The Indignation of Micah Finn (Boy x Boy)

"Micah Finn is an idiot." is what I'm thinking. Micah Finn is me, of course. I usually do stupid things, but this time... Damn, I knew I shouldn't of listened to her. As soon as I heard her say "wanna do something fun?" I should have run for this hills. But of course I didn't, because Micah Finn is an idiot.


3. Death by red solo cups.

"Linn... please... Don't make me go... I can't do this! Haven't you heard the stories? People get drunk and have sex at these parties! I'm not ready for that! Do you remember the last time you got me drunk at one of these parties? Well, I DONT! I woke up on the kerb of some strangers house, half naked!" 

 " I keep telling you, nothing happened!" She retorted.

"WELL, I guess I have to trust your retelling of the story, because I don't remember a THING! If-" She interrupted my rant with an exasperated puff and stopped flicking through the rack of clothes. She pulled out a ghastly looking orange and blue striped turtle neck and turned around holding it up.

"Yay or nay?"

"NAY!" I shouted, unnecessarily loud. Unperturbed by my angry tone, she frowned and looked at it like she couldn't possibly understand what was wrong with it. Jeez, she had the fashion sense of an ancient tortoise. I sighed and said,

"Orange and blue? Really? God, Linn. We're teenagers going to a party, not-" She grinned triumphantly as she realized what I had just said. I clapped a hand on my mouth and groaned... Oh god.

She started laughing and did this weird little shimmy of victory. "I KNEW you wanted to go really! HAHA!" I looked up a little desperately and opened my mouth, but before I could say anything she glared at me menacingly and cut me off. "Micah, I will drag you to this party, if it costs me my LIFE. It's been so LONG since we last l-" before she could finish her sentence I interjected "Don't forget last Sunday." She ignored me and carried on. "Since we last went to partying together! And, heck, after a few beers, you even become the life of a party! Don't make me go to a party on my lonely  lonesome, again. Without you, it's just not as fun, you know? Besides, I promised him I would-" This time she was the to gasp and clap her hand on her mouth.

Immediately, my curiosity was piqued. Too  late, she tried to brush over the incident with a breathy, nervous chuckle and changed the subject. The grin that took over my face was pure evil.

"What did you promise? Who did you promise?" She clammed up and wouldn't talk. After 10 minutes of prodding and poking and realizing that it would take a long while for her to crack.

"It's a 'him'. Right?" She froze, then shook her head. That was enough to tell me everything. "Is he your..." I trailed off. It hurt a little bit to think she might have had a boyfriend and not told me anything.

"Boyfriend?" She completed for me. I was a little surprised that she had even said a word. Usually, when she tried to hide something from me, she just didn't say anything, because she usually let it slip somehow. I frowned at her and she looked back at me incredulously. "Boyfriend?" She repeated, as if the word somehow eluded her. The she started laughing. "Boyfriend! HA!" Between gasps for breath, she said "Oh, my god, when I can tell you everything, the irony of that sentence..."  I frowned even more, confused now. She caught my expression and waved a hand in front of her face, and told me not to worry. "Just go to the party." She said.

After I dropped her off home, she left me with a warning to turn up at her house at 8 o clock sharp, or I would get "it". I don't know what "it" was, but I certainly didn't want to find out. 

When I finally got home, I had two hours to eat, have a shower, catch the end of Howl's Moving Castle on Film4, cry a little, get dressed and make my way back to Linn's house. I called her on the drive to confirm the address of the impending part of doom, and also so that I wouldn't have to wait for ten minutes on her doorstep, freezing my arse off. Those ten minutes waiting for her to open the damn door would give me plenty of time to contemplate my life choices and also to consider the idea of just running away. What's the worst she could do? But before I could put the ever increasingly tempting plan into action, Linn was rapping her knuckles on the side door window. I sighed and leaned over to let her in. She didn't look half bad actually, considering that she had dressed herself. She was wearing a black, paisley themed dress, that was short enough to show off her legs, but long enough to seem reasonably modest. The outfit was completed with clunky red patent leather docs. All in all, not bad.

