His Girl

4 years after Damon Salvatore had passed away, Elena Gilbert stopped looking for solutions to bring him back. She stopped believing that there was hope she'd see him again. The first year was hard, but it became easier. After four years, she finally moved on until the feeling of deja vu washes over her.


4. Three. Tough Times

I started my first semester at Whitmore College. I was sharing a dorm room with Caroline and Bonnie. Out of the three of us, Caroline was the most excited to start off the new year. She was always excited when the school year came around. She was the first one to jump into anything school related.

“This is going to be awesome. Just us girls and four years of college.” she smiled. Both she and Bonnie were unpacking their stuff. I have yet to unpack mine. How is moving on from Damon’s death going to be any easier?

“Are you coming with us to the party tonight?” Caroline asked me. They were both dressed and ready to head out. I told them I was going to meet up with them later. As soon as they exited the room, I began to take out the contents from my box.

On top was all of the memorabilia of Damon and I. A few pictures of the two of us together and his buttoned up black long-sleeved shirt. I wasn’t ready to go out with my friends. I wasn’t ready to have fun, but I have to learn to move on without… Damon. I need to learn how to get out and find my own fun.

I wish Stefan were here. I let out a sigh and put Damon’s shirt back into the box. I unpack the rest of my clothes and took out a dress. Maybe I should go to this party. Maybe I’ll be able to meet somebody new. What’s the point? I sighed and sat on my bed.

I held the dress in my hands, only doubting myself. I’ve continued on a life without my parents, my aunt Jenna, and I’m fine. Alaric was the best substitute for a guardian. I couldn’t have asked for a better one.

There is no substitute for someone who I loved so deeply and cared for so much. Though, that’s how I felt when I was with Stefan at first. I didn’t think that Damon could show me places and bring me so much adventure into my life. Guess I did find what I was looking for with him.

To think that I wasn’t sure about my future and what I wanted back in high school, I must’ve grown up since then. I put on my dress, did my makeup and hair. Despite how I’m really feeling inside, Damon’s going to want me to go out. He would’ve hated to see me sulking in my dorm room all night long.

I arrived at the location of the party. Music was loud. I’m pretty sure almost everybody was drunk. I enter the house and couldn’t locate my friends. “Elena! Thank god you finally decided to get out of the room.” Caroline walked up to me.

From the smell radiating from her, I could easily tell someone had a little too much to drink. She handed me a red cup and told me to drink. Bonnie found us and told me that I should let loose, seeing I was a bit hesitant on whether or not I should drink from the cup.

I didn’t know what was in it, but I drank it anyway. “Can I join in?” Tyler was here? Since when did he apply to Whitmore College? The four old friends celebrating together. I remember the good old days when all of us were secretly drinking back at our old hangout in Mystic Falls.

“If Matt was here, it would be just like old times.” Bonnie called out over the music. Matt was back in Mystic Falls doing some training. Guess he figured that he should be the one to take initiative when it came to protecting our town’s citizens from any harm. “You know Matt, good-hearted and is always trying to look out for the people he cares about.” I said.

“You should date Matt.” Caroline said. Again? Matt Donovan and I were great friends. He was sweet and kind, but he didn’t give me the same feel as the Salvatore brothers did. The party did end up being a lot of fun because we were all feeling it the next morning.

I think Caroline felt it the most. Bonnie and I were both drinking coffee at the place where other college students were saying was a great hangout spot on campus. Tyler joined us and Caroline showed up a few minutes later. I still remember what Caroline had said to me last night about dating Matt. I had never thought about trying to date.

It hasn’t been at least six months since Damon’s death. Why should I think about dating right now? “Hey, how are you feeling?” Bonnie asked Caroline as soon as she sat down. I ordered a cup of coffee for her.

“Horrible. How much did I drink last night?” Caroline rubbed her head. The waiter brought over the cup for Caroline. She took a sip when Tyler answered that she had enough before she passed out and he had to carry her to the dorm room. “Do you remember saying to me that I should date Matt?” Was this the best time to bring up that topic? I wasn’t sure. Caroline looked at me as if she didn’t remember, but she did.

“I know you two broke up in high school. I think you should reconsider Elena. I mean, I know it’s hard to think about dating again especially after losing Damon. I’m not saying to rush into anything now, but at least think about dating him.” she said.

“Yeah, it doesn’t even have to be Matt. It could also be other guys here on campus. I’m seeing some potential candidates.” Bonnie joked. I rolled my eyes, but my friends were right. Tyler didn’t pipe up and put his two cents in, but I’m sure he agreed with them.

. . . 

My first college semester did go by smoothly. Finally it was winter break and I was so relieved to be going home back to Mystic Falls. Jeremy had finally sent me another letter saying he was coming home for Christmas. I’m glad that I’ll be seeing my brother again.

Caroline and Bonnie will be spending the holidays with their families. Driving up to my house, I can hardly remember the last Christmas I had. “How was your first semester at college?” Alaric asked when I entered through the door. He had set up Christmas decorations.

I tell him that I was having a fun time, but he could see the truth in my eyes. Yes I’m still not over Damon, but I’m slowly getting over him. I know it’s not going to be easy, but I tell myself every day that I’ll get through it. Just as I was settling in, the door bell rang. Alaric had beaten me to the door. I rushed downstairs, hoping to see Jeremy. As it turns out, it was-


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