His Girl

4 years after Damon Salvatore had passed away, Elena Gilbert stopped looking for solutions to bring him back. She stopped believing that there was hope she'd see him again. The first year was hard, but it became easier. After four years, she finally moved on until the feeling of deja vu washes over her.


1. Prologue

You know how you meet a guy thinking he's the one because at the time you believed in a future? Then you discover he planned out his entire life and you are unsure about yours? I didn't know what I want, not yet anyway. Guess I'm still trying to discover what it is. Living in a small town, you tend to let your mind wonder about the unknown.

You allow yourself to dream, to explore a world that is just beyond your reach. It is until a stranger enters your life, only to show you what you've been missing. Though he turns out to be a guy that goes against your standards, but did you really have any?

What is it about the guy that drew him to you? Was it the way he looked at you with those eyes of his? Or was it the feel of his body against yours? Did he suddenly leave you breathless, but it was only to keep you wanting more? Then he becomes the guy you were longing for because in some way he completes you.

Despite anything your friends might've said about him, you didn't care about what they thought. You were in love. It was a love that couldn't be explained in a way they would understand. The love you felt for him was stronger than you could've ever imagined. And then, you had to let that love go.

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