Broken Hope (ON HOLD)

Just one second after a truck smashed into her mother’s Volkswagen, Hope Callian collapsed in the middle of her science class, screaming in pain. An hour later, her mother was dead, leaving Hope as an orphan.
Now, almost 4 years later, Hope is living with her aunt in Elmira, New York.
Hope has one rule that she swears she’ll never break: Don’t love anyone. Hope has discovered something terrible about herself: when someone she loves dies or feels extreme pain, Hope feels it, too.
She does a good job of following her one rule...until Peter Hannetty arrives in town. He’s mysterious, stubborn, and insanely attractive. All of the other girls flock around him like love-struck birds, but the only girl he cares about is the only one who refuses to love him: Hope.
Will Hope break her rule for Peter? Or are they destined to suffer from untreated desire?


12. Chapter 11

“You okay, Hope?” Peter asks me as we sit down. I nod, not wanting to speak for fear of bursting into tears. I won’t show it, but Lauren’s comments about my mother have sent a knife into my heart, pulling up all the grief that I’ve kept buried for years.

“Hope,” Peter’s hand lands on my shoulder. I keep my face turned away from him, knowing that, if I look at him, I will start crying. 

I won’t let myself cry. In the middle of the cafeteria, Lauren suddenly stands, walking quickly out of the room. All eyes follow her as she leaves silently.

Including mine.

Then pain suddenly lances through me, and my scream shatters the strange silence that has fallen over the lunchroom. I crumple, tears running down my face as pain stabs my heart again and again with an acid-tipped dagger. It’s hard to breathe, and I can’t speak as Peter and Izzy frantically try to figure out what’s wrong.

I suddenly know: this is not my pain.

My mind struggles to run through who could be hurt. Peter and Izzy are right here, and clearly not the causes for this pain. Aunt Silver?

Oh, stars, no, not Silver.

The pain suddenly stops, followed by a terrible empty ache that I remember all too well.

It’s the feeling of death.

I scramble into sitting position, yanking my phone from my pocket and callingAunt Silver. My finger misses the phone icon three times before the call screen finally pops up.





“Hope? What’s wrong, honey?”

I dissolve into tears again. “Aunt Silver! Are you-are you okay? Has anything happened?”

“No, everything is fine, why?” Silver responds, clearly confused.

“I-I just...had a weird feeling, is all. Sorry. I’ll see you later, love you!”

“Love you, too, honey.”

I hang up, shakily slipping my phone back into my pocket and wiping my tears

I suddenly realize that the entire cafeteria is gaping at me.

“Hope?” Peter rests a hand on my cheek, blue eyes wide.


His brows furrow. “What?”

“Who did I feel? There’s only three people who I could have felt, and they’re all

fine. Peter- someone died, and I felt it.”

The pain suddenly comes again, that same terrible, stabbing, acidic pain, this time pulsing closer to my gut. I bite my lips and squeeze my eyes shut. “Peter!” I scream. He pulls me close to me, holding me tightly as the pain quakes my body. This time, it subsides faster, leaving the same ache of death.

Izzy stands. “Something’s wrong.”

The pain comes again. “Multiple people are dying, and I’m feeling it.” I mutter, trying not to scream again.

The sound of gunshots is suddenly audible, and the cafeteria burts into chaos.

Lauren comes running into the cafeteria. She’s missing a shoe, and her eyes are round and frightened. “There’s a guy with a gun!”

Blood suddenly spurts from her chest, following the unmistakable BANG of a nearby gunshot. Lauren looks down at the ragged wound in her chest, tears streaming down her cheeks. I feel her pain as she collapses, and I feel her die quickly. Somehow, despite her bitchiness, I’m relieved that she doesn’t suffer.

“Hope!’ Peter holds me tightly, screaming at me.

“Hope, wake up!”


I open my eyes, bolting straight up in bed- and knocking heads with a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, ridiculously handsome boy.

“Ouch!” Peter yelps, and I wince as my pain is doubled by the feeling of his.

“Peter! What are you doing here?”

“I saw your dream and came rushing over. Your aunt let me in - she couldn’t wake you up.”

“It was a dream?”

“Yes, Hope. It was just a dream.”

I collapse onto Peter, sobbing. “Oh, thank the stars.”

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