I myself was wearing black skinny jeans, a loose fitting Pearl Jam shirt with a brown jacket and matching brown converse and a beanie. I had to admit that I did look good. Even if I didn't want to go, I wasn't about to turn up to my first party (parties that I don't remember happening don't count) in almost a year looking like one of the lost boys from the beloved 2003 Peter Pan, no matter how much I resented the idea of actually having to go in the first place. I have my pride, you know. 

"ZITCH DOG!" I screamed pointing out of my window. She groaned loudly and handed over five pounds. Thank god for How I Met Your Mother. 

"Wait." She pulled back the money, narrowed her eyes at me suspiciously."Where?" She asked. I smirked and said, " The cute beagle in the black Audi a7." She reluctantly gave me the crisp note, and I took it gladly, making a big show of sniffing it loudly and tucking it into my pocket. I didn't really care about the money, but ever since we watched the 'Arriverderci, Fiero' episode of HIMYM and I claimed that if we ever played, I could out-zitch her into next month, it had turned into a war with a dignity, honour and five pounds on the line.

She soon forgot her chagrin however as we pulled up the house. You could hear the music a whole street away. She started bouncing excitedly in her seat (much like Lo, actually.) while I surveyed the scene before me in horror. There were many reasons for this extreme panic that I was experiencing at that moment. One was the sheer amount of people.  And I hadn't even seen the inside yet. There were at least fifty people on this person's lawn, most of them with a red cup in their hand,  screaming out the lyrics to Justin Bieber, dancing or making out. The ones that didn't were passed out.

I watched a pair of people I didn't recognize carry a bed outside, staggering a little. They dropped the bed and headed back inside presumably to bring out more of the host's furniture- it wasn't even twenty seconds before a couple occupied the bed and were eating each others faces.

But the other reason I suddenly REALLY didn't want to go, like, stake my life on it didn't want to go, was because I recognized the house with a horrible familiarity.

It was the house I had run away from earlier on that morning. Oh, god.

I shuddered. Did I really have to leave the car? I wanted to just turn around and drive back home, but Linn grabbed me and dragged me out of the comfort of my leather seats by the hood of my jacket.

"Come on!" she said struggling to haul me any further. Because I pitied her, I straightened up and started using my own feet to walk. The closer I got to the house, the stronger the smell of alcohol became, and the more frequently I had to dodge pools of vomit and beer and other mysterious substances. It was only just gone 8 for God's sake! 

Linn eagerly stepped through the entrance, where a blast of warmth hit us. We were immediately enveloped in a crowd of people and we were carried into a huge living room, devoid of any large pieces of furniture. It had been music was blasting from the speakers over head, and I had to shout directly into Linn's ear to make myself heard.


"WHAT!" She yelled back.


"SORRY, I CAN'T HEAR YOU," She said, pointing at her ear.


"NO! DON'T GO!" She was already drifting away and whatever she said next was lost on me. A few seconds later she had gone.

I sighed, and tried to find her, but I couldn't. It looked like she had just disappeared into thin air. I turned around to head back in to... wherever I was but was suddenly accosted by a someone, female, probably about twenty years old. She was pretty, for a girl. She was slim with long brown hair, and large almond shaped green eyes.

"HEY!" She shouted.


She shook her head and pushed a red cup into my hand. "NEVER HEARD OF HER!"

Disappointed, I said back to her, "I SHOULD GO FIND HER. THANKS FOR THIS!" I gestured to the cup in my hand. She shook her head again as if she didn't accept what I had said. 

"DITCH YOUR GIRLFRIEND AND COME WITH US! YOU LOOK LIKE YOU COULD USE SOME FUN." Without waiting for an answer, she grabbed my hand and led me deeper into the house. None to gently either. I had to be careful not to spill the drink over my beloved limited edition Pearl Jam shirt. 

We reached her group of girlfriends at a kitchen bar, and I introduced my self. It wasn't as loud here so I could speak at almost normal volume. There were five others in total, all university students. One girl just said, without shame, "You're pretty hot. Are you legal?" 

