Child of Fire

Ran was never the same person after a tragic befell him. But he remembers nothing of it. Though the past can effect your future no matter what happened and how you drive your future.


1. The Fire Started It

Ran opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was the red flames towering over his head. His mother was shouting his name from somewhere, but Ran was frozen in place staring at the fire. Finally, the five year old sat up from his bed and did as he had been told to do in the past. He crawled his way to the door and reached up to turn the knob, It was hot. Ran quickly pulled his hand away and looked around. The smoke was getting thicker. The house was starting to come down rapidly. He quickly, without fear or emotions, made his way to the basement. The basement, as he knew, had an armor and he was sure if he could get inside of it, he could get out of the house without pain or fear. When he came into the basement, the entire upper floor collapsed and he jumped out of the way just as the rubble fell on where he'd been. He smiled and made his way to the armor. The armor was large and he wasn't sure he'd be able to move in it. Before he got inside, the entire armor was crashed by falling debris. His eyes blinked rapidly as he stared at the fallen armor. It was no longer wearable. 

"Okay, now what?" he asked himself. He looked around and as he did, he noticed that the flames had caught up to him. And so, he realized, had the fear. He wasn't sure what to do anymore. He looked around for an escape. There was a window, but there was no way he could get to it before the fire. He decided to take hisn chances. 

He grabbed the nearest chair and placed it under the window. Behind him, his mother came in calling his name. Ran turned quickly and ran to her, but just as he was about to jump into her arms, her mother pushed him away just as a large piece of the house crashed into her. Ran's eyes widened tears suddenly forming in his eyes. His body shook and he stared at the place where his mother laid with the debris obver her. Her hair was covered in blood and her eyes looked at him lifeless.

"R-Ran..." she said weakly. "Run..." Tears streamed out of her eyes and Ran knelt down beside her shaking. 

"M-Mother..?" his voice shook as he tried to get his mother to reply.

"Ran.. please.. Go..."

She reached up to touch Ran's cheek. Her hand was ice cold and her skin was white as snow. All the energy drained out of her and she suddenly became lifeless. Ran stared for a minute before his entire body raged and he screamed. As he screamed, his entire body was engulfed in flames. His brown hair grew long and red and his blue eyes turned flame red. The hair grew around his mother's body and immediately after it covered her entire body, she vanished into the flames. 

"Hush... little red." A voice said. Ran's eyes were replaced by a glowing red light. The warmness of the fire turned into ice feelings. His consciousness disappeared and everything was quiet. In the background, the fire roared and engulfed everything.

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