Adapt and Recover

"Adapt and Recover" which tells about two boys growing up in the 1970's in which was still known as the Ridges Estate. Michael and Lizzy Fox live in Oakwood Avenue they have friends who live across the road; Connie and Bob Harris. Both of their sons Roger and Ronnie play together and go to the same school. Infact they are inseparable. This story takes you through their childhood together and their desire to be Royal Marine Commandos after Lizzy, Rogers mother buys Roger an Action man toy for Christmas. As young boys they join the Army Cadets until they reach the age of eighteen where they sign up to take on the hardest training regime in the world. see the boys grow into men as they are sent to fight in the Gulf War in 1991. This is a story of friendship and comradery. one that will last a lifetime.


106. 106

The next day they learned how to fire a rifle and how to throw a grenade.

The yomps were stepped up and they were now doing regular fifteen mile marches in the dark.

 The third week they had to simulate an escape from the inside of a helicopter. They were strapped in then the mock helicopter that was dropped in the pool from twenty feet up to a depth of 50 feet where upon they had to unfasten the safety belts and climb out then swim to the surface.

Then they had to tread water holding a rifle for twenty minutes without getting the weapon wet. Then there was the mile swimming exercise which had to be completed in under an hour. The next week saw them doing the mud run which was one that all the recruits hated. Then even worse was a five mile run wearing a gas mask. They lost another twelve recruits that week leaving 28 of the original squad left.

By week eight that number had dropped to twenty.

In weeks thirteen and fourteen they learned how to climb mountains; abseil and to dive from a height of forty feet.

By week twenty they could strip an assault and machine gun down and put it back together in less than a minute. They could fully load a magazine with bullets in twenty seconds.

In week twenty five they had to survive all alone in the wild and fend for themselves.

They learned to live off the land; how to make fire and shelter and how to kill, skin, and cook animals in order to survive.

They learned how to purge earth worms then eat them as a source of protein and even drink their own urine; In the event that they ran out of water.

In week thirty they had to evade capture and use any means possible to get to two checkpoints in the dark. If captured they would be interrogated and they weren’t to reveal the information they had been given or the code name of that operation. The group was split into ten men in each where they were pursued by dogs and men in jeeps. They even had men in un- marked cars looking for them. Roger and Ronnie had managed to get to the first checkpoint and evaded capture for over twenty hours before being captured by a jeep with the Staff Sergeant inside pretending to be helping them back to base. The jeep was ambushed and the men all tied up with tomato plastic ties and a wet sack placed over their heads. They didn’t know where they were being taken. They were cold, wet, hungry, and near exhaustion.’

Each recruit were given a unique code word which meant that the torture would cease and that they would be led away. They would have twenty four hours to do the whole task again or fail and be discharged. The men were not allowed to speak to one another and they were placed in stress positions on their knees with hands behind their backs and left for hours. Then they were dragged away to be interrogated by men wearing masks. They weren’t allowed to sleep. They were slapped across the face each time they closed their eyes. This is what Roger and Ronnie had read about in the psychology books. Sleep deprivation torture techniques.

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