His Girl

4 years after Damon Salvatore had passed away, Elena Gilbert stopped looking for solutions to bring him back. She stopped believing that there was hope she'd see him again. The first year was hard, but it became easier. After four years, she finally moved on until the feeling of deja vu washes over her.


13. Twelve. Elena's Date

Currently, I’m in Med school. Eight years of this and I’ll be testing to get my license to be a registered doctor. Mom, dad, and Aunt Jenna would be proud. Alaric and Jeremy are. Alaric eventually met a woman by the name of Meredith Fell, a physician at Mystic Falls Hospital. She was also on the Founder’s Council with Alaric, which was how they met.

Starting off my first year in Med school isn’t easy. I still kept in contact with my friends, but that also meant it would be hard for me to keep a relationship with Matt. Though, we found a way to stay together through all the hardships.

Volunteering and going to school surely tired me out. There wasn’t a single day when I could just take a break from it all. I’m not going to lie. I am enjoying the medical field. Again, Caroline had suggested to throw another reunion party.

This time it was decided to be held at our old high school gym. I was about two years away from finishing up Med school. “Brings back memories, doesn’t it?” Bonnie asked. The three of us—Bonnie, Caroline, and I—entered the gym. It hadn’t changed in what felt like years.

“Yeah, nostalgic.” I still pretended like I remember everything from high school, especially Junior and Senior year. It just felt like one gigantic hole. Caroline was throwing a decade dance, just like the good old days. I wonder what it’s going to be like this time. 20s, 40s? Caroline had settled for 80s. “Another one?” asked Bonnie.

“I think we’ll have much more fun with this one.” Caroline could’ve been a part-time party planner if she didn’t work full-time at the news station. Bonnie ended up being a psychiatrist. The three of us were already starting on our futures. Caroline is still dating that one guy, who's name I still can’t remember.

Bonnie is dating some guy named Jesse, whom she helped get through a lot of deep rooted family issues. I’ve meet him a few times. He seemed like a real nice guy, even with those issues. I’m glad that she was able to help someone. “When’s this dance taking place?” I asked.

“Saturday at 7pm.” replied Bonnie.

“Matt can’t make it. He’s going to be out of town for a Sheriff’s retreat, or something like that.” I told them.

“Find a date.” Caroline was so optimistic. Who was I going to find to take to the decade dance in a short amount of time? The next day, Matt was packing his bags to get ready to leave on Friday. I had three days to find a date. My options were limited on who to bring. “I wish I could be your date babe.” said Matt. I leaned against the door frame and watched him pack.

“It’s okay. I’ll just take Tyler, if he’s not going with anyone.” I looked down. Matt walked up to me. He lifted my chin and kissed my lips. He then left the room to go to work. I touched my necklace around my neck. It had been given to me a few years ago.

I can’t exactly remember who gave it to me, but I kept re-reading the letter that was left. I don’t know if that guy is still here, whoever he is. I sighed and got in my car to drive out to Mystic Grill. I needed to clear my head. I parked the car and entered the Grill.

There wasn’t really anyone in there to talk to besides the fact I spotted someone sitting at the bar. It was him. I approached his direction. “It’s not right to sneak up on someone.” said he. He turned his head towards me when I joined him. I was asked if I wanted a drink, but I shook my head.

“I didn’t know you’d be here.” I told him.

“Well, now you know. Is something on your mind?”

“A friend of mine is hosting a high school reunion, but-“

“Your boyfriend walked out on you?"

“Kind of. He’s going out of town for the weekend, so he’ll miss the event. I really don’t have anyone to go with and-“

“I get it. You don’t want to go alone. I know we barely know each other, but how about we go together?” I was about to shake my head to decline, but he insisted. I brought up the mention of a girlfriend, but he immediately said that he didn’t have one.

“It’s been hard for me to get over the last one. I mean, she’s really… changed me. Where’s this dance taking place?” I told him that it was going to be in the gym at Mystic Falls High. Also, I told him about the theme of the reunion. He smiled a bit, as if reminiscing a good memory of his. “I’ll just meet you there. It’s not necessary to pick me up.”

“So when is it?”

“Saturday at seven.”

“I’ll see you there.” He flashed his smile once again. For some reason, it made me feel weak. I could hear my own heart beat in my chest. I wondered if he heard it. I nodded, but before I got up, I asked him what is name is. “You’ll find out soon enough Miss Gilbert.” He winked and took a sip of his drink. Immediately, I left the Grill. I wasn’t sure how long I can withstand being in the same room as him. How am I going to survive an entire night with him?

When Saturday came around, I was getting ready. I opened the dresser to take out some jewelry when I noticed my old journal. It had been years since I last wrote in it, let alone open to read what’s inside. Curious as I was, I opened the journal.

Dear Diary: Today will be different. It has to be… I will no longer be the sad little girl that lost her parents. I will start fresh, be someone new. It’s the only way I’ll make it through.

Dear Diary: This morning was different. There’s change. I can sense it, feel it… Because I know I will see him [Stefan] again.

Dear Me: If you’re reading this, then someone spilled the beans about your selective memory loss… Yes, you loved Damon. You loved with a passion that consumed you, and then when Damon died, the void he filled was too deep… I want you to rediscover yourself, in the absence of the one that defined you. If you feel any hope for the future at all, then you’re already better off. You’ve been given a chance to start over. I want you to take it. I want you to be happy.” 

There were many entries I have skipped over, but the names Damon and Stefan kept appearing every so often. Why did a majority of the entries talk about blood, killings, and those two guys? Why was their involvement so crucial? Were they a part of my life at one time? I don’t know.

I had to confront someone about it. I put away my journal and checked the time. When I arrived at Mystic Falls High, I was a mere five minutes late. Yet, it didn’t matter. Everyone was already showing up. Caroline didn’t take note of my arrival, which I was thankful for.

“Glad you made it.” Bonnie approached me with a hug. When I pulled away from the hug, I saw him. He was walking towards our direction. I glanced at Bonnie for a few brief moments. I swear that she had a look of recognition in her eyes, like she knew him. “Bonnie Bennett, right?” he asked.

Bonnie nodded, “And you are… a friend of Stefan’s?”

“We’re more like brothers.” He emphasized.

“Well, I’ll leave you two. I have to go find Jesse.” Bonnie walked away. Finally I was alone with him. I wanted to ask him so many questions, but I felt that tonight isn’t the right time. He noticed my silence and questioned me about it. “Nothing, just…”

“What are you doing here?” Caroline’s boyfriend approached us. I think she said his name was Stefan.

“I’m Elena’s date.”

“You brought Da-“ Stefan covered Caroline’s mouth. He interrupted by saying that she had been drinking and walked away with her. What was Caroline going to say? Now I was getting really suspicious. “Can we go outside?” I turned towards my date. He nodded and exited the gym with me. We walked down the hallway, away from all the noise.

“My friends know you.” I said.

“They’re confusing me for someone else.”

“Well, I opened up my journal I haven’t written in for years. I just need you to answer questions for me. Who are you and why do you know me?”

“Damon Salvatore, and I’m your dead ex-boyfriend.”

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