Child of Fire

Ran was never the same person after a tragic befell him. But he remembers nothing of it. Though the past can effect your future no matter what happened and how you drive your future.


2. I Won't Allow It!

Masako looked at sensei and smiled. He was strongly against losing and there was no way he was going to bend down in defeat. He and sensei had made a bet that if the new kid was a female, then he would have to lecture him in martial arts privately for a month. If the new kid was a boy, like sensei was saying, then Masako would have to do all the chores around the house for a month. To sensei, this was an easy win. He was always right, he told himself. And there was a few tricks he had up his sleeves. He had pretended not to know the right answer and agreed to the terms. 

"Ran, please come in here," sensei called. The entire room grew quiet as a little girl around eight years old came into the room. Her hair was long and red like fire and it was double tied in two twin tails with large buns on the top making her look like a panda bear. Her eyes red-orange and she wore a knee high red-orange sundress. She looked at the others with a doll face and even though she was very cute, she looked like she was unable to smile. 

"Please introduce yourself to them, Ran." Sensei smiled as Ran looked at him then at everyone else. Ran shyly scooted closer to sensei and looked at everyone else from a downcast angle. 

Masako was staring at Ran with wide eyes and speechless. He had won, he was telling himself. 

"M-My name is Ran..." Ran said in a quiet hushed voice. "I-I'm eight years old.. I-Its nice to meet you..."

With that, Ran hid behind sensei shaking from fear and nervousness. 

"I won!" Masako said to sensei. 

Sensei simply smiled and asked Ran to tell everyone her/his gender.

"E-etto... I-I'm a boy..." Ran said. With that, he ran out of the room leaving a large quiet crowd of dumbfounded faces. 

"IT'S A WHAT!?" they shouted, They all surrounded sensei with hounding suspicious questions. The twenty-six year old martial arts teacher clapped his hands together and everyone went into their stand up position. Then he stood facing them like a military leader. All the kids were counted for and he went and explained. 

"Ran is male, yes indeed. In fact, he was born and raised as a male. Though his past is unknown. He was taken in by the country as the country's son. But not many know of his existence. And so, everything of his is free and provided to him by the country whether its money, clothing, or protection. Another reason why he is being kept by the country is, they suspect that there's something inhuman about him..."

"YOU BET THERE'S SOMETHING! THERE'S DEFINITELY SOMETHING! THAT KID LOOKS LIKE A GIRL!" Min screamed. His entire face was a pepper red. His ears and neck were red as well.

"I agree.." Rin said quietly. "But we can't really be sure that that's the truth, right sensei?"

Rin and Min were twins. Age nine. They both possessed straight blonde hair and blue eyes. They were also both male. Rin was smaller than Min and Min was a bit meaner. Thus his name. Rin was very gentle and very understanding. Though that was also one of his flaws. He was bullied by other kids because of how small he was. But he had a gang to protect him now.

"Its not nice to say things about someone you just met," Broc said. Though he was also hiding his true feelings. Everyone knew that when he said something, it usually meant he was annoyed. They all looked at him and then back to sensei.

"I understand that all of you are probably very mad at him, but hear this. Please take care of Ran. No matter what."

Everyone looked at each other and nodded. Though they each had separate feelings for the new kid.

"Is he going to be learning under you, sensei?" Masako asked.

"No. Ran is far way ahead of me. I have nothing to teach him. Its more, he'd be the one teaching me."

There was a silence as everyone looked at him with boiling blood.

"I was joking," he said. He sighed giving the "These kids have too much blood lust" smile to them and left the room. Once he was gone, the others looked at Masako for instructions.

"Kill him."

"Yes sir!"

"Masa-chan, you just met him," Rin said.

"Are you in or out, Rin?" Masako asked looking at the kid. Rin flinched and looked down nodding.

"I-I'm in..." he said quietly. 

"Don't forget, the reason you're safe from being bullied is because of me. In order to survive in the pact, act as part of it. Got it?"

Rin nodded and his brother ushered him out of the room with the others. They were heading to find Ran while Masako practiced. 

"That brat is going to die whether its the last thing that happens around here." He punched a punching dummy and it exploded. While he was training, he heard screams of pain and panic. Then Rin came back running with fear in his eyes.

"What's going on?" Masako asked the kid. 

"T-That kid... is not as weak as he looks.." Rin said before fainting. Masako ran towards the noise and froze as soon as he arrived.

"W-what the heck happened here?" he screamed at Ran. He looked at the unconscious bodies then at Ran.

"T-They're only unconscious.. I.. I didn't want to hurt them.. they surprised me.. I-I'm sorry.."

Masako's face reddened with rage. 

"You little-!" he lunged towards Ran and by reflex, Ran moved out of the way. Masako threw a punch at him, but Ran gracefully dodged it.

"S-senpai, please stop.. I'm sorry... I don't want to hurt you..."

"Hurt me!? Just go ahead and try!"

Ran's face turned pale but he continued dodging and blocking each punch. 

"The heck?" Masako stopped and stared at Ran. He hadn't been punched at all, but the girly boy was crying. His tears were of blood. "The heck? You freak!" Masako angrily ran out of the room to get sensei. Sensei panicked when he saw what was going on and rook all the students to a different room and returned to Ran who was sitting around a pool of blood. Sensei locked the door and squatted beside Ran and tried to calm him down.

"Ran is sorry," he sobbed. "Ran didn't mean to cause anything.. Ran is sorry.." He repeated this over and over while crying blood until he grew exhausted and his consciousness ceased. Sensei held the poor boy in his arms and a grim thought of a punishment for the rest of his students. They would surely know the meaning of "not nice"

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