand to know and he chuckled softly. "You..." I rolled my eyes at him. "Tch...If you wanted me so bad you wouldn't have lied to me and used me your fucking bastard." Erwin shook his head making his way to my desk.

"O Levi your not still hung up on that are you really?" He asked me and I glared at him with a cold star. "Yes, Because I'm not your little sex toy that you can use and then thrown away and then expect me to come crawling back to you after you put me through hell like that ass whole. So unless you have business with me I suggest you leave my office now before I make you." I said my blood about to boil. Erwin ignored me and walked behind my chair at my desk and ran his hand over my skin. My blood was now on fire as I imaged ripping his fingers off as he begged for mercy and I laughed like a mad man. "O I do miss that short temper of yours that you always had. It made our time together more memorable." He smirked and got close to my ear. "Don't you miss all those night we spent together in bed Levi..." He whispered in my ear tickling it a bit. I shot up from my seat and turned to face him not waiting to deal with this right now.

"Get out right now Erwin!" I screamed and he laughed as he backed away from still smirking. "Very well Levi..." he left my office and I fell into the nearest chair and started to cry. I thought back to all the lonely nights I spent by my self feeling broken when Erwin left me and then I suddenly dried my tears. I thought of Eren and he made me feel so alive and how his soft smooth skin felt against mine and I smiled a bit. I didn't need Erwin I had Eren now and he made happy and I knew that he wouldn't lie to me and leave like Erwin done to me some many times. "I promise you Eren I won't make the same mistakes I made with Erwin with you." I said softly and prayed that he would be okay and I would see him soon.

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