Wings of Freedom (Eren x Levi)

He feel in love with his solider....but was it all worth it in the end? Or just another heart brake?


11. Missing scout and old memorieson of a lost scout

Levi's pov:

After we grouped up I did a head count of my members and my heart dropped when I noticed I was missing one. "HAS ANY ONE SEEN JAEGER!!!" It was happening all over again I couldn't handle it. My squad looked around one another but no one had seen him since the forest. I left them with Erwin and rode back to the forest. "Levi don't bother trying he's most likely dead by now!!!" Erwin called out to me and I couldn't believe he would say that. At the same time I could because he was still mad that I had moved on form him and didn't want me to be happy. "I'm not giving up on him!!"! I shouted and rode deeper into the forest. The farther I got in it the more muffled the voices from behind me got.

"EREN!!! WHERE ARE YOU ANSWER ME PLEASE!!!" I screamed shaking and in tears. Losing Eren was like losing Petra again. "Levi follow me and wipe your tears. You look better with a smile on your face." I knew that voice right away. "Petra is that you....I'm so sorry I couldn't save you!" She laughed and smiled at me showing me that same happy and beautiful smile that I had loved to see all the time. "I know it's not your fault it was my own but right now Eren needs you I kept him safe for you so please move on and be happy. I only want to see smile all the time no matter what others say to you." She wiped away my tears and I placed my hand on the place where she had placed her hand on my cheek and I followed her. I was so happy when I saw that Eren was still alive.

He was out cold and bleeding badly as I picked him up and put him on my horse laying his head in my lap. "Hang in their Jaeger I won't let you die on me." I said as I rode away from Petra who smiled at me and waved good bye. I was crying again as I rode away. I couldn't believe I had almost forgotten all about her and what she gave me.  Slowly he opened his eyes and looked at me. "He-hech-hechiou is that you?" I nodded and shushed him. "Yes Eren it is now rest because your safe now. I will never let any one hurt you again got that." "I saw her Levi...she was so pretty...." I knew he was talking about Petra so I went silent as he spoke about her. "Yeah...she was amazing all right...You would have gotten on great with here Eren." I said as the wall came in to view and we closed around in its safety ounce again. "She left to soon..."

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