I nodded, and said "Seventeen. But I'm gay, so don't get your hopes up."   She laughed like she clearly didn't believe me. I frowned when she stood next to me and whispered in my ear

"Whatever you say honey."  She winked and took advantage of the fact the the other couldn't see her squeezing my butt. I shuddered, took two steps away from her and took a swig of the strong beer. I think I'll need it, I thought. 

20 minutes later, I had managed to extricate myself from talons of the she-demons from hell and was downing my second cup in some corner of the house. Heck if I knew where I was. "So who's party is this?" I asked Mae, one girl who, minutes before, had been sitting next to me alone. We could both empathise with each other, as we had both been forced into attending, on out friend's whims. (Also, she believed me when I said I was gay.)

I was hoping that maybe I would find out who the mystery guy had been. seriously, why have I been so terrified? All this poor guy has done is save me from Gus and Thugs, and I've not even thought about giving any kind of "thank you" in return.

Shame on you, Finn I thought.

  Also, it was curious that people weren't giving me disgusted looks and muttering insults when I walked by. I had assumed that Linn had dragged me to a some party thrown by Roseville Goons, but obviously not, seeing as most people here didn't know who I was, and vice versa.

"I have," Mae giggles "Noo idea... BUT!" She points dramatically behind me and says "If I had to guess, it would be that one," rather anti-climatically. I turn around to see who she's pointing at, and I find myself looking at the back of a black haired guy. Even though his friend had dark hair, his stood out starkly... as black as night just before dawn.

"He's been here since the start, and was the-"  I'm not listening to her at this point, but rather checking out this guy. Oh my, his body was... Godly. And that was just the back. Tall and muscular, but not heavily, more... lean. Long legs, and a butt that... just... whoa. I have no words, not even now.  He started leaving the room, and I realized, this is my best chance to say thank him.

I got up to go follow him, but a skinny hand stopped me. Mae looked up at me and says, "Before you go off chasing the love of your life, " I spluttered indignantly, but she continued, ignoring my senseless objections "Phone." I looked at her expectant hand, and looked at her face, which seemed pretty determined. I narrowed my eyes at her and said "What for?" 

"I'm going to give you my number, dummy," came the reply, accompanied with an eye roll.

"Oh, okay." I pulled out my phone from my back jean pocket and handed it to her. She took it, admired it for a second before quickly tapping it in. She hands it back to me, and shoo's me away. "Go, go. Do whatever you need to do. I better be going now, while it's still early and I can sneak back into my room."

 I bend down to hug her and she giggles a little and I make to rush away. "WAIT!" She says, suddenly looking serious. "Call me, if any of those gits are giving you any trouble. Okay?" I smile. In the few minutes I've known her, she already feels like a big sister to me.

"Hey, don't worry." I say. "I'll be fine." Probably, I add in my mind. She sighs like she knows I'm lying but tells me to go anyway.  I make it about halfway across the crowded, loud room before glancing back. She had disappeared. 

After 30 minutes of searching in futility, I gave up and made my way back to the living. I knew this place like the back of my hand, now.  I really don't know why I'm here, I thought. I started to head out to my car, but I remembered that Linn would need a ride home, and I REALLY wasn't about to even attempt trying to find her. A kinda cute looking boy beckoned me over to his group of emo/punk friends, and hollered, right in my ear, might I add "HEY! WE NEED AN EXTRA FOR 'WHO'S GOT MY PANTS!" That was an intriguing title for a game.

He squinted at me and laughed at his friends, "HE LOOKS PRETTY SOBER TO ME, DON'T YOU THINK GUYS?" He thrust a drink into my hands and shouted over Cage The Elephant playing very not in the background. "Drink it!" He urged. I sighed, and said begrudgingly "Only one then."


9 cups of beer and 5 cheap tequila shots later.



I climbed on top of a table in the middle of the room shakily, and steadying myself on the top. Swaying slightly, I shouted at the top of my voice "EVVERYYOONNNNNNNNNE!"

I caught the attention of the people closest to me and they in turn shouted at the people closest to them to be quiet. They were going to hear me speak.

 In the last hour or so I had managed to garner a quite a... reputation. 

I started to say something but I hiccuped then burped.  I held up the red cup in my hand and beer slopped over the edge. "PEOPLE!" I began, but then I swayed dangerously and managed to fall off the edge of the table. A group of guys caught me before I hit the floor and hauled me back up on the table laughing. 

