Total Drama Isolated Isle

Eighteen new contestants from different areas will join me, and a new island for a fight for one-million dollars! There will be different challenges, drama, betrayal, and many more in this awaited season! Who will be one-million dollars richer? Who will end up being the first one booted off? There are many more question to come! Here, on Total Drama Isloated Isle!

(This is my first fanfiction please no hate if it's bad or not.)


1. New Cast, New Island!

Chris walks up to the dock saying, "Welcome to Total Drama Isolated Isle!"

"This season, 18 wonderful contestants will go on this island for another brutal battle for, one million dollars!" Chris says as he opens the suitcase with one million dollars inside.

"These challenges will be brutal, difficult, life-threatening, and severe," Chris continues. "making this, the most dangerous season, ever!"

Chris stares up at the sky and says, "Oh look! Here they come now!"

A plane flies in the sky. Inside the plane, there are eighteen contestants. Nine are male, and nine are female.

"Oh my gosh! I'm so excited, i've always wanted to adventure on an island!" said Alyssa.

"Be careful Alyssa, there might be some dangerous things out here." said Cheryl.

In another area... "You're like an 8 year old child Mandy." said Dane.

"Shut up Dane! At least I have more skill!" said Mandy.

"Dane, Mandy, please stop arguing!" said Sophia.

While Sophia tries to quiet Mandy and Dane, Terra suddenly steals her wallet.

"Hey give me that back!" Sophia says as she chases Terra.

"Heh, make me." said Terra as she runs away from Sophia.

In another area... Alexie is doing push-ups, and Victor and Hartuelle are interacting with each other.

"I'm always first in every single thing I do!" said Victor.

"Hey, how come you're always first?" asked Hartuelle.

"Easy, just work for it." Victor replied.

In another area... "Hey what's up?" Caden asked as he climbs down the stairs on the plane, but he trips and tumbles down the stairs.

Ethan laughed and said. "Hahaha! I want to see more of that!"

During that time, Lucy walks in. "Say, I would like to form an alliance with you, you seem really competitive!" Lucy says nicely.

"Wait what uh, sure I guess?" Ethan replies confused.

"Please help me!" Will shouts as he's running from Brendan.

"I'm gonna get you and crush you one day!" Brendan says while he chases Will.

"Dang, those two don't really get along." said Greg.

"Yeah." replied Mason.

"It's true, I tried to stop them, but it was no use." Joyce told Mason and Greg.

Gracy walks up to Mason, Greg, and Joyce. "Uh, hi guys." said Gracy shyly.

Back at the island, Chris gets out a walkie-talkie and tells Chef, "Ditch the plane, and make sure you grab a parachute!" Chris told Chef while he was using a walkie-talkie.

Chef jumps off the plane, but he forgets to grab a parachute. "Oh rats, I forgot a parachute." Chef says, as he lands on the splits on the water. Chef screamed. Chris snickered. 

The plane started to fall. Inside the plane... Everyone inside started screaming and running except for Mandy and Dane, who was still arguing at each other.

"Someone help us!" said Greg.

"Where's the pilot?" said Joyce as she tries to look for the pilot.

Everyone else started to look for a parachute, but there wasn't any. When Joyce went to the control room, she found an opening. 

She went back and told everyone. "Everyone I found a way to get out, follow me!" said Joyce.

"Let's go!" said Cheryl.

Everyone escaped and fell into the ocean seconds before the plane crashed into the island.

"Help, i'm drowning!" said Gracy.

Gracy was saved by Greg. Everyone else swam to the shore.

Once everyone was at shore, Chris walked up to them. "Welcome to Total Drama Isolated Isle!" said Chris.

"What the heck is wrong with you, that plane crash could've killed us!" said Sophia angily.

"Yeah, but you didn't get killed so congrats on that!" Chris replied.

"Come on follow me everyone, i'll show you where you will be staying, and show you a bit of history on this island."


"Alright my first confessional." said Victor. "So anyways, I bet there are teams, and if there are teams, I shall drag them to victory!" continues Victor.


"Ok anyways, these are your cabins." said Chris.

"Uh one question." said Hartuelle. "If everything you owned in Total Drama All Stars except the confessional room broke, then how did you get shelter for us?" asked Hartuelle.

"Glad you asked, I will be telling you the history of this island, and why this season is called Total Drama Isolated Isle." said Chris.

