Adapt and Recover

"Adapt and Recover" which tells about two boys growing up in the 1970's in which was still known as the Ridges Estate. Michael and Lizzy Fox live in Oakwood Avenue they have friends who live across the road; Connie and Bob Harris. Both of their sons Roger and Ronnie play together and go to the same school. Infact they are inseparable. This story takes you through their childhood together and their desire to be Royal Marine Commandos after Lizzy, Rogers mother buys Roger an Action man toy for Christmas. As young boys they join the Army Cadets until they reach the age of eighteen where they sign up to take on the hardest training regime in the world. see the boys grow into men as they are sent to fight in the Gulf War in 1991. This is a story of friendship and comradery. one that will last a lifetime.


7. 7

She went to the window and opened it a little to let out the steam then went into the fridge and took out half a dozen eggs and the bottle of red sauce.

“Here make yourself useful and butter some bread will you?’

“Michael took the Hovis loaf from the bread bin and some stork margarine and spread some onto the bread then cut the slices it in half until there was enough for everyone. Lizzy passed him a plate and he strategically assembled the bread then placed it in the middle of the table then buttered himself the crust and sat down and ate it.

“When the meal was cooked Liz called her son to the table; he came running into the kitchen then sat in his chair tucking into the sausage, egg, chips, and baked beans.

“Lovely mam he said in-between mouthfuls of food. He grabbed a cup of tea and slurped as he took a drink whilst his mother looked on and smiled. Her baby was growing up fast.  

 “Bye the way, I got myself a job today.’

“Where mam?’

“At Days the fruit shop down the street.’

“That’s handy how much is it a week?’

“Thirty six pounds a week.’

“Five days asked her husband curiously?

“No its Saturday as well.’

“What for only thirty six clarty quid for six days work; I made that on a weekend doon the yard.’

“Well you aren’t doon the bloody yard are yer so I’m havin’ to work.’

“Whey gan on then blame me noo “Cos I’m not workin.’

“I’m not blaming you Love; but we need more money comin’ in. Roger is growin’ oot of aal his clothes. We need money to buy him some more and those shoes he’s wearin’ are too tight he needs new ones.

“What you tryin’ to say like Liz; that I don’t provide enough for me kids.’

 “Well if you want the honest truth Michael; no you don’t. You spend at least ten pound a week in that pub.’

“Here we gan again Roger, the same owld record.’

“Well it’s a bloody fact; people are talkin’ aboot yer behind yer back sayin’ you are a lazy beer guzzler.’

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