Hope is a shy, yet generous girl.
Harry is a popular, friendly boy.

Meeting together in Africa brings the two together. What will happen to them both?


7. Chapter 5

Hope's POV

"Okay." One of the workers from the charity, comic relief begins. "My name is Lesley. I will be telling you guys where to be and when. Basically a personal secretary."

He points to some men." These are the security guards;the bald one is Keith, and the blonde is tiger and the one in sunglasses is Andy...Anyways,today we are going over into the valley where loads of poor families are living. We will be spread out into 3 minivans."

There are 3 silver minivans parked in front of us. They have tinted windows, which personally I think is awesome!

"Okay so in minivan one; Niall, Toby and Chris (my dad)." Lesley says. My dad kisses my cheek before following the others into the van.

Toby and his Dad (Matthew) are like me and my dad. My dad and Matthew both work at a popular radio station at home. They have their own broadcast show and sometimes work together. Me and Toby are just invited as we're their children.

"In minivan 2; Zayn, Liam and Matthew." Lesley continues. Matthew gets into the minivan eagerly whilst Liam and Zayn get into the van whilst having a conversation.

"And last but not least." Lesley bluntly continues. "Harry, hope and Louis are in the third minivan."

"Hooray!" Louis responds as he skips over into the van. Me and Harry climb in silently. We are soon joined by some camera crew and Tiger.

"Hey guys." Tiger says cheerfully as he clambers into the minivan. "So I'm going to be your security today. I will also help you if you need anything." He winks. "The journey will be an hour long but you guys should be fine. Okay, then. Let's go!"

The driver turns on the engine and we pull out of the hotel. I'm sat in between Louis who is on the left and Harry who is on the right, at the back. In front of us are some camera crew and then there's tiger in the passenger seat.

"So." One of the women with the camera says. "How are you feeling?" She asks Harry.

"Well."Harry begins. "I'm not sure how I feel. Nervous because I'm haven't really lived in there lifestyle before and happy because I'm able to help them." Harry answers.

"And Hope." The woman asks. "Do you know what to expect?"

"Expect the unexpected." I quote. "The conditions can be terrible sometimes and others can be in better conditions than we thought." I finish.

"Finally Louis"the women questions. "How are you going to try and help today?"

"I'll do the best that I can to help. If mothers need my help cooking I'll collect the food. If they need water I'll carry as much water as I can." Louis says sweetly.

"Thank you." She says. "Andddddd... Cut!" She says sharply. "Now relax on your journey guys.

I plug in my earphones as Louis looks out the window and Harry makes small talk with one of the camera crew.

*skip 20mins*

I wake up with my head on someone's shoulder. I take out my earphones and look up.

"Hey" Harry whispers softly. I run my eyes. I snap into reality and realise that I was leaning on Harry's shoulder.

"Oh I'm so sorry." I apologise.

"Hey"he rubs my arm."it's fine, love" he whispers. I blush. "The drive is going to be longer because roads were blocked and the weather wasn't too good." He says.

"Oh okay." I say. "How long was I out?"

"20 minutes" he says.

"Thanks" I reply. I look to my left and see that Louis is giving out small snores. I giggle.

"Your laugh is adorable" harry says. I look into his bright green eyes and blush.

"Oh my god. Did I just say that? Sorry!" Harry begins.

"It's okay, I guess." I reply. "It's okay,love" I say trying to impersonate him.

"Hey!" He exclaims shoving my shoulder lightly.

"Shhhhh" I whisper and point to Louis.

"Oh yeah." He says chuckling. I yawn.

"Go back to sleep." Harry says softly. "We have another hour or so to go." He pulls me into a hug.

"Okay." I whisper and I drift back to sleep leaning against Harry as he strokes my hair.

Harry's POV

She drifts back to sleep on my shoulder. I breathes are slow and steady.

"Psst" I whisper. Louis lifts his head. "It's okay now"

Louis pretended to be asleep and we were going to scare Hope. But when she woke up, I didn't have the heart to scare her so when Louis was about to pounce, I shook my head and he continued to pretend to be asleep.

She's so sweet when she's asleep. Her blonde hair covers some of her face and her nose crinkles slightly.

"She's cute." Louis says suddenly.

"Huh?" I reply.

"Well she's perfect for a girlfriend. She's pretty, happy and she's caring" Louis continues. I raise an eyebrow.

"I guess." I respond. I stroke her silky blonde hair. I then find myself falling into a deep sleep. I rest my head on top of Hope's.

Louis' POV (for a change 😉)

I take a photo of Hope and Harry. They're so cute together. I post the picture on Instagram with the caption : known each other less than a day and are already friends. Hopefully even closer in the future. #otp.

Comments soon flow in. I smile and plug in my headphones.

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