Wings of Freedom (Eren x Levi)

He feel in love with his solider....but was it all worth it in the end? Or just another heart brake?


16. It's just a Nightmare

Levi's pov:

Mikasa eventually got up and left to get more supplies. I stayed with Eren tending to his wounds and after awhile I left to go cook lunch for us. I changed his bandages again really fast before cooking though of course. I was in the kitchen about to finish up when I heard Eren screaming from other room. I dropped what I was doing and bolted into the room were Eren was asleep and started to shake him. "Eren wake up your okay!" I screamed into his ear until he woke up.

I hugged him close to me as he woke up in tears and hugged me back. "Hey Eren its okay your safe now and i wont ever let any one hurt you" I said to him trying to ease him mind form the nightmare as he hugged me tightly  in tears.

He nodded after he calmed down and I stayed their a while longer hugging him close until I was sure he was okay. I gave him a kiss and got up. "Hey Eren I'm going to finish dinner and then we can eat and later have dessert." I winked at him making him blush and walked into the kitchen to finish cooking.

Eren's pov:

I sat on the sofa for awhile just thinking about the nightmare I had when finally Levi came out with dinner and knocked me off track. "Omg that smells amazing!!!" I said as I sat the table. "Glad it smells good to you lets hope it taste just as good." He laughed putting my plate in front of me. I took  a bite and I swear my mouth started to water for more."Good its amazing Levi why didn't you ever tell me you  could cook!!!" I screamed at him eating more as he laughed at me. "Glad you  like it but slow down Eren!" I did as told and when I was done I helped him wash the dishes.

"So then are you ready for dessert?" Levi asked me as smirk crawled across his face. I smiled at him and licked my lips. "That depends whats on the menu?" He laughed and grabbed my hand taking me up to the room and then slowly he began to push me on the bed and kiss me deeply as he slid his hand under my shirt. I kissed back sliding my tongue in his mouth as our lips moved in sync. He started to pull off my shirt and I helped him taking his off now. "So do you like what's on the menu then?" I nodded at Levi's question and started to kiss him more sliding my hand down his pants so I could rub his dick to get it hard. He moaned in pleasure telling me I was doing a good job so I started to rub more picking up speed as his face turned red. "What's wrong babe?" I asked knowing what was wrong. He bite his lip and shook his head letting out another moan. "ahhhh nothing..." He said letting me push him on the bed as I kissed him more. I could feel his pants getting tighter and tighter as I kept going.

"Why don't we take off this." I said with a laugh and took off his pants and then his underwear letting it spring up nice and hard. Levi blushed and hide his face as I started to jack off for him kissing him more. As we were kissing he found his way in to my pants and did the same to me making me moan with pleasure. Ounce I was hard Levi bent down and started to suck it as I moaned louder and louder. He smiled and looked at me as I nodded in approval. Turning me over he stuck his dick in me as it got wet and started to thrust all well jacking me off at the same time as I moaned and moaned. This went on for what felt like ages before finally he cummed in me and i cummed on the bed and we both felt out of breath and fell asleep ounce again.

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