The Indignation of Micah Finn (Boy x Boy)

"Micah Finn is an idiot." is what I'm thinking. Micah Finn is me, of course. I usually do stupid things, but this time... Damn, I knew I shouldn't of listened to her. As soon as I heard her say "wanna do something fun?" I should have run for this hills. But of course I didn't, because Micah Finn is an idiot.


1. I hate Mondays. I really do.

"Wake up..."

What was that? I turned over in my bed and ignored it. If I pretend I heard nothing, it'll go away, right? "Wake up." It's Monday today. I really hate Mondays.                                                                                         "MICAH FINN, IF I DON'T HEAR THAT SHOWER RUNNING BY THE TIME I GET UP THERE, SO HELP ME GOD, THAT NOSE OF YOURS WILL BE OFF CENTRE BY A MILE AND A HALF BY THE TIME I'M DONE WITH YOU!" That woke me up. I tuck and rolled off my bed and sprinted into the shower before I could hear mum stomping up the stairs. On Monday mornings, I can never tell if she's being serious with her threats, but I choose not to risk it.  I spent a long 15 minutes standing under the shower head, letting the hot water cascade over my head, and when I stepped out I felt even more tired than before. After a cursory glance and sniff to check if they were wearable, I pulled on a pair of blue jeans that were hanging off of my chair and a white tee that was free of stains.

I padded down the stairs cautiously, straining my ears for any sign that mum was still in Demon Mother from Hell mode. Sure enough I could hear the clanging of pans and pots accompanied with grumbling and the occasional rare curse. Oh well. 

"Good morning mother dear! Can I get some of that?" I sat my butt into one of the chairs at the counter and gestured to the pot of coffee on the counter. She mumbled something unintelligible- probably notes for the upcoming presentation (that was also responsible for her foul mood) and made to get a mug from the cupboard, only to stop halfway through the motion for a moment, still mumbling to herself. 

She randomly exclaimed to herself "That's it!" and abandoned the task to run upstairs, taking two steps at a time, presumably to record her eureka moment in one of her many notebooks. I learned a long time ago never to interrupt her when she's like this, so  I sighed and busied myself with my hot drink.

Half a mug later, I glanced at the clock and choked- twenty minutes! Still gasping and spluttering, I picked up my phone and with a speed that only a veteran could achieve, I dialled my best (and only) friend. She picked up after two rings and just as I expected she had probably been woken up by the call. 

"Yaaaaa..." She said, groggily. 

"Sweetheart, were you planning to rouse yourself for school any time today, or were you expecting me to turn up at your house with breakfast and a free drive? If that is so let me tell you that I am not-"

She cut me off in the middle of my speech and said "Actually,that would be fantastic! Be here in ten minutes."          

"Excuse me? I won't risk my 100% punctuality record for a hungover lump of human!" I protested, indignant. Not to mention that I was already walking on thin ice with mum.

"Buuuut..." She whined. "You know I can't be late Micah..."

 "No excuses!" I barked. I was already in neck deep shit because of Linn and her whims. I was only lucky that mum hadn't gotten around to giving my the burning of my life- that I admittedly deserved- because she was stressed. And also because it was Monday.

"Don't do this to me Micah, please! I'll be killed and skinned then chopped up and served to my aunties and uncles for Christmas and when they ask "So where's Charlinne today?" little will they know that they're EATING her all because my parents found out that she has another big red LATE of doom on her record! And do you know what? It'll be all your fault. Awwwwwllll your fault. AAAAAALLLL-"

"OKAY! OKAY! I GET IT!" I knew she was eventually going to manage to get me to do it, since I've never managed to resist Linn, but I never thought she was going to go THAT far. Usually it went threatening first, then pathetic pleading. She only resorted to guilt tripping when she was desperate. "I'll do it. But you'll owe me."

"Thanks, babe!" she said happily. "Bring coffee, love you-" she made vague kissy noises into the receiver and promptly hung up.

Did I mention, I hate Mondays?

