Adapt and Recover

"Adapt and Recover" which tells about two boys growing up in the 1970's in which was still known as the Ridges Estate. Michael and Lizzy Fox live in Oakwood Avenue they have friends who live across the road; Connie and Bob Harris. Both of their sons Roger and Ronnie play together and go to the same school. Infact they are inseparable. This story takes you through their childhood together and their desire to be Royal Marine Commandos after Lizzy, Rogers mother buys Roger an Action man toy for Christmas. As young boys they join the Army Cadets until they reach the age of eighteen where they sign up to take on the hardest training regime in the world. see the boys grow into men as they are sent to fight in the Gulf War in 1991. This is a story of friendship and comradery. one that will last a lifetime.


53. 53

“Some of us are born leaders Roger and some are followers. I am a follower I know that.’

“Well things may change once we are out in the field. We still have a long way to go yet; that’s if you don’t get that lass of yours “knocked up”

“No way mate I’m not that daft I never ride bare back.’

“So you’ve done it then?’

“Of course, have you not?’

“No what’s it like?’

“Hard to explain really, the first time I did it; it was over so quickly I cannot remember much about it. All I know was I was absolutely shitting myself. The whole of my body was shaking I do remember.’

“What about now?’

“Well, when you’ve done it a few times it gets better and lasts longer an aal.’

“Does Brenda no that you are a virgin?

“I don’t know, maybe yes.’

Don’t worry about it mate; if it happens let it and when the time does come try not to be nervous and for God sake get some blobs first.’

“I will said Roger as Ronnie walked up to his gate and opened it. “ See you in the morning then sir’ said Ronnie as he closed the gate behind him and went into the house.

Roger looked over and the light was still on in the living room as Roger went into his path and put the key in the door and went inside.

It was now twelve thirty and his mother had sat up waiting for him.

“Mother said Roger sternly; you should have gone to bed.’

“I wouldn’t be able to sleep son knowing you are out there.’

“I’m a big boy now mam, I can look after myself.’ What are you going to be like when I join up.’

“Frantic I expect.’

“I don’t want you worrying over me mam; I’m going to be fine Ron and I are in training so we will be well prepared when the time comes.’

“I made you a sandwich and there’s some hot cocoa in the pan.

“What would I do without you mother. He bent down and kissed her and his mother got the smell of perfume from him.’

“Was it a good party then?’

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