"Thanks guys," I slurred, winking at the guy gripping my arms. I was certain he was gay, and to prove my suspicions, he blushed a deep beet red.

"PEOPLE!" I shouted again. "I HAVE HERE IN MY HAND," I suddenly hushed so that everyone would have to strain to hear me "The last -hiccup- cup." 

"Thank god for that!" someone shouted from the back.

"Shut... up, Mike, go away, no one likes you" I garbled back. I hiccuped again before continuing "NO ONE-" I stopped and decided to stop trying to shout. " No-one knows what's in this one." I thought for a second before saying "'Cept me, of course."

I couldn't remember for the life of me.

"Well it can't be worse than your vegetable oil and mustard potion!" Someone called out from the right of me. A girl this time. I tried to focus on who said that but all I saw was a collection of fuzzy features on a pale circle that was probably her face. "I almost vomited!" She said slurring indignantly.

Her friend said "Well... it wouldn't be the first time tonight, would it, Mary?" his words halting occasionally to burp.

"You can shut up. Who just came back from streaking down the fecking street?" Mary said.

"Well I'd rather streak butt naked past 50 houses than drink 12 ounces of freaking soy sauce, corn syrup and double cream."


"What about me?!" a guy cried from my right. "I had to down milk, lemon juice and a beef OXO stock cube!"

"That was to-o-otally your fault Gavin. Yo...only... haad to flash the..." she grabbed a vase next to her and started heaving loudly.

"Well." I said, whipping back to face my audience. Only I did it a little too enthusiastically and I ended up falling again, to be heaved up again by the group of helpful lads.

I looked down, surprised to find myself missing my shirt, instead a garbage bag with holes poked though for my arms and head.What the- oh well. 

"Well! -burp- since this is the last dare, we're AWLL GOING TO TAKE PART IN THIS ONE! The last one to take part or doesn't do it, has to DOWN IT!" Everyone cheered thinking that they weren't going to be the one to have to do it. 

LOL, one of you poor bastards is going to drink it, I thought

Or it might be me. HAHA no way.

People started clamouring with suggestions until I heard one kid shout "Make out with the person next to you!"

"YES! Everyone, SHUT UP!" I pointed in the general direction of the person and took out my phone, putting it on a 30 second timer and held it up for everyone to see. This was a good opportunity. 


I started the the timer and grabbed blonde haired boy who blushed when I winked at him and pressed my lips to his. He was shocked for a second before he started responding enthusiastically, tangling his fingers in my hair. It was getting pretty hot until I suddenly felt myself jerked back by my black bag shirt. Confused for a second, I looked around and saw people still making out. boy girl, girl girl, boy boy... I'm pretty sure I saw ... how disturbing. I looked up to see someone looking down on me furiously. The person was male, from what I could tell. I was pissed out of mind, so it was lucky I could just tell that.  I recognized a mop of the darkest hair... as black as... night before dawn. Where had I seen it before? I felt like I was missing something important, but at that moment, I didn't care enough to rack my brains for it.

"PARTY'S OVER! GO HOME GUYS." He shouted. OH! 

And the penny drops. Well done, Finn.

Shut up. I don't need sarcasm from myself.

So he was... my... rescuer. He looked down at me (don't ask me to remember his expression.) and he asked "Who's taking you home?" It took a few seconds for his question to register in my head and I said "I am," patting my back pocket with my keys in it. Then I giggled for absolutely no reason at all.

He sighed and started dragging me up the stairs. "You're staying here, tonight. No way are you driving home." I squinted at him and asked "Why do you care?" I'm sure I wasn't the drunkest at the party.

He sighed again and deigned not to answer.

Well, OKAY , pissy.     

After setting me down on an all too familiar bed, he asked for my phone and I gave it to him, listening to him explain some bull shit circumstances to my parents. His voice was different than you'd expect. It was a little bit higher that you'd think that lilted up at the end of sentences. It was a kind of... melodic effect. I fell asleep to it, dreaming about red solo cups of death and hair as dark as night.

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