Hope is a shy, yet generous girl.
Harry is a popular, friendly boy.

Meeting together in Africa brings the two together. What will happen to them both?


10. Chapter 8

Niall's POV

Me and Harry come back to our room after drop drying in the sun. Harry's sitting on the balcony so I decide to text Louis. Instead of joining us, Louis went off to the beach with a boy called Toby.

(N-Niall L-Louis)

N- hey!

L-hi :)

N- how u doin?

L- good. Toby's a rlly good lad. We should go 2 the pool with him tomoz ;)

N- yeh that would be fun! I made a new friend too. She's called Hope:) and I think Harry's got a small crush on her

L-no! Not my lil Harry. Larry is no longer :(

N- don't give up! Cause I think someone else has their eye on her as well.

L- oh. Ok. Well I've gtg. C u at dinner!

*end of convo*

Harry's POV

I sit on the balcony watching the sunset. It's so tranquil. After a while I decide to go inside.

"The shower is all yours." Niall says coming out of the bathroom wrapped in a bathrobe. I laugh.

"What a sight, Mr Horan!" I gasp.

"Ha, ha. Very funny." Niall says crossing his arms across his bare chest.

I walk into the bathroom and strip off my trunks which were now dry thanks to the hot sun. I get into the shower and turn on the water. I hum as cold water pours down my body. I grab the soap and start cleansing myself.

I wanted to look extra special tonight knowing that not only the camera crew are going to be there, but so is Hope.

After a while my skin goes wrinkly and prune like so I step out of the shower. Water drips off of my body as I wrap my towel around my body.

I then open the bathroom door. I shout in surprise!

Hope's POV

I'm nearly ready. My make-up and hair is complete. But I can't seem to find my tablets. I have Anaemia. It means I don't make enough red blood cells and basically I get really cold and weak.I start to panic when I remember I brought them down to the pool with me.

I grab my clutch from the side putting my phone and room key inside. I then rush down to the pool.

I breathe a sigh of relief when I see my tablets on the sunbed I was on. I'm about to leave when I spot Nialls sunglasses on the other sunbed. I'd better return these.

I start making my way up to the rooms until I realise. I don't know where there room is.

Zayn! He's the door next to me. I go over and knock on his door.

Zayn opens the door after a few minutes shirtless.

"Oh hi. Sorry about the wait, i was in the shower."he apologises.

Water is dripping from his damp hair.

"Okay well-" I begin.

"Sorry, but this better be quick. Not wanting to be rude but I have to do my hair. By the way nice dress." He interrupts then smirks. I look down at what I'm wearing. A black dress which flows down to a few inches above my knee.

I blush. "Oh er thanks." I say. "Um, i was just wondering where Nialls room is? He left these by the pool." I say and gesture to the sunglasses.

"Yeah it's on the end." He grumbles. He looks slightly disappointed. He then shuts the door on my face before I can say thank you.

I shake off the reaction of Zayn and tap on Nialls door.

He opens the door with a smile.

"Oh hi" he says grins.

"Hey." I reply with a smile.

"Come in" he gestures as I follow him into the room. The room is massive! It's slightly cluttered but still very roomy."You look beautiful by the way." He says sweetly.

"Oh. Thank you. You look dashing yourself." I return the compliment.

"Thanks." I says looking chuffed.

"So I have your-"

"ARRGGGHHH!" Shouts somebody behind me. I turn around to see Harry with a towel around him. Half of his body is in view. Thankfully below is hidden.

"Argh!" I cry and turn back around swiftly. Niall laughs.

"Sorry, Hope I forgot to warn you." Niall says apologetically.

"What about me?" Harry complains.

"Harry it's okay, I've already seen you shirtless." I explain.

"What! When?" He shouts.

"Today. At the pool." I remind him giggling.

"Oh right, yeah. Sorry." He apologises. "Well I'm getting dressed. You look absolutely stunning by the way." He winks.

"I would say the same, Mr Styles, but you're dressed in just a towel" I joke.

"Mmmhhhmmm." I grumbles. I laugh and he then grabs some clothes and goes back into the bathroom.

"Let's go onto the balcony." Niall suggests. I nod in agreement and follow him out onto the balcony.

"So.. What brings you here on this fine evening?" He questions in a posh accent.

"Oh right!" I remember. "You left your sunglasses at the pool" I hand him his sunglasses.

"I wondered where these went. Thank you." He says politely.

"No problem." I reply.

"But." He begins. "What we're you doing there? We all left at the same time." Niall asks.

"Oh erm." I hesitate. People in the past who have known about my condition tend to be too nice. I don't really enjoy the attention. " I forgot something down there and only just realised when I finished getting ready."

" oh ok. By the way what's your Instagram? I want to to tag you in the photo."

"Oh it's." He quickly hands me his phone. "Thanks." I type my name in and request to follow.

"Can you send me the photo?" I ask, standing up.

"Sure. DM me and I'll send it." He winks.

"Ok. Well if that's all, I guess I'll leave you to get ready." I start.

"Oh no. Please stay. Harry won't take long." He says all of a sudden.

I sigh. "Okay." I flash a smile.

I check the time on my phone. "Can I have a glass of water?" I ask remembering i need to take my tablets.

"Sure, help yourself." I go inside the room to see Harry walking out of the bathroom, struggling with his tie.

"Oh, here. Let me help you." I say and walk over to him. I fix his blue tie.

"Thanks." He says. I step back.

"Now I can say that you look very smart."

"Is that it?" He asks.

"And handsome." I add. He flashes a quick grin.

"Oh erm, can I have some water?" I ask.

"Sure." He replies. He goes over to the mini fridge.

"Catch." He calls. I catch a bottle of water which was hurtling towards me.

"Thank you."

"No problem, good catch." He compliments. I fiddle through my bag and find my tablets. I place one at the back of my mouth and take a gulp of water. The tablet quickly slides down my throat with the water. I let out a quick cough.

"You alright?" Harry questions.

"Yep." I wince.

"You a drug addict or something?" He jokes.

"Something along this lines." We burst out laughing.

"Okay, stop laughing love birds, we've got food to eat." Niall says walking into the room, licking his lips.

"Oh, we're not dat-"I begin . Harry raises his eyebrows.

"I know." Niall interrupts.

We then all go out of the room and head towards dinner.

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