SONIC FANFICTION (not specifially about him). Not fully sure where I'm going with this yet but i'm hoping to do some drawings to add to it too :)


5. Chapter Five

Shadow and Galaxy leaped out of the portal, seemingly unnoticed by everyone. They decided it would be safest to hide behind some boxes and watch from a distance. Silver entered the room, walking straight up to the king and queen. Queen Amy was holding a young baby in her hands, a young Galaxy. Silver bowed his head for a second, before looking up at Sonic. "You wanted something?" Silver asked with a slight dread he was trying so desperately to hide. "Yes, we wanted to ask if you would be Galaxy's baby sitter  and teacher until she is 18?" Amy said staring silver directly in his golden eyes. "But I ... why me?" Silver asked slightly irritated. "Because you have seen some of the past, present and future and so i think you would be a good teacher" Sonic added. "Hmph fine" Silver said as he walked towards the large doors, although he was stopped in his path.

"HOW DARE YOU" Galaxy shouted in his face, blocking his path. "Who are you? How did you get in here?" he said, taking several steps backwards. "I'm Galaxy, the princess that you don't seem to want to go near?" she said as she walked up to him. Shadow stayed in his hiding place and hit the palm of his hand on his face. Silver sent a physic knife hurling towards Galaxy and she front flipped over it and landed gracefully back on her feet. She sent a physic knife back at him and he just sat there in shock as it hit him. "Galaxy doesn't have psychokinesis" Amy said looking down at her baby. "I learnt from who I thought was the best" she said glaring at Silver. Silver backed away a few steps before whisper shouting "Isn't someone on their way to arrest her yet?" which is when Shadow stepped out from the darkness. "Shadow arrest her!" Amy called out as Galaxy looked at Shadow with a threatening look on her face. "Chaos control" she said with a smirk as time warped and she ran out of the large doors. Suddenly she found Shadow had done the same, standing a metre away from her. "I am not being arrested" Galaxy said as she crossed her arms. "Well lets get out of here quickly then before they realise I haven't arrested you" he said pulling out his chaos emerald. They put them together again shouting "chaos control" just as silver ran out of the castle. They quickly leapt through the portal just as it started to close.

The portal opened up at Space Colony ARK and Galaxy fell out of it. "So do you have any idea what  mum and dad wanted to see you about?" she said as she stood up. "I do have an idea" he said as he walked out the room. Galaxy looked over at the sink, noticing the item was still there. "How did you get me still enough to bring that thing near me anyway" she said following Shadow down the corridor. "I used chaos control, the element of suprise and luck" he called out as he continued walking. "S-Shadow can you hear that?" Galaxy said floating up to him as the sound got louder. He stopped for a second hearing the sound too. "You don't think-" Galaxy started before pausing as Shadow said "Theres only one way to find out" as they ran back to the room they had just come from. 


A/N:: Heyyy I'm sorry i haven't updated this in forever but I'm trying to finish Bluestone first :) 

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