I sighed again, for the third time in one morning and proceeded to get my scarf and jacket from the coat hanger outside of the kitchen. I grabbed my the keys to my white Honda Accord. Pretty sweet, right? It was a gift from my dad during the period during my parents divorce when they were both trying to win me over. It started of with the little things, you know? A watch here, a new pair of converse there. After I caught onto what they were doing, I decided to milk them for all it's worth, and now I have a 48" flat screen TV in my room, a beautiful wheels and the latest iPhone. Yay for me, right?

In 5 minutes, I had hugged my little 4 year old sister, Lo (short for Elodie) goodbye, left a note for my mum not to forget to pick Lo up from nursery, and was breaking laws with my driving. There was nothing in the world- THE WORLD- that could make me incur mum's wrath right now, with a LATE mark next to my name.

I screeched to a stop in front of the McKenna household, where Linn was already waiting for me, tapping her foot impatiently. When she noticed me, she ran as fast as her heeled combat boots would allow her to, opened the door of my car flamboyantly and collapsed on to the seat. She really did look like crap. She had huge dark bags under her eyes and her hair was... messy.

To say the least. 

I opened my mouth to say it but she cut me off by smacking her hand on my mouth, rather violently. She glared and said "Don't say it. Drive. Just drive." I was eager to comply, seeing as we had 10 minutes to get to school. 

She looked around the car expectantly and before she even asked, I answered her."There's no coffee." She pouted and crossed her arms, but didn't pursue it. Instead she asked;

"So... what did your mum say?" I glanced at her, faintly amused that she had asked. She wasn't usually one to think about the consequences, so this was a first. She was probably feeling pretty guilty by now. Doubtless she had a killer hangover as well -luckily I was spared of that  punishment, as I can usually hold my liquor pretty well. Not that I can say the same for Linn. Boy did she gun it yesterday.

"Well nothing yet. You know how it is. She has some stuff on her mind at the moment."  She looked at me questioningly and I added, "It's also Monday."

"Ah." She nodded knowingly. "Don't I know it. Was it you that drove me home yesterday?" she didn't wait for an answer and continued "Thanks for that by the way." She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. I pretended to be disgusted and I pulled a face, wiping a back hand over my face, but I loved it really. I may be gay, but even I appreciated the occasional display of affection.


She grinned and knowing she was forgiven, she started on a long speech about the devilism of alcohol and how she was never going to consume it, ever again. I laughed in her face at that, and she turned to face me, frowning indignantly at me.

"And what do you think you're laughing at?"

I replied mischievously, "Let's be honest here, Linn. The day you go sober is the day you manage to look sexy while eating spaghetti." She sputtered, looking pained.  "What? That was a low blow Finn! Stop bringing that up already!"

We were referring to a particular incident a few years ago, when we had double dated. She had read somewhere that certain foods and methods of eating them were supposed to make anyone fall in love with her. Of course, the end result was tomato sauce in her hair and a thoroughly creeped out looking date. 

"Wanker." She muttered mutinously. 

"Pillock." I retorted



"Specky four eyed git." I gasped and reached up to touch my glasses self consciously. " Okay! Fine! You win! Geez..." Linn smirked triumphantly as I pulled up  to Roseville Secondary School and Sixth Form. We power walked it to the building, knowing that if we were caught running, we would be slapped into a detention faster than you can say "It wasn't m-".

I don't know what happened, but halfway to tutor, our race to class had turned into a race against each other. By the time we reached G10, our tutor room, we were both huffing and bent double.

"I... won that." Linn said, as if it was obvious.

"Hell no! What are you... as blind as a bat? You and I... both know it was my victory, bitch." I said, still gasping for breath. We staggered into the classroom and slumped into our seats. We had made it just in time, so our tutor Mrs. Bale had nothing to say. She cast a few funny glances in our direction but I reckon that had more to do with the fact that we were both red as cherries and or hair was matted to our  heads with sweat than that we had entered literally as soon as the bell rang. 

Well, whatever.