"A long, long time ago, there were natives that were sailing on a boat." continued Chris.

"Their boat was caught in a storm and it started to sink, and when their boat sunk, they got marooned into this island. Since they got marooned here, they started to lived here." continued Chris.

"They build shelters, tried to collect food, trying to live their life, and survive." continued Chris.

"This is where they lived." continued Chris.

"But one day, a horrible parasite called Malaria, struck on their island and killed every single one of the natives that lived here." continued Chris.

"This island has been isolated for over a century, which is why this season is called, Total Drama Isolated Isle!" finished Chris.

"The malaria part was really scary!" said Cheryl.

"Yeah, but the bad news is the malaria parasite is still on this island, if you get infected with malaria, then don't worry!" said Chris.

"We will give you extra insurance and give you all the help needed." continued Chris.

"So, we will split you into teams!" continued Chris.

"With a challenge, first two players to finish running around the island, get to pick the teams!" finished Chris.

"That is pretty easy!" said Alexie excitedly. "Oh yeah, I was hoping one person to say that, I forgot to tell you there are booby traps.", said Chris.

"What?!?" Everyone said.

"Yep there are booby traps, so good luck and go!" Chris said as he honks a horn.

Everyone started running. While on the running, Hartuelle trips, Brendan gets trapped by a rope, Alyssa finds a cave and explores, Dane and Mandy started fighting, only to be surrounded by a bear in the track, Mandy pushes Dane into the bear's clutches and runs, and Ethan gets trapped by his own trap.

"Lucy! Help me!" said Ethan. "Lucy?" continued Ethan, "Lucy! Where are you?" shouted Ethan. 


"Great, i'm trapped in my own trap, and I can't get Lucy to find me, now I can't win!" Ethan said disappointed.


Alexie finds the finish line. "Yes, i'm almost there!" said Alexie.

But right when she was about to cross the finish, she trips on a rock, and falls into a pit.


"Nooooooooooo!" said Alexie, "I was a hair away from the finish!"


Then Victor then finds the finish line. "Oh yeah! I'm first to cross the finish!" said Victor, but right when he crosses the finish line, a wrecking ball hits him and he falls into the same pit Alexie fell on.


"Why was there a wrecking ball in the track!" yelled Victor angrily, "Great, now i'm not going to get the glory of picking the teams." Victor continued.


While Terra and Greg were running, Terra steals Greg's phone from his pocket.

"Hey give me my phone back!" Greg yelled at Terra. But right when Greg reaches to get it, Terra throws his phone at the ocean.

"Noo, my phone!" said Greg.

"I hate you!" continued Greg as he tries to fish out his phone.


"At least my phone is waterproof!" said Greg happily.


"Greg, what are you doing?" asked Mason as he keeps running. "Looking for my phone, Terra threw it in the ocean." replied Greg.

"Oh found my phone!" continued Greg.

"Let's see if it still works." Greg said curiously.

The phone turns on. "Yes! It still does!" said Greg excitedly.

"Nice!" said Mason.

Later... "I found the finish line!" said Terra.

Terra says as she crosses it. "Yes! I'm a team captain!" said Terra.

"Terra is the first team captain!" said Chris,

"Let's see who is going to be the second team captain." continued Chris. 

Back at the track... "Ugh, I can't go any longer." Caden says as he trips on a rock and falls into a pit, screaming every second.

Later... "Any Brendan spying on me?" Will asked as he looks around him.

"Dude Will," said Mason.

"Brendan got trapped, your safe for now." Mason told Will.

"Yes! Thank you for telling me!" said Will.

"No problem." replied Mason. Both Lucy and Mandy who are both running, are about 30 ft. away from the finish line. But right when they were about to cross the finish line, Mandy pushes Lucy into the same pit Alexie and Victor fell in and crosses the finish.

"Yes! I won!" cheered Mandy. "Mandy is the second team captain!" said Chris.

Everyone that didn't win groaned or cheered.


"I will get my revenge on you Mandy!" Lucy said angrily.


"Okay interns, go find all the missing contestants. So Terra and Mandy can start picking the teams." demanded Chris.

"So, when we return Terra and Mandy will be seen picking the teams, and compete in our first team challenge and vote one person off!" said Chris.

"Anyways, which team will win?" asked Chris. "Which team will have to vote someone off?" continued Chris, "And, who will be the first person voted off? Find out soon because, Episode One is, to be continued." finished Chris.

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