Anything for Hemmings

When Charlotte is told that she is moving across the word first it is the worst thing in the world but is it all worth it?
Will she meet the man of her dreams?
Will her life get worst as each day goes on?


9. Things Change

*Charlotte’s POV*



I woke up this morning to the sound of screaming coming from down the hall. I was really confused because I was certain it wasn’t my parents. But who else would it be? They are the only ones here. I tried to block out the conversation but it kept getting louder and louder.

‘If you can’t handle this life then you should just leave!!’ my mum screamed.

‘It’s not you it’s her!!’ my dad relied. I just burst in tears thinking that the conversation was about me.

I looked at the time and saw it was 7:20am I decided to get up and get dressed. I was hoping by the time I was ready to leave they would have stopped.

I put my Mayday Parade shirt on and some black skinny jeans. I slip on my Black converses and tie my hair up in a messy bun. I can still hear them and I start to cry more. My eyes are puffy and my face is red. I get my phone out and texted Luke.

Charlotte: Luke I think my parents are fighting about me!!

Luke: Oh babe it will be ok do you want me to come pick you at and I’ll take you to school?

Charlotte: Yeah please just don’t go to the front door I will go out the window and meet you round the corner.

Luke: Ok I’m leaving now. It will be ok xx

Charlotte Ok I will meet you there.

I jump out the window and run around the corner to where Luke is going to pick me up. I was only waiting for about 2 seconds when Luke’s car came around the corner. I jumped in still crying.

‘Oh baby it will be ok,’ Luke said as I got in the car.

‘No it won’t be, my parents fucking hate me and I am having to call you to come and fix my problems,’ I yell at him. I saw sadness fill his eyes.

‘Babe, you are not wasting my time, I will do anything for you and if you need me I will always put you first. And for your parents I’m sure they don’t hate you and if they do them they are fucking crazy,’ Luke says as looks me in the eyes. I just cry even more.

‘Do we have to go to school?’ I ask.

‘Charlotte, how about we go to school and then this afternoon you can come to my house?’ he suggests.

He was right, I can’t afford to miss school seeming though it is exam week.

'Yeah ok,' I say looking out the side window of his car.

'Look at me,' he gently moves my head with his fingers, 'you’re going to be ok and everything will work out. I love you Charlotte and I am not letting anything happen to you.' He is really sweet. It just hurts to hear that my parents think of my like that.

We pull into the school car park and I was just replaying what my dad said over and over gain in my head.

It's not you it's her.

I was so engulfed in the thought that I started to cry again and I couldn't control it. I couldn’t breathe and it felt like I was going to die.

Luke quickly parked the car, he grabbed my hands and held them tight.

‘Babe, just take deep breaths and look at me,’ he said with his soothing voice. I calm down and he gets out of the car and goes around to my side of the car.

I stand up and bury my head into his chest and just sobbed. It was gross and I left a big wet patch on his Bon Jovi shirt. I felt so bad.

‘Ok I am going to take you to the bathroom, you’re going to wash your face and we are going to have a good day,’ he said looking me in the eyes. He is so sweet even in the worst situations. I reach up and peck him on the lips.

While I was in the bathroom I saw Julia. I did not want her to see me like this. Yeah they are really nice people and good friends but I just didn’t want to run into them while I was like this.

‘Hey Charlotte, are you ok?’ she asks walking up to me.

‘Yeah no it is ok I just fell over and really hurt my arm,’ I lied.

‘Oh did you need me to take me to the office?’ she asks.

‘No, no it’s fine I am just a sook and cry about everything, it really isn’t that bad,’ I say trying to put a smile on my face. It really hurt a lot, not my arm but my heart.

‘Ok well I’ll see you round,’ she said leaving the bathroom.

I finally finished crying in the bathroom for about 20 minutes and cleaned my face. I went out to find Luke was still waiting for me.

‘You didn’t have to wait for me, the bell went about 10 minutes ago you should have just gone to class,’ I say looking down at him while he sits on a chair. I like it when I am taller than him.

‘Yeah but then I wouldn’t know if you were all good,’ he says standing up. I was then shorter than him again.

We went to class and we had lots of stares. I was really happy that Luke was in 3 out of 4 classes today.



~skip to the end of the day~



*Luke’s POV*s



It was the end of the day now and I was waiting for Charlotte outside her last class. When she came out she had a big smile of her face, it made me smile.

‘How was music?’ I ask hugging her.

‘Really good, I got my marks back for the essay that I had to do so they could actually give me a mark,’ she said sounding excited. I was guessing it was good.

‘And…’ I say waiting for the result.

‘I got an A+!!’ she says jumping up. I was really proud of her.

‘Good Job babe!!’ I say before passionately kissing her. I release from the kiss and stare at her eyes.

‘Are you ready to go?’ I ask with a smile.

‘Yep,’ she says and we walk towards my car.

We arrived at my house and we walked straight to my room. I had already told my mum that Charlotte might be staying with us for a while and she was ok with it.



*Charlotte’s POV*



I was really grateful that Luke allowed me to stay at his house tonight because I certainly did not want to go back to my house to have my parents tell me that my father is leaving because he hates me.

‘Thank you very much Luke for letting me stay and hopefully it won’t be for long and I am able to find my own house,’ I say.

‘By yourself?’ he asked sounding worried.

‘Yeah babe, I turn 18 next week and I am able to move out then,’ I say smiling.

‘Wait why have you never told me that your birthday is in a week!!’ Luke says.

‘Well the conversation never really came up, why didn’t you ask,’ I say with a smirk. We both laugh.

‘Ok well we need to throw you a party!!’ Luke says really loud and with a lot of excitement. I actually was not expecting that and jumped back a bit.

‘Well now we do because I don’t think my parents were,’ I say changing the mood of the room, ‘Wait no, let’s not talk about them.’

‘Good idea, do you want to watch a movie?’ he suggests pulling me in for a hug. I love his hugs.

‘Yep,’ I say forgetting about my parents, ‘what do you want to watch?’

‘Well it’s up to you gorgeous,’ Luke says.

‘Ok, do you have the Avengers?’ I ask and his face lights up.

‘Um yes!! I love that movie,’ he says getting it out of the cabinet.

I giggled, ‘me too.’

‘Do you wanna watch it on the big screen in the lounge room?’ Luke asks.

‘Yeah that would be cool,’ I say and follow Luke out of his room. He put the movie on and we were snuggling up when my phone went off. I grabbed it and saw a message from my mum.

Mum: Sweetie you need to come home we are both worried and we don’t know where you are. Please call me xx

I was so pissed when I saw that she put WE are both worried, as if they care about me. I was so annoyed I just threw my phone to the side, but it bounce off the couch. I didn’t even care.

Luke paused the movie, ‘baby are you ok? What was that for?’

I picked up my phone to show him the texts and my phone was smashed. Great.

‘Oh this is just great!’ I said and passed him my phone. He read the message and handed it back to me.

‘Maybe they really are worried for you, I mean they don’t know where you are,’ Luke said sitting up.

‘Yeah but what should I do I’m not going back there,’ I say as tears formed in my eyes.

‘Ok that it fine but I think you should just message her back saying you are ok, just so she knows,’ he says wiping away the tears that escaped and rolled down my face. He knows exactly what to do in these situations because if I was still in America I would have gone to Lucy’s house and she would probably encourage me to ignore them.

I texted her back.

Charlotte: I am alright and you don’t need to worry about me anymore

I snuggled back into Luke and continued watching the movie. I was really tired and I buried my face into Luke’s chest and went to sleep.

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