Bale on and on about whatever was going on this week at Roseville Secondary School, and I tuned her out. It had nothing to do with me, anyway. I rarely turned up at these events. I pulled out my phone and texted Linn discreetly under the table.

Linn : U up 4 sumthing fun 2day aftr skl? xx

Me : No.

Her idea "something fun" was never mine. I vowed that yesterday was going to be the last time I ever agreed to her "something fun".

Linn : Aw, dont b boring :(

Me : Why not? I like boring. Boring is comfortable. Like a comfy blanket.

I could see her tapping furiously a reply, but thankfully, the bell rang. I jumped up, in a hurry to get to first period before Linn managed to coerce me into taking part in her plans this afternoon. But she grabbed me by the arm and narrowed her eyes at me "Talk to you later. Right?" I gulped and nodded furiously, crossing my free hand behind my back. Hopefully that talk would never happen, because I already knew how it would end. Every scenario I imagined ended up with my agreeing. And I could NOT allow that to happen. 

I was concocting a few half arsed plans to avoid Linn for the next 24 hours when a shout snapped me out of my reverie.

"Oight, faggot!" I turned around to locate the source.

Big mistake.

I was faced with a chest. A broad chest in a red shirt with the navy numbers "12". The colours of the school rugby team. Aww, shitcakes. I did not need this. No I certainly did not. I slowly looked up and adjusted my glasses. Just to make sure I wasn't going blind or any.

AWWWW SHITCAKES. Okay, Micah Finn. It looks like you're staring at the most notorious bully of Roseville Secondary. But keep calm. You must KEEP CALM.

I'm calm. I'M CALM.

Really? Because you're not convincing.


*mentally slaps self*

Okay. Okay. I deserved that.

Yes you did, sweetie.

Ew. Note to self. Never call yourself "Sweetie" again.

I suddenly snapped my attention back to Chester Gus and forced a neutral expression on my face.

"And to what do I owe this pleasure?" I asked politely. He growled and attempted to make himself even more intimidating, puffing up his chest and looking down on me, intense disgust twisting his face.

Ha ha, you can't scare me anymore Chester Gus. I already practically shat myself 30 seconds back, it can't get any worse. 

That was the worst thing to think in that moment, as I had obviously jinxed myself. Like a scene out of a movie, more buff rugby players fanned out from behind him- none of them as huge or scary as Gus, but they each had that identical expression of hate and they were all thinking "As much as I would like to kill you, we are in a public place, and I do not wish land myself in juvenile detention. Again."

Well, I assume, anyway.

Gus sneered and pushed me into a display. "Why are you still here, poofter? I thought we made it clear that you weren't welcome." He gestured to his entourage who all nodded in agreement. I remembered that particular scuffle, as clear as the space between Gus's ears. I had just finished my business in the Mens when the group of hooligans before me decided to ambush me. I left school alive that day, but not without bruises and the memory of angry threats, ringing in my mind. He shoved me again, as if to remind me that he was still there. I said, irked "I'm sorry, but I'm ignoring you. If I wanted to listen to an arsehole, I'd fart."

One of the Entourage guffawed but was silenced immediately by a sharp jab to the ribs by his friend. I smirked. Gus shouted "Well, I might be an arsehole but... but..." I gave him time to think. I could smell the bacon while the gears in his head turned. Finally, he gave up and punched me, a hook to the stomach. A sharp flash of pain and I slid a little bit against whatever I was leaning on. But still, with effort, I plastered a grin on my face and said,

"You know... I could eat a whole bowl of alphabet soup... and shit a comeback better than that." That earned me another punch, plus kick in the shins.I groaned out loud that time but I spouted some other smart arse line.

What the heck are you doing? Just SHUT UP for gods sake! 

"Seriously..." I said, ignoring common sense, "I barely even felt that. I'd say YOU'RE the fairy here, not me." By the time they were done with me, I was barely conscious of what was happening around me. All I registered was a pair of strong arms lifting me up off the floor. A sense of... "safe" washed over me. Finally, my eyes rolled back into my head, and I let everything go black.





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