SONIC FANFICTION (not specifially about him). Not fully sure where I'm going with this yet but i'm hoping to do some drawings to add to it too :)


4. Chapter Four

Galaxy landed back on the floor as Shadow was preparing to attack. "Sh-Shadow? Your Shadow the hedgehog?" She said amazed by how bright his red quills are. "Yes, I thought you knew who I was" Shadow stated unsure. "I've heard about you but I don't recall ever meeting you" Galaxy said, mentally flicking through all her memories. "I met you once when you were little" he said as they still kept their distance. There was silence for a few minutes whilst Galaxy thought about trying to teleport back home. Several times she tried to teleport and all failed.

Galaxy started to panic, sending her psychokinesis haywire. Shadow got into a fighting position. "Why can't I teleport??" Galaxy shouted, picking up the nearest object and hurling it at Shadow. "Calm the hell down and then I'll explain" he said as he walked into the room with the broken door, trying not to get annoyed. Galaxy took a deep breath and exhaled as she lowered herself to the ground again and cautiously walked towards the door. 

Galaxy stared at the hedgehog for a few minutes, watching his moves. "I'm not going to hurt you" Shadow said holding his hands up. She looked over towards the sink, noticing 'it' was still there. "You're not going to touch that thing in the sink then, no?" she questioned, gesturing towards the object. "I'll get rid of that when your not in the room" he said looking between the object and Galaxy. She waited a few more seconds, staring deep into Shadow's eyes, before walking into the room. She sat down on the bench as Shadow stood infront of her.

"So what happened and why am I here?" She asked still unsure of what happened. "I was meant to meet you and your family at the castle because they wanted to talk to me, but Silver said you wanted to meet me in the woods. So I went to the woods and saw you, and I thought I would teleport you here so we could talk but that didn't quite go to plan" he said looking awkwardly at the floor. "I remember being teleported from there to here, but I don't remember what happened after I got here" she said, trying to think as hard as she could, hinting to Shadow to explain. "Once we got here, you went ballistic. It was very ... surprising to find out you have psychokinesis" Shadow continued. "I tried to defend myself without hurting you which is why you probably only have a few little scratches" he continued, pointing to the one on her leg. "You have very high endurance, and I didn't want you to get hurt so I did the one thing I could think of to calm you down" he said, breaking eye contact and looking towards the sink. 

Galaxy thought for a few minutes thinking about what Shadow claimed had happened. It seemed legitimate although she sat there for a bit still thinking about it. When she came out of her thoughts with a question, Shadow was sitting down next to her. "That seems like it could of happened, but it still doesn't answer my question - why can't I teleport?" She asked again. "That device on your ankle - it stops you teleporting and reduces the strength of your powers" he said as he pointed towards it. "How did I not even notice that? Can you take it off?" she asked as Shadow stood up and infront of her. "Your not gonna teleport away, no?" Shadow asked slightly concerned. "No I don't have a reason to, your a cool hedgehog" she said. "Fine then" Shadow said as he grabbed her leg and pulled it closer to his face, making her scream as she fell off the bench and laid on the floor. "Ow Shadow!" she said in suprise and slight pain, whilst wanting to let out a little giggle. "Sorry" he said as he concertrated harder. 

"Can you pass me the screwdriver?" Shadow said, still having not got the damn thing off. Galaxy reached under the bench and pulled out a screwdriver, passing it up to Shadow. He unscrewed the screws, although it still wouldn't come off. "You almost done yet Shads?" she asked, her back beginning to ache. "Almost" he said as he tried pulling it apart. He found a lock which released when he typed in the code as he took the thing off and dropped Galaxy's leg.

"SILVER! I'm going to kill him!" Galaxy said, clearly irritated that Silver was the cause of this pain and annoyance. "Firstly, you need to calm down before that psychokinesis of yours goes haywire" Shadow said as he paused, giving her a second to cool herself off. "Secondly, I'm surprised you didn't kill each other sooner considering the first time he met you he never actually wanted to be your baby sitter - I'm even more surprised about the fact that you became friends"  Shadow scoffed as he stood up and crossed his arms. 

"Really?" Galaxy said unsure as she stood up. "Yeah he took a lot of convincing" Shadow smirked, thinking back to the memory of Silver's reaction. "If you want we can go back in time and see it? I'm up for the laugh" Shadow said as he folded his arms and continued to smirk. "Let's do it!" Galaxy said as she walked towards Shadow, pulling out her chaos emerald. "CHAOS CONTROL!" they shouted as they put their emeralds next to each other. A portal appeared infront of them and they jumped through together. 


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