Broken Hope (ON HOLD)

Just one second after a truck smashed into her mother’s Volkswagen, Hope Callian collapsed in the middle of her science class, screaming in pain. An hour later, her mother was dead, leaving Hope as an orphan.
Now, almost 4 years later, Hope is living with her aunt in Elmira, New York.
Hope has one rule that she swears she’ll never break: Don’t love anyone. Hope has discovered something terrible about herself: when someone she loves dies or feels extreme pain, Hope feels it, too.
She does a good job of following her one rule...until Peter Hannetty arrives in town. He’s mysterious, stubborn, and insanely attractive. All of the other girls flock around him like love-struck birds, but the only girl he cares about is the only one who refuses to love him: Hope.
Will Hope break her rule for Peter? Or are they destined to suffer from untreated desire?


7. Chapter 6




I look up from my textbook as my phone buzzes beside me. I don’t recognize the number, but whoever sent the text seems to know who I am. After a short hesitation, I pick up the device and text back.


This is Hope. Who are you??




A yelp slips from my mouth at the same time that the phone slips out of my hands, landing with a plop on my comforter.

Why is Peter Hannetty texting me?!


My phone buzzes again, and I slowly flip it over and read the message.


Can you meet me? Please? At that coffee shop with the blue door? Please?


Somehow, the fact that he said please twice almost makes me smile.


What do I do? Say yes? Say no? What is he planning?

I’m so confused.

I bury my head into my pillow and scream for a good minute.

Then, I pick my phone up.


Be there in 10.


    The coffee shop that he’s talking about happens to be a favorite spot of mine, The Turquoise Teacup. I started going there alone to sudy after school freshman year and quickly developed a love for their peppermint bark milkshake - which, if you don’t know, is a combination of peppermint, candy cane chunks, and white chocolate  all blended up with mint-chip ice cream and chocolate syrup. It’s heavenly, and so are the pastries there.

    When I walk into the shop, I immediately spot Peter sitting at what happens to be my favorite table in the shop. The coffee shop’s many tables and cairs are random, no matching, but somehow all go together like a crazy, mismatched family. My favorite table has a couple of soft blue armchairs. When Izzy comes here with me, she takes the lighter blue chair while I claim the darker one. When I’m here alone, I use the light blue.

    Peter is sitting in the dark blue chair, and already has a steaming mug sitting in front of him. I go up to the mint-painted counter and order my milkshake before going to sit in the other chair beside him.

    He looks up at me with wide blue eyes - my heart stops, and my breath catches in my throat.

    I can see his apology before he says it, and I can see more than that - I see something that scares me and thrills me all at once.

    Those beautiful sky-blue eyes are full of love.


    “Hope,” he starts.


    Before he can say anything else, I suddenly move forward and press my lips to his.


    As soon as I do, everything I’ve felt, every drop of doubt, hatred, and despair that has been coursing through me for the past couple of days since Izzy’s confrontation, vanishes.

    This is right.

    Peter is stunned and frozen at first, but then responds in a way that is both gentle and eager as his shock fades.


    I’m kissing Peter Hannetty.

    I like kissing Peter Hannety.

    And I don’t want this to end.


    But it does end as a waitress approaches the table with my milkshake and the smell of too much department store perfume. She coughs and sets my drink down loudly, startling both me and Peter. I fall back into my chair, cheeks blazing, and quickly snatch my drink. I don’t look at Peter once as I strain pull a few sips of mint-chocolate heaven through the straw. I give up on the straw and jump out of my seat.

    Peter is already standing in front of me, waving a plastic spoon under my nose. My jaw drops, my blush flares up again, and I slowly take the spoon.

    Our fingers brush, sending a spark of electricity through my hand, through my my arm, all the way to my heart.


    I look up at Peter.


    He smiles.





    “You WHAT?!”

    I wince as Izzy leaps to her feet, startling Buffy. The cat blinks, annoyed, at Izzy, then buries her nose back under her poofy tail.

    Izzy gapes at me, and I stare at my stripe-socked feet, waiting for the barrage of curses and lecturing and general “Izzy Pissies”, a name I came up for her rants in sophomore year.

    What I don’t espect is a crushing hug and a blinding smile. “HOPE!!! You kissed him!” Izzy’s voice rises in an excited squeal. “Not only did you have your first kiss, but you kissed him !! Oooh, girl, I am so PROUD of you!”


    Once I’m sure that Izzy is not going to kill me, I relax and hug her back. “Um, yeah. And, he explained that...the whole thing with the avoiding and then the queen bee thing...”


    “Was he trying to make you jealous?”

    “What? No. Izzy...he said he saw it. He saw my dream, the one I had in English during Bambi. And that freaked him out, scared him. That’s why he avoided me. He was scared of what was going on, and needed to try to figure it out.”

    “Well, it’s pretty damn obvious, isn’t it? You two are soul mates. He sees and feels what you see and feel, and vice versa.” Izzy statee, beaming proudly.

    I wince. “Yeah...but, Izzy...”

    She holds up a hand. “No. I will not hear it. You two,” She links her pinkies together. “are star-crossed. Even you can’t fight that.”

    I sigh. “Well, he’s definitely something special. I mean, I know I don’t have any experience, no way to compare, but...I can feel it in my core, this is deep and real.”

    Izzy grins, but then switches into a scowl. “Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT exchange fluids. You remember our promise.”

    I blush. “Izzy! I know. Wait until after we’re done school and we know it’s a life-long deal.”

    “Good girl. You get an Oreo.” Izzy tosses a cookie at me, and I manage to catch in my mouth even as I’m rolling my eyes. We both laugh, and my heart swells with joy.

    This is good.

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