SONIC FANFICTION (not specifially about him). Not fully sure where I'm going with this yet but i'm hoping to do some drawings to add to it too :)


3. Chapter Three

Galaxy slowly stirred in and out of conciousness, not that she remembered even falling asleep. Although she really didn't feel like she had the energy she softly pushed herself to awaken fully. A few moments later she was fully awake and pulling herself up as she looked around the unfamiliar room. 

The room had dull walls and it was hard to tell whether they were grey or light blue, with a large metal door. The only furniture items in the room were an uncomfortable bed with metal posts, a toilet and a sink. "Not quite fit for a Princess" she joked under her breath as she looked down at herself, checking herself over.

Her light blue legs had only one small cut. Her peachy arms were not injured in any way, excluding a small plaster on the top of her right arm. She felt around the area as searing pain hit her, trying to hold back a scream. Instead she just growled feeling very agitated. She stood up from the bed, quickly finding her balance and walking over to the small sink. Instantly she backed away, seeing the one and only thing she could ever be terrified of - a needle and a giant one at that. "So thats what happened" she said at the realisation she must have fainted, slowly getting annoyed. She felt around her black and red dress, searching for her chaos emerald. She let out a large sigh of relief as she walked towards the door, a smirk starting to grow on her face. 

As she got closer to the door, she searched for a way to open it. No handle, no bell. Barging herself into it didn't help as it just hurt her arm even more. Spindash was her last resort. Still not even a dent in the door, and slowly Galaxy was beginning to give up hope. She pulled out her chaos emerald, admiring its glimmer as an idea formed in her head. "CHAOS SPEAR!" she shouted, as to her surprise a large spear formed in her hand as she prepared her aim. She fired it at the door, only to see it reflect back to the ceiling, the wall behind her and then into her. She fell on the floor now regretting ever trusting Silver. "One more try" Galaxy said, slowly and carefully pulling herself up. She focused as she stared at the door. "CHAOS BLAST" she yelled as she felt the energy surrounding the room. The door was blown off its hinges as it fell, and Galaxy victoriously walked out. 

"How the hell did you get out?!" a black hedgehog shouted as he ran towards Galaxy, stopping a few meters away. "I'm not gonna tell you" Galaxy said as she began to levitate in the air, focusing her psychokinesis and trying to remember everything and anything Silver had previously taught her. "Now who are you and why am I here" she said as she took more notice of the hedgehog's appearance. "Go back in there and I'll tell you" he said pointing towards the room she was previously in. "I'm not falling for your trickery, and theres no door" she added as she sent a psychic knife towards him. He jumped over it with a suprised look on his face. "I could have screwed the door back on whilst you coincidentally fall back to sleep" he said completely ignoring what just happened as he walked towards her. Galaxy felt slightly threatened and started reversing backwards into a large circular room, lowering herself back to the floor. 

"I don't know how you did it last time, but you aren't doing it again" Galaxy said as she began to levitate again, sending several more psychic knifes towards the hedgehog. He dodged all of them as he ran towards her. "If you would rather do it this way Galaxy, I'm fine with it" he said as he pulled out a chaos emerald. "Whats your name? I'd like to know the name of the first ever person I defeat" she said as she prepared herself to fight. Using pyschokinesis, she lifted the door up and threw it at the dark hedgehog. He vaulted over it, landing on his feet and crouched on the floor. He got up and walked towards her. 

"I'm Shadow the Hedgehog and I'm the ultimate lifeform" 


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