Saved but at what cost?

Luna is a teenage witch who has to hide from a world of magic. Magix users have been accepted but not witches. What happens when she meets the love of her life? Will she push him away or will she accept her feelings?

Minecraft diaries fanfic :3


3. Chapter Three

-Luna's POV-

I picked up a really strange energy form that guy. I think he said his name was Derek. I don't know, I am really bad with names. Anyway when i saw him my heart started beating really fast. This has never happened before. I walk into the forest that is nearby and stop at a secluded part of the forest that my friend Lucinda's mom protects. Her and the lady Irene had created this forest or at least that is what I've heard. Since I know Hyria (Lucinda's mom) she allows me to pass through the forest and she even allows me to have access to her house. Her house is in the middle of the forest but a lot of people get lost because of the spells that Hyria has placed on the forest to protect it. I used to get to Phoenix drop because it was the fastest route (I'll Explain her backstory in the next A/N so hopefully it will make more sense). Anyway I make my way back to the dorm. As soon as I get there I decide to try out that new potion that Hyria gave me as homework for the week

~~~~~2 hours later~~~~~

Finally this potion is done. I walk into the center of the dorm where the four parts of the room meet. Aphmau is in her room reading, KC is in her little kitchen making cookies, and Katelyn is just looking at her room and different items. I walk up to Katelyn. "Hey Katelyn. Whatcha doing?" I say just to make sure she not doing anything. "Nothing why?" she answers. "Can you please test this potion please? Just so you know if i failed at making this potion it will turn you into a cat. If i was close to succession it will turn you into a dog" I say hoping that that she will say yes. "Yeah sure, what is it supposed to do?" she asks. "its supposed to turn you into a werewolf" I state.

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