His Girl

4 years after Damon Salvatore had passed away, Elena Gilbert stopped looking for solutions to bring him back. She stopped believing that there was hope she'd see him again. The first year was hard, but it became easier. After four years, she finally moved on until the feeling of deja vu washes over her.


6. Five. The First Date

Tonight I'm going out on a date with Matt. This is the first date in a little over a year since my last date. I haven't been this nervous about anything before. Guess I'm only nervous because my last date was Damon. Should I even be doing this? I stood in front of my bedroom mirror and let out a sigh. Am I ever going to be truly ready to move on?

A knock sounded at my door as Jeremy's head peaks in. "Matt's downstairs." said he. My heart started to pound against my chest. I told Jeremy that I'll be down in about five minutes. He nodded and exited the room. I can't believe that I am doing this. I looked at myself one last time before grabbing a jacket and headed downstairs to greet Matt.

I heard an exchange of voices downstairs. I assumed that they were between Alaric and Matt. When I arrived downstairs, Matt turned towards my direction. He stared at me for just a few seconds before saying how beautiful I looked. I blushed slightly and smiled. "Thanks. You look good too Matt."

"Don't have too much fun you two." Alaric joked. "Matt, make sure you bring her home safe."

"Yes sir." Matt nodded. I put on my jacket and said goodbye to Alaric before heading out the door with Matt. We walked out to his truck. He opened the passenger door for me. I thanked him and got in. He went around to the other side and closed his door. He started the truck and began the drive down the street.

It almost felt like high school all over again. The only difference is that my parents weren't around to drop me off at the place where I was meeting Matt. "You nervous?" I asked. I glanced over at Matt to see what he was wearing since I didn't take notice of it back at the house.

He was wearing a blue dress shirt, black dress pants, and nice shoes as well. For a date, it almost seemed like we were going to a fancy restaurant. Of course, he parked right outside Mystic Grill but I found it oddly romantic despite it being a hang out place. The shirt really did bring out the color of his eyes. Also, it was rolled up to show off his arms.

When did Matt get so hot? "Yeah, a little bit. I think that's normal Elena." He chuckled lightly. I nodded as he proceeded to get out of his truck. Again, he opened the door for me and I got out. We headed towards the entrance of the Grill. Matt opened the door, which allowed for me to enter first.

We entered Mystic Grill. We sat down in one of the booths and handed a few menus to order our food. I had taken off my jacket and looked around the Grill. It wasn't a busy night, which kind of surprised me. There were usually people out this late at this hour. We ordered our food and that gave us time to chat.

"How's school been?" he asked.

"It's going. Guess this time around, I'm actually enjoying it. I think I've decided to go into the medical field." I smiled. He raised an eyebrow at me upon my response. I rolled my eyes and told him not to act so smug. He chuckled before saying that he was glad to hear that I was doing fine.

"Hey, maybe we'll cross paths when you get out of med school." Matt always saw the positive side of things. He always took initiative. I admired him for that. Our food was finally served to our table and we began eating.

The night had gone by so fast that we were just reminiscing about the good days. To us, it was the early days of high school when there were no vampires roaming around on the streets and we were free to do whatever the hell we want. Honestly, I didn't want this night to end.

After our meal, we headed out. We walked to the towns square. The two of us sat down on the bench. The night was a bit chilly. My jacket didn't seem to keep me warm enough. Matt wrapped an arm around me. Without thinking, I moved closer towards him in order to keep warm.

Despite the slight chill, it was still a beautiful night. The stars were visibly seen. I glanced over at Matt, only to see that he was looking at me. Had he been looking at me this entire time? I turned away and blushed like a teenage girl. Apparently, Matt had some effect on me.

Gently I bit my lip thinking about whether or not that this was it. I can't back out of this. "Elena..." Matt started to say something, but I couldn't let him finished. I turned towards his direction and pressed my lips to his.

It was the heat of the moment. Everything that had been happening led up to this very moment. Matt and I have always been hanging out recently. The more I hung out with him, the more I simply started to like him all over again. Unlike Stefan or Damon, Matt was human.

Matt was good. He may have changed, but to me, he was still the same person I fell for so long ago. His hand reached up to touch my cheek. I felt him caress it softly before pulling away. "Should I have-"

"Elena, it's okay." He interrupted. His blue eyes shone underneath the moonlight. He stood up and held out his hand to walk us back to his truck. Instead of driving me home, we had gone over to his place. I'm sure Alaric would understand.

Yet, why did it suddenly matter what Alaric thought? I was an adult. I trusted Matt. He parked the car in front of his house. We entered and Matt closed the door behind us. He tossed the keys on the table. The two of us were completely alone.

With his mom out of town for good and Vicki gone, Matt had no one else staying with him. It had been so long since I've been over at his house. Without a second to waste, I kissed Matt again. This time he picked me up and carried me down the hallway to his room.

"Mm, when did you get so strong Matt?" I teased. He chuckled lightly when he set me down on the bed. He had kicked the door closed behind him. It didn't matter. No one would bother us, not at this hour. He climbed on top as he kissed me again.

It was then in that moment, everything else seemed to slip away. The next morning I awoke with the bed sheets wrapped around me. The sunlight was streaming through the windows. My phone was ringing. I forgot that I had placed it in my jacket.

I looked over beside me to see that Matt was still asleep. I decided to ignore my phone and cuddle close to him. Instinctively, he wrapped an arm around me to keep me close to him. He opened his eyes and looked at me. "Morning." I smiled.

"Mm, morning." His voice sounded so sexy when he was half-asleep. I leaned in and kissed his cheek. I told him that I should go and make us something to eat. I got out of bed, slipped on my panties and threw on the shirt he had worn from last night.

I walked into the kitchen and looked in the fridge to see what options I have to make for breakfast. Guess we're going to settle for scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. Just as I was frying the bacon, Matt entered the kitchen and came up behind me.

His hands were on my waist. My backside was pressed to his front. "It smells good in here. Is there anything I can do?" he asked. His lips were at my neck when I told him that he could help with the coffee. He groaned, but he got started on brewing us some.

When I finished cooking breakfast, we were sitting at the dining table with our food and hot cups of coffee. "I had a lot of fun last night." I smiled. Matt then jokingly asked if it was because of the dinner or if it was what we had for dessert. I rolled my eyes, but I told him both.

We ate our breakfast, got dressed and headed out. Matt had to drop me back off at my house. "I wish you stayed." said he. I reached over and touched his hand. He parked outside in front of the house.

"Let's hang out again sometime soon. I really had fun Matt." I leaned over and kissed his lips before getting out of the car. As soon as I headed back inside the house, both Alaric and Jeremy were standing before me with their arms crossed. Of course, neither of them could pull off the serious look that well.

"How'd your date go with Matt?" Alaric asked.

"It was fine. I know I didn't come home, but I was with Matt. I should've called Ric. I'm sorry." I headed upstairs and entered my room. I closed the door behind me. Later that evening, I sat in bed and took out my diary. It had been a few months since the last time I wrote in my diary.

My last entry mentioned Damon's one year death anniversary. I turned to a new page and started to write. When I finished, that was the last time I had ever picked it up.

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