SONIC FANFICTION (not specifially about him). Not fully sure where I'm going with this yet but i'm hoping to do some drawings to add to it too :)


1. Chapter One

"Sonic where are you?" Amy Rose called out, wondering around her castle. "SONIC WHERE ARE YOU? AND IS GALAXY WITH YOU?!" Amy called out running around trying to find her king and her daughter. She ran into the large dinning room and stopped abruptly when she saw her husband floating in the air, her daughter holding him up. "GALAXY I THOUGHT I HAD TOLD YOU SPECIFICALLY NOT TO USE PSYCHOKINESIS IN THE CASTLE!" Amy raised her voice at her daughter, scaring Galaxy into loss of concentration and dropping Sonic. He let out a small scream before landing firmly on his feet. "Sorry Mum but I was helping Dad" Galaxy said as she looked over at her dad. 

They stood facing each other for a few minutes before Amy questioned "who does Galaxy get psychokinesis from anyway? Neither of us can do that" she smiled. "Thats what happens when you hire Silver as the baby sister" Sonic joked awkwardly. "So anyway, what was it you wanted mum?" Galaxy asked her mum. "Oh right I forgot about that. We needed to decide what to wear for our ball next week" Amy said as she grabbed Sonic and started pulling him towards the bedroom where the maids were already waiting. "Well I'm going to go and find Silver, good luck Dad!" she said as she teleported to the royal stables just as Sonic finished mouthing the words "help me". 

As Galaxy arrived at the stable, she found Silver struggling to get one of the horses to move. "ITS NO USE!" He shouted as he crossed his arms and looked in the other direction. "Are you alright Silver?" Galaxy asked as she walked towards him. "Pr-Princess Galaxy I-" he started before she interupted him. "Silver you are my friend, you have full permission to just call me Galaxy, okay?" she said as she got close to him. "O-Okay Galaxy, well your horse won't go back in his stable" he said as he tried pushing the horse in. "Its fine Silver, I'm gonna take him for a ride anyway" Galaxy smiled as she came out of a room with a saddle, blue numnah and bridle. "Oh okay well can I come with you?" Silver asked as Galaxy finished preparing her horse. She led her piebald stallion towards the mounting block as she hopped on and sorted out her reins. "Sure, you are my teacher for everything after all" she said as they both started walking towards the jumping paddocks. 

"Galaxy, have you ever met Shadow the hedgehog?" Silver brought up the random question just after she had landed from a jump. "I've heard of him and I've seen old photographs but no I've never actually met him" she said as she began to cool her horse off, now walking through lush meadows with Silver. "Will I meet him? You are a time traveller after all" she questioned. "Maybe, but I'm not going to say how" Silver said as they came to a halt. 

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