One big family


2. Brandon💓

//At school//

I got a ride from my mother too school. I know that I gotta tell Brandon about the baby, but how?..

"Bee!" I looked over the hallway and there was Hanna🙏🏼 GREAT! She walked over towards me. "How's things with Brandon?" Hanna asked me, "shhh I haven't told him about it yet" Hanna made a face "c'mon Bee you had all weekend to tell him and the week before that not to mention!" I looked at the ground.. "well Hanna its not that easy, yes he stayed at my house this weekend, but I'm afraid of what he will say about it." Hanna smilled.. "Okeh but please tell him soon!?" "Maybe".

I had English in first period, with a girl named Samantha, she was also pregnant, and lots of people at school called her a slut. Me and Samantha was quite good friends when we were younger and till 2 years ago, but I don't know we just didn't click anymore. And now there's Hanna she's a popular girl so I don't mind hanging out with her, cause all the spotlight is on her at school. People don't really Care about me , but since Brandon got on the football team I'm kinda noticed around his friends. Well back to Samantha, Samantha is a smart and clever girl, and when we were younger she had a good influence on me. But after summer this year she changed, she's kind of an emo, and has this emo boyfriend. And now she's pregnant.. I'm a bit worried about her child, cause she smokes and drinks even though her stomach is bigger than the coffe machine . I Walker over to our table and sat next to Samantha "hey Samantha " she looked at me "hey Becka, the world is dark" I laughed in my head. She's so weird. Samantha had originally blue eyes but she have contacts in that makes them look black, it's kinda creepy. Her hair is black and pink and is not brushed for at least a month! She has all of those piercings around her face, and has eyeliner all over her face but whatever it's her decision to look that way.

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