Wings of Freedom (Eren x Levi)

He feel in love with his solider....but was it all worth it in the end? Or just another heart brake?


22. Married by the sea

Levi's pov:

I rushed Eren to the hospital holding his hand that was losing life faster and faster by the minute. "Did I do it....Levi..." He asked me weakly and I smiled at him through tears. " did it eren. Now you need to get better so we can go see the ocean together." I said to him and they took his away. I sat out side waiting for some one to tell me that he was going to make it. A doctor came out covered in blood and walked over to as I stood up. "Are you Levi Ackerman?" he asked and I nodded. "Yes is he okay?" I asked. The doctor looked at me and smiled very pleased. "He's in room 214 you can take him home in 3 weeks." I thanked the doctor and rushed over with a big smile and saw Eren sitting in bed looking out the window. "Eren...." I asked and he looked at me and smiled. "Levi you came to see me!!!" He said very happy and I nodded in tears. "Of course I did! I love you brat!" I said and kissed him roughly on the lips. Eren winced and I felt bad for being so rough with him. "Get some rest in 3 weeks were going to leave." I said with a smile and he looked at me confused. "Where are we going Levi?" He asked me and I laughed. "It's a surprise."

*3 weeks later*

Eren's pov:

I was finally out of the hospital and now I was blind folded sitting in a car with Levi. "Were are we going Levi?" I asked siting their very lost. "You'll see when we get their eren." I sighed and layed my head back knowing it as pointless to fight him so I took a nap until we got to the place. An hour later Levi was shaking me and trying to  take it off yet?" I asked and he laughed at me. "One sec." he said and did something and then he whispered. "Go ahead and take it off." I took the blindfold off and was greeted by a beautiful view of the sea. "Omg Levi it's amazing!" I said turning to see him on one knee. "Eren will you marry me?" I was in tears now as I covered my mouth up. I didn't know what to say to him. It was all happening so fast right now that I couldn't think. "Yes! Levi...Yes!!!!" I said in tears and hugged him. Then looked back at the sea and smiled. "Armin you where right the ocean is just as beautiful as we thought."

The End


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