Hope is a shy, yet generous girl.
Harry is a popular, friendly boy.

Meeting together in Africa brings the two together. What will happen to them both?


1. Chapter 1

Hope's POV

I slurped the last drops of my Starbucks whilst walking back from the graveyard. I then throw it in the bin before turning into my estate. I couldn't help but think of mum. What was she like? What were her best features?

I soon find myself walking up to my house. I open the blue, wooden door with a little effort and step inside.

"Hello?" I hear my dad call from upstairs.

"Just me!" I reply. I put my bag down at the stairwell and take my shoes off. I then run upstairs.

I walk into my dads room to find clothes and belongings scattered around the room.

"Dad-" I begin.

"We're going to Africa last minute!" My dad says in excitement.

"Yay!" I shout.

"Go pack your stuff. Bring some nice dressy clothes as well because we'll be aired on tv for comic relief."

I ran off into my room and opened my wardrobe (closet) doors. I grabbed clothes off of hangers and started to shovel them into my suitcase.

I keep on thinking to myself: I'm going to Africa. I can't wait! Every year me and my dad fly over to Africa to help poor families. I feel so good helping them as that's what my mother did best. That's partly why my parents called me Hope. We say that to every family before we come back home. You just need to have a little hope.

I soon finished packing and grabbed my phone from my back pocket. I started to scroll through social media. To be honest, if I use social media it'll be to see what other people are up to, I rarely post anything.

I scroll down the very boring feed until my eyes lay upon something good. Harry Styles has posted on Instagram that he's going out to Africa in aid of Comic Relief with the rest of the boys.

@hope.xx : wow! I'm going to Africa too tomorrow in aid of Comic Relief :)

I wasn't expecting a reply so I soon turn my phone off. I decide to change and go to bed to catch some sleep. Tomorrow was going to be a big day.

Harry's POV

We all sat in circle around the table.

"Okay, Harry. Truth or dare?" Louis asks from across me.

"Errr-" I begin but soon get interrupted by Simon.

"Alright boys." Simon begins. Oh no this can't be good! "Tomorrow your going to Africa in aid of the charity: Comic Relief" the room is silent. "Well I thought you'd be at least a little bit excited." We just stare at him.

"So will we be aired on tv or something?" Niall asks.

"Of course you are. Other wise you wouldn't be going." Simon states. I roll my eyes. We're only doing this to be broadcasted on tv? Pathetic.

"Well I'm going to go pack my stuff." Louis says and skips out of the room.

"Same here" I say before leaving the room.

I can just hear Niall shouting: "I ship it!" .

This was going to be a long